Black Friday 2019: things you need to look for

Black Friday 2019: things you need to look for

Black Friday is the day of the year for us hoarders: we will make a list two months before time, save some money for our orders and subscribing to all the online webshops that are on your list. Black Friday is an American thing, but it slowly makes his way to Europe with great deals. A lot of shops are participating with this special so and I can understand that it sometimes can be overhwhelming what to get. Today I will help you to show my beauty must haves during Black Friday on or products I’ve been waiting for all year!

As a beauty blogger I receive a lot of products each week, some are great and a lot are not even used because I know I won’t like them or don’t suit my skintype. I still have to order a few makeup and skincare items that are usually not included in PR packages and I try to get them when there is a great deal or around Singles Day or Black Friday. Here is a list of products I’ve been loving for a very long time and can’t get enough of them or items that are used on a daily basis. Of course I will include some expensive items that I will never order unless they are on sale.

Yves Saint Laurent Lipsticks

yves saint laurent rouge volupté shine oil in stick

Yes I know, a lipstick is not that special but let me tell you: Yves Saint Laurent makes one of my favorite lipsticks. Their packaging is absolutely gorgeous and they are hydrated for the lips. I love multiple lipsticks from them but my favorites are definitely the Shine Oil-in-Stick and Liquid Colour Balm. These have a lip tint finish but will keep your lips hydrated all day. I love them on an ordinary day, they really add the right amount of color into your look.

Yves Saint Laurent also offers great base makeup like setting powders and foundations. I think they belong to my top 3 of most own makeup brands in my beauty stash! I’ve been a fan ever since I started with makeup. If you are looking for a great setting powder I can recommend you their All Hours Setting Powder that I recently review for you or their All Hours Foundation.

Olaplex products

olaplex hair products black friday

I can’t stop talking about Olaplex, this haircare brand has changed my hair and my life. It all started with diverse hairdressers told me to use Olaplex for my hair, they offered the step 1 and 2 in their salon as a treatment or coloring enhancer. Later on I got introduced to their famous Olaplex nr. 3 which is an pre shampoo treatment and the best hair mask I’ve ever tried! It took some time when step 4 and 5 appeared with a shampoo and conditioner. Now we even has a step 6 which is a leave-in treatment and a step 7 as an hair oil. The step 7 is brand new and I got my hands on it a few days ago so I will probably review it for you on my Instagram.

What I’m trying to say is that Olaplex is a must for everyone who likes to take care of their hair, especially when they are damaged or have been through a lot. Olaplex has a patent in their products which helps to repair the hair bonds and make them appear look shiny and healthy.


giorgio armani beauty si notino is the best place to buy your niche perfumes for a great price. They offer amazing brands like Amouage, Juliette Has A Gun and Escentric Molecules. You will not find these brands in your normal retailers store, they only sell these as exclusive shops but Notino has them online! I love the Escentric Molecules perfume, it will smell different on everybody’s skin and changed depending on your pH level. Amouage is a classy brand, I tried their fragrances during an event but never had the guts to buy them. You should check out their gorgeous bottles!

It is not only their niche perfumes, but also their other luxurious brands like Chanel, Gucci, Armani and Chloé. For me the Chloé Eau de Parfum Signature bottle is a must have, it reminds me of my mom because I gave her this perfume a few years before she died. Also the Gucci Bloom is on my wishlist because the bottle is so pretty (perfect for your Instagram vanity) and it has this mysterious flower bouquet fragrance.

What makes Notino so amazing is that when you buy an item on their webshop, you can even engrave your name on the bottle. I did this with my Armani Si Passione bottle and I just love the personal touch.

Scented candles

woodwick scented candle notino

Whether you are having a cozy home or not, a scented candle can change the whole mood of the house! During the winter I like to lit up a scented candle that reminds me of all the amazing things in life like cinnamon, pumpkin lattes and Christmas trees. In the summer I like a more tropical feeling with pineapple, honey or coconut. A scented candle is a must in everyone’s home and it will lift up the whole mood.

I ordered many times from, they have absolutely the biggest scented candles range I’ve ever seen on an online webs hope. Besides candles they also offer car perfumes, scented sticks and wax to make your home smell amazing. The must have brands you need to look at are WoodWick: their wick makes a crackling sound like you are sitting in front of a fireplace! DW Home is also a great brand when you are looking for a great variety of scented candles, they even have a beautiful golden wick trimmer you can order!

dw home scented candle black friday

Every year I ask myself: is it really necessary to order so much beauty items? I try just buy the things I really need or know I won’t receive in PR packages. During great offers like Black Friday I will spoil myself with the things I’ve been waiting for all year!

This year I will probably get some Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks because they are one of my favorites and the packaging looks amazing on pictures. For my hair I always need to use Olaplex number 3 and 6 to repair my hair after so many dye sessions, I can recommend everyone their products as it will work for every hair type. A perfume is a luxury for me because I already own literally tons of perfume bottles, but the ones I will never stop loving are Chanel, Gucci and Chloé fragrances. Ever since I moved I like to lit up a candle to make it feel like ‘home’ again. A scented candle is a must for everyone because it can change your whole mood!

A little birdie told me that you definitely need to keep your eyes open on their perfumes and scented candles during the Notino Black Friday 2019 sale. It just has started on their webshop until 1st December.

Are their items on my wishlist that you would also buy on Black Friday?


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  1. November 25, 2019 / 14:45

    I love WoodWick candles! My husband and I bought on at TJMaxx. best purchase ever and they last so long! Great post. xx

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