Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is An (pronounced as ‘aan’) and I’m the owner and creater of TheBeauParlour.com

Who am I? I’m born and raised in The Netherlands, you can call me a banana: white on the inside, yellow on the outside. In 2015 I achieved my Bachelor in Law and currently I’m my own boss of The Beau Parlour (creative side) and Dang Branding (branding and consulting).

Creativity is my red line, everything I do or the choices I make in my life are inspired by the things I experienced in life. My mom died at september 2016 of terminal cancer and that inspired me to work harder on my blog and Instagram. She was also the reason why I started blogging in february 2016 because I needed distraction in my daily life and I wanted to share my story with others.

I’ve always been obsessed with beauty, I started very young with purchasing expensive items from Chanel and Dior just because of the pretty packaging. Nowadays I pay more attention to quality instead of cute looking items but I still can’t resist myself. Because of my obsession with beauty I wanted to start at the Fashion academy but I never had the balls to apply.

Now I can share my makeup and skincare collection with the whole world and my thoughts about specific items I tried. I’m Dutch but I write my blogs in English because I want to reach a wider group so everyone can enjoy my blog. Also because I want to expand myself outside of The Netherlands.

My reviews are usually about the items I love to use but sometimes I’m not afraid to criticize a specific product, I want to be honest and open to you! Drugstore brands, niche products or highend brands everything is possible here. I also adore to talk about Dutch brands because it makes me happy to help us Dutchies. My skintype is super oily so please keep in mind when reading my reviews that my skin reacts differently than yours.

What makes me special? I think it is my Instagram account and the way I make my pictures. I have a specific flatlay style with ribbons, flowers and structured compositions. I enjoy making creative shots paired with skincare or makeup items, sometimes even fashion items like a big statement piece. I can spend a whole weekend working on these pictures without getting bored. This is what I love to do and what I like to do in the future! Luckily a lot of brands and company’s acknowledge my hard work and asked me to create content for their website or Instagram account. I receive more offers for making creative flatlays shots than writing reviews for them.

What do you want to achieve with your blog? I want to show everyone how I see the world through my eyes: how I create my pictures, my experience with the products I try but also helping others with finding a solutions what will work best for them. Also, my blog is my invitation to all the company’s who are searching for a creative mind like me!

Hope you enjoy reading my makeup & skincare blog!


  1. March 25, 2016 / 14:27

    You’re a gorgeous woman An Dang.

    • March 25, 2016 / 17:12

      Aawwh thankyou!

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