Spectrum Collections: The Bomb Shell, Pearly Queen

Hii lovely’s!

It is time for another Spectrum Collections review! You know I love these brushes by now (if you follow me on Instagram), this is my second set and they always surprise me with all the colors they launch. This set is called The Bomb Shell – Pearly Queen set. I have a huge weakness for pretty looking things, brushes are one of them. At the moment I try to create my Ultimate Brush Set, which is hard because not every brand or type of brush works for me. So I hope that I can find a few brushes in this set that I can include in my Ultimate Brush Set. Let’s get started!

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Spectrum Collection Brushes

Hii everyone!

 I just had one of “those” days. We have all experienced one of “those” days!  A day when, after you finally get home, you still aren’t quite sure about what you want? Yet you know you truly need to treat yourself to something special after a long day. If you’re like me, you  are very familiar with hard work, and   just how important it is to acknowledge  your own efforts. I’ve found this to be an effective, fun self-motivation technique! BeautyBay.com is my favorite site to visit when I’m on that mission. Scrolling while admiring all of the gorgeous beauty items and thinking to myself, “Hmm… Is this something that will fulfill my desire to reward myself?”  So, last week I was window shopping and I immediately saw this brush set on the homepage. The colors demanded my attention; I had to click on it! I knew that I had found that special gift to myself, so I ordered the Spectrum Collection Attention Seeker Brush set! Let’s take a look!

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