Blogger named An Dang, based in The Netherlands. Studied Social Legal Services, achieved her Bachelor of Laws in October 2015. Currently working at a housing cooperative as Customer Service. Trying to work harder so she can upgrade within the organization.

The reason why she started this blog is that she needed a hobby beside her difficult situation. Her mom had stage 4 cancer and died at September 6th. She couldn’t enjoy the moments in life anymore and was looking for some distraction. So she started this blog to talk about her makeup items she owned and beside makeup she shared her stories about her mom. A platform where people will support her and enjoy her reviews and try outs.

She loves to try out new make up products, especially cute looking products. She usually orders her products from the internet. Has a really oily skin, so she is always looking for the right skin routine. Lately she tries to be more aware of the ingredients she uses. When she purchases a product, she always looks up the reviews so she will know if it will work for her.

Besides that she is a beauty lover, her life contains a lot of journeys. She has been to the United States (New York), France (Paris), United Kingdom (London, Newcastle),  South-Korea (Seoul) and Taiwan (travelled the whole country within 10 days by train).

She noticed that a lot of beauty bloggers have a dry/combination skin, but none of the popular bloggers talked about their (very) oily skin. Thats why she started her own blog to share her experience. Beside beauty she also likes to buy clothes, accessories and a LOT of designer bags. Her honest opinion about products and a glimpse in her life.

 Get to know An in 5 steps:

  1. She is very insecure about her body, but she loves food too much.
  2. Lazy is what she is, she will only do something for food (or when you are an amazing person).
  3. Everything has to be perfect, a real perfectionist (and maybe a little bit OCD)
  4. Beside beauty she loves cats, food and traveling.
  5. She is always in her own world, a real introvert. While others go out and spend money on drinks, she rather stays home to clean the house.