The life changing American Tourister Airconic Spinner suitcase

The life changing American Tourister Airconic Spinner suitcase

“I don’t need a suitcase with 4 wheels“, I said before I had my American Tourister Airconic Spinner. I went to Japan this summer with a huge old suitcase with 2 wheels. Rick and I were so annoyed how hard and heavy it was with a suitcase with just 2 wheels. When we came back I immediately ordered a brand new American Tourister Spinner for him with 4 wheels in case we went on vacation again this year. Then American Tourister offered me to gift me their newest and most lightest suitcase in the world, I couldn’t say no! It changed my life this suitcase, keep reading to know why.

I had this big and heavy suitcase that just has 2 wheels. I went to Japan two times and South-Korea with this suitcase and every time I told myself: I will get a new one when this one breaks down. I’m so glad I didn’t wait until the end because the American Tourister Airconic Spinner 77cm in Onyx Black is so light and easy to use!

American Tourister suitcase Airconic in Black Onyx 77cm

American Tourister is the little sister company from Samsonite, the big player out of all the suitcases. Their range is more affordable and playful than Samsonite, which makes them a great brand for everyone who can’t afford or doesn’t want to spend much on a suitcase. This time American Tourister came with something new: the Airconic Spinner. The most lightweight suitcase ever, which means you can take more stuff with you during traveling!

I was planning to go to Bali this autumn with Rick, but we had to move unexpected which took a lot from our budget which was mean to be for our trip. But that couldn’t hold me back from using the Airconic Spinner, because I used it many times to bring my stuff to our new apartment. Unfortunately no beautiful travel pictures with this Airconic Spinner, but I did had the chance to test it a lot,

What makes this suitcase so different from others? First of all, this 77cm spinner has a total weight of just 3,2kg! Look it up, most of the 77cm suitcases are around 4/5kg or even more. The more weight the suitcase is, the less you can bring back home from your trip. As a person who travels to Asia often and comes home with tons of new beauty stuff, this suitcase is a solution for me. When I went to South Korea for the first time, my suitcase even cracked during the flight because I brought back too much beauty stuff, but it was the maximum amount of 23kg.

American Tourister suitcase Airconic in Black Onyx 77cm wheels

The 4 wheels. I know, more than half of the population owns a suitcase with 4 wheels but I was so stubborn to wait. Well I can tell you that this saved my life and my back! The 4 double-wheels makes it so easy to move around with the suitcase, it just needs a gentle touch to make it move on an even floor. No more heavy pulling and bending my back because I have to carry 23kg of clothes and beauty related items.

I love that they designed the suitcase in a more aerodynamic design which fits with the Airconic concept: the lines all go from one point to all the sides of the suitcase. The hardcase material feels a bit matte which is in my opinion great so you can’t see the scratches that easily.

Inside the American Tourister Airconic Spinner you will find an elastic that will keep your items on one side of the case and to the other half a sleeve. The sleeve contains two zippers, of for a side pocket and the other to open the left side. I always keep my important small items in the side pocket so I can find it in one glimpse.

Every one needs to cut on their spendings, that’s why it is so important to only buy the things you really need and will be worth it over time. As a frequent traveler I always hated the part of going on and off from the airport, because then I knew I would sweat and cry of carrying my heavy and bulky suitcase. American Tourister is a super affordable suitcase brand that offers great quality and also appealing suitcases. With the Airconic Spinner you will save weight on your luggage because the suitcase is only 3,2kg! Traveling will become so much easy with a 4 double-wheels suitcase and less weight. Less pulling and weight lifting.

American Tourister suitcase Airconic in Black Onyx 77cm

Why this American Tourister Airconic Spinner 77cm in Onyx Black changed my life? I can now travel in style with this beautiful designed Airconic, without having a sweaty face of all the pulling and heavy weight lifting. The 4 double-wheels and 3,2kg suitcase makes everything so easier!

How do you like to travel: bringing only the essentials or your whole wardrobe?

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