Unwind and stay safe

Unwind and stay safe

I don’t have to tell you what is happening in the world right now. In the Netherlands we are advised to stay at home and only go out outside for urgent things like work and doing the groceries. As an introvert I don’t mind working from home and stay inside all day, but I do become anxious when I think what the future will bring. In today’s blogpost I will share some products that will calm you, create a relax moment and unwind while stay safe while staying inside.

glow recipe avocado melt sleeping mask

Wash your hands

Wash your hands became a phrase that we keep hearing every day ever since the corona virus outbreak. For some people it is something new *yikes* and others are used to it. Besides washing your hands I also added hand sanitizers when I go outside and touch a doorhandel or seriously anything. These gels exist out of alcohol and will dehydrate your hands. For that intense hydration but also aromatic experience I love to use the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. The fragrance of rosemary, cedar and mandarin makes this a must when you just washed your hands or go to bed. I keep reapplying the Aesop handbalm because it is that great!

Sweet dreams

Going to bed sounds so easy, but when you feel anxious or just have a lot on your mind a great pillow mist can do wonders for you! I have tried multiple pillow sprays in my life but the one I’m really enjoying is Votary Lavender & Chamomille. This soft fragrance really creates a relaxing mood as soon as your head hit the pillow. Also great to spritz all over your sheets when you jump into bed. Overall it makes my mind go blank like I never had any things to worry. REN Skincare Pillow Spray is also a great one! But the Votary Pillow Spray stays longer and has a softer fragrance.

What is something you dream of when waking up (as a skincare lover)? Waking up with beautiful skin! I’ve tried several products from Glow Recipe but the Avocado Sleeping Mask is one of their products I recently tried. It came in a super cute set including a fluffy eye mask! The mask seems very thick at the beginning, but as soon as you apply it on the skin it gets immediately absorbed. When I wake up, my skin has the same hydrated and plump effect as when I apply a 10-steps skincare routine.

Talking about eye masks, the Spacemask is a self heating eye mask that will release a wonderful fragrance to bring you in a different world. When opening the sachet, the eye mask will start to get warm within a minute. Wear it, close your eyes and let de mask to it’s job. The warmth on your eye area really makes you feel cozy and zen, like you get a head massage and

Breath in breath out

Scent can do so much to your mind and body. When I wear my favorite perfume or lit my expensive scented candle I can totally drown away. Overose Paris Candle in Anthurium is my bougie scented candle that I’ve never lit, but is that strong that it will fill up your whole room when it just stands on your vanity. They have jars like mine with the holographic effect, a dusty pink and a lavender color.

For me a scented candle do everything to make my mind clear. It brings back memories, a moment in your life when you were happy and had not to worry about anything. Just start or end your day with burning your favorite scented candle. Unwind, become zen and think about tomorrow.

olaplex n.3 hair perfector

Mask the night away

Summer Fridays R+R mask is my favorite out of the Summer Fridays family. It is a beautiful rose scented mask that adds hydration and glow into the skin. The balm mask changed into an oil layer when spreading it out on the skin. When applying as delicious rose scent escaped! Leave the mask for at least 15 minutes on the skin and remove it with a damp cloth. The whole experience of the rose scent makes this the perfect mask to unwind during these days.

While I’m writing this blog I applied my must have and OG Olaplex N.3 Hair Perfector. If you haven’t tried Olaplex yet, your hair is missing out. Their N.3 Hair Perfector is the golden child of their range and for a great reason: it repairs and bonds your damaged hair. Apply it on damp hair, let it sit for at least 10 minutes BUT the longer you keep it in the better the results. My advice is to sleep with it and wash your hair the next morning. Your hair structure will immediately change into silky and smooth hair! Do this 2 times a week and your hair will change.

unwind and stay zen

These uncertain times are scary for everyone, and it takes time to get used to these new way of living. Everyone is trying to figuring out how to adjust but it won’t be easy. That’s why it is good to sometimes take some time to unwind and think about the things you are grateful for.

There are plenty of items I think are great to use when feeling down or anxious, I will probably dedicate a few other blogpost about it. Also because I have more time now to write and it fills up the day.

How do you unwind these days? Have you changed your routine?

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