Ippo Cosmetics, Korean skincare for oily skin

Haai beautiful!

Today we will do it the Korean way! I will talk about several Korean skincare products that are perfect for oily skin people like me, kindly gifted to me by Hyesun from Ippo Cosmetics. It is no secret that the Korean Beauty branch is one of the most advanced and offers all kinds of product that are affordable and really work. Hyesun created her webshop Ippo Cosmetics because she wanted to share her beauty products that helped her getting a beautiful skin. That’s why the webshop offers only the best Korean brands which contain natural ingredients, are safe to use and effective on the skin. Let’s check it out!

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ALPHA-H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid

Hii everyone!

Today I am going to talk about one of my Holy Grail items: Alpha-H Liquid Gold! I’ve got so much love for this product because it does so much for you skin! I use this product more than over a year now and it still works, I see results every time I use it. Let’s see why this is my favorite.

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