Christmas gift guide: what to gift your loved ones

Christmas gift guide: what to gift your loved ones

Christmas is almost here and that means: what to gift to your loved ones? Time has been going so fast that I almost forgot that about a week it is already Christmas, how crazy? Last year I started to collect gifts in November but this year I totally forgot it. To make it more easy for you and myself, I made a list of Christmas gift guide that probably everyone will love to receive when you sit with them around the Christmas tree! Have some pen and paper ready and let’s see what to gift your friends and family during Christmas.

We probably know some people who always will gift you the same thing every year with Christmas: a shower gel, scented candles or a perfume. They may sounds boring but you can step up your game and still get those things but from different brands that pay a lot of attention to their packaging and product. Don’t go to your nearby pharmacy and grabbing that boring gift set, make it more personal this year! That’s why I created this quick and last minute Christmas gift guide so you can easily find the perfect match for the people you love.

Christmas Gift Guide 2019
Christmas ideas for gift your loved ones

At you can make every gift more personal thank to their gift wrapping service and engraving the products. Their gift box are a beautiful sleek box with ribbon and they stuff the box with beautiful paper so the items won’t float inside. The best thing about their service is probably the engraving service which can do on almost everything! Pick an item from their special engraving page, place the name of your loved ones or maybe a special day and they will get stunned when they open their gift. I ordered the Armani Si Passione from and engraved my blog name on the bottle, cute isn’t it? But I prefer the Armani Si

Wrapping service and engraving by Notino

Christmas gifts for the ‘dads’

Not only the dads, but your uncle or dad-in-law etc. Men and in particularly dads are a difficult human beings and sometimes they don’t even tell you what they exactly want for Christmas. Don’t worry, I have a few items I think they will absolute love. What does almost every men do during the morning? Shaving themself (except for Asian men who usually have less facial hair then the women LOL)! My dad always gets excited when he gets new blades for his Gillette device, he still used the old method instead of the electric devices because he doesn’t need to do a lot. They will also love sweaters, socks (get them some crazy ones from Happy Socks), shoes or a cute tie. Or when you have a fancy dad give them some designer boxers.

WoodWick a perfect gift for Christmas

Gifting your best friend

You bestie is always there for your when you need them, in good and bad times. They heard you talking non stop about that terrible date or family issues, they deserve something great. In my opinion, a scented candle always works! I’ve been a fan of the WoodWick candles for so long, their jars are timeless and the wooden wick creates a crackling sound when lit up. Gifting a Christmas set is always great because they come in a beautiful packaging, like the Yankee Candle Alpine Christmas Set. No need to wrap it because the box itself it already pretty! Personally I’m always glad to receive something that can be a good use in the house.

Givenchy has some gorgeous holiday items this year with the red sparkly designed packaging, a must in your stash! I think they will love it as soon as they see the name Givenchy. So are items from Gisou, the hair brand from the Dutch influencer Negin. I’m not a big fan of her hair oil as my hair needs something extra as it has been damaged really bad, but her hair perfume is something special! If you are curious, I have a giveaway on my Instagram now where you can win her hair perfume. Also MAC Cosmetics created a festive collection this year with glitters and glam, way better than their previous holiday collection. Check out their counter because their Star Dipped Face Palette is a pretty one!

Gift your siblings something you could use too

When you share the house with your siblings or you often take a visit to their home, it is always great to spot something that you gifted them. For my sister I always picked something that she could use everyday and that I also enjoyed. I gifted my younger sister the Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume, something she enjoyed every time she visited their counter. And what’s in for me? I borrowed the perfume bottle for my flatlays, what a great use!

We also went to the Jo Malone London counter a few years ago to pick a gift for each other. This year Jo Malone London has a beautiful holiday collection with as always pretty wrapping! We are always open to each other and discuss what’s the best to gift to each other for Christmas. As a sibling I think it is way more easy to simply ask them what they want for Christmas instead of surprising them, and even if they don’t tell you what they want, they always leave some clues behind.

Moms need to receive the best Christmas gifts

Step up your game and gift your mom something pretty and luxurious. Some moms, like mine didn’t really care about the price tag. If I gifted her an oil painting that I made myself she still would be happy with it even when it looked like a dirt on canvas. But sometimes they do deserve more so you can spoil them with some beautiful products. Every mom has used Estée Lauder once in their life and I never heard any complaints when they try the Advanced Nigh Repair. This serum is a must for all the ladies that just passed their thirties and want to add something extra in their routine. Sisley Paris is a super luxurious brand and I often try to avoid their counter because their items are irresistible and gorgeous. They just released a series of new single eyeshadows Les Phyto Ombres which are perfect for the busy moms, an all over the eyelid shadow.

My mom would also be happy with things like kitchen supplies or a new bathrobe. When a present came in a beautiful wrapping, she would even try to save the wrapping paper to recycle it or keep it as something to remind her of the special event.

Christmas is not about presents or having the most expensive gift for your mom-in-law or dad, it is about having a wonderful time together and make memories. In my family we never gifted each other something with Christmas because we had more fun when we where all together and ate and did karaoke. Only when my mom was terminal ill we started to celebrate it with gifts to give each other something extra during these days and to have something to remember. I still have my moms bathrobe that me and my sister gave her when she was sick during Christmas.

I hope this last minute Christmas gift guide helped you with getting some inspiration and getting into the Christmas spirit! I wish you and your loved ones a beautiful Christmas time and eat a lot of food.

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