Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance Palette

Hii everyone!

Today I’m going to review the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette! Every now and then, a beauty phenomenon comes along that everyone needs to check out! This palette has all the factors: packaging, quality, originality and (of course) it’s cute. This is a perfect description of the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette! I love all of the ABH products, but this is my first eyeshadow palette from the brand. Everyone on Instagram was raving about this item so, naturally, I couldn’t be left behind. The amazing rosy pink packaging was enough to convince me to purchase this gorgeous palette, I haven’t even started to cover the vibrant colors on the inside. I’m just going to be honest; you need ALL the Anastasia Beverly Hills products in your life.  This is a brand that won’t let you down. Let’s take a look!

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Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick

Hi everyone!

Two years ago I started to wear lipstick on a regular basis. My thoughts before I used lipstick were: How can I eat or drink with lipstick? What if I need to wipe my mouth with a tissue? How can it stay on my lips? I was simply to lazy to wear any lipstick and I thought they looked too much on me.

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