Creating beautiful lashes with handy tools

Hello beautiful!

When I go to work or when I meet with friends, I receive a lot of compliments about my eyelashes: How do you do this? Where are your lashes from? Do you curl them before applying lashes? That’s why I want to share my eyelash routine with you today! How great would it be if everyone was blessed with full and long lashes? But that world doesn’t exist for me. I’m cursed with the Asian lashes: short, going straight down and they never want to curl. Struggling with the same problems? Read my story for some tips. Let’s get started!

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House of Lashes Unboxing

Hii everyone!

 Recently, I was contacted by House of Lashes and they are fans of The Beau Parlour! House of Lashes is an amazing brand that creates great, wearable false lashes and the necessary accessories like lash glue, as well as (gorgeous!) cases for storing your lashes. I own a few items from them which I use often in my flatlay pictures. In almost every picture where I’ve included one of their products,  they have been kind enough to repost it! They let me know that they love my content and would  like to send me a few items so that I can include them in my pictures, and share them on Instagram! Wait, what?! They love my pictures and that’s why they are willing  to send their products? It’s not that I’m a MUA or that I post makeup looks very very often… It’s just me and my love of taking flatlay pictures? I feel so honored that they’ve approached me!  I’m so excited! So, let’s check out which products they chose to send me!

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