What makes online shopping so amazing at Notino.nl

What makes online shopping so amazing at Notino.nl

As a lazy girl I love to do my shopping on the world wide web! Most of the time when I go outside I get overwhelmed by the stores: too loud music, messy shops and rude people. That’s why I prefer to make my orders online, no hassle and doing this all in my comfy outfit with no makeup on. Notino is one of the online beauty shops I’ve been loving because of many reasons. They even offer engraving your own name on their items and beautiful gift wrapping in a one of a kind gift box! If you haven’t shop on their webshop yet, I’m here to tell you that you’ve been missing out!

Notino.nl is an online webshop that offers everything related to beauty: perfume, makeup, hair products, men items, candles and even electric beauty devices. What makes Notino so special compared to other beauty webshops is that they offer a decent prize, sometimes even lower that other webshops.

Notino offers premium brands like Woodwick
WoodWick is one of the amazing brands they offer

You know what makes online shopping so great? You can take all your time to do some research on the webshop and compare your products. But these days almost every shop has their own online webshop, so how do you stand out from all of the other bigger and famous retailers?

Notino offers many premium brands on their webshops: niche brand, exclusive brands from overseas that are hard to get or even drugstore items. They have it all and they make no exclusions of the brands they offer. Compared with other retailers, some webshops only offer a range of brands that they think suits their vision, but Notino has it all. Hair salon hair care products, niche perfume brands you can only find in those expensive stores with arrogant employees or brands that they online offer in other countries.

Notino sells Olaplex professional hair care
I got my whole hair range of Olaplex from Notino

You may think that online shopping isn’t really a personal experience of searching for items, but I must say that these days they offer every kind of service to make it personal! Notino has an amazing service of engraving your items, from perfume bottles to lipsticks. In some shops they online offer this service during the holidays or when they have a special event, but Notino will engrave your items 365 days a year. Put your name on the beauty item, or the name of the person you want to gift the product. Everything is possible and you can make it personal with the extra service they offer.

Notino offers to engrave your items and gift wrapping
I asked Notino to engrave my companies name on the bottle

What is more important than receiving a beautiful items? Yes, a beautiful gift wrapping. I’ve seen some online shops offering gift wrapping and then I received a very unprofessional packed gift that even my young stepsister could do better. Notino offers a beautiful gift wrapping service by having multiple gorgeous gift boxes you can pick from. Don’t send your loved ones the items without paying some extra attention to the experience, present your gift in a beautiful box!

Engraving your items by Notino or gift wrapping
I picked a beautiful black gift box for the Armani Si perfume

As a person who prefers staying inside, I love to get everything from the world wide web. These days you can find more things online than in a real store. It is so easy to sit behind your desk and order your items that sometimes will arrive within just 2 days.

For beauty shopping I can really recommend visiting Notino.nl because they offer such a big range of brands and products. Besides their huge amount of products they also offer great services to have a great online shopping experience like engraving your products and gift wrapping your order. It is done all professionally and you can rely on their expertise when they do this for you! I even got called by them because they said my companies name would be too lang if I engraved it in one piece, so we discussed through the phone that we would split the name in 3 pieces. Isn’t that great service?

Have you shopped at Notino.nl before?


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  1. Tessa Bowie
    November 13, 2019 / 09:27

    ik heb hier nog nooit wat besteld, maar ik ben nu wel heel erg nieuwsgierig!

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