How I coped with my moms cancer – semi final

Hii lovely’s,

Let me take you back to wednesday, August 31th. I placed another “How I cope with my moms cancer” blogpost about that specific day on the saturday September the 3rd, just 3 days in between. Wednesday was the first time I received a warning about my moms health, in my dreams. I dreamed that she wasn’t doing well and that her time will come soon. Never did I imagined how fast things can go…

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How I cope with my moms cancer pt.5

Hii everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my story. A lot has happened since my last post. Some of the news was good, but nothing comes without consequence. To those  who are reading this for the first time, my mom has terminal lung cancer. There is nothing more that modern medicine can do to  attempt to heal her. The option now is to expand the time she still has with us. When she was diagnosed in October 2014, we were told that she would live only for a few months; it’s now June 2016 and she is still here. Not without struggle, however.

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How I cope with my moms cancer pt.3

Hi everyone,

I think everybody has experienced this situation: your loved ones are in a difficult situation, you want to ask them how they are doing but at the same time you are afraid to bother them. You are curious about their current situation but when you ask you probably get an irritated reaction or even worse: ‘I’m fine’ when they clearly aren’t. I struggle with this every day.

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