Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Setting Powder

Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Setting Powder

You may know by now that I’m a huge Yves Saint Laurent fan! When I was invited to their latest perfume event I had the chance to get a makeup touch up. The lovely makeup artist used the All Hours Setting Powder on me and I was blown away by how beautiful my skin looked like! Within 3 days I ordered mine from Notino.nl and now I’m here to convince you that you need this setting powder in your life. Ready to fall in love with this powder?

Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Setting Powder review

Yves Saint Laurent is a big name in the fashion industry. Not only their clothes but also their beauty line has been very successful since they released. I think everyone own at least one beauty item from Yves Saint Laurent: makeup, skincare or a perfume. You just can’t miss them in your stash!

Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Setting Powder review

The Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Setting Powder comes in a beautiful black square case. The finish of the case is matte which is kind of a hustle because you can see literally every finger stain on it and it is hard to clean. Even for these pictures I tried to clean the black case but you can still see the oily fingerprints on it. Oh well, this doesn’t influence the magical powder!

When you open the case you will find a pretty round powder case with the YSL logo printed in it. The moment you open the case, a delicious signature YSL fragrance escapes from the compact. It is the best fragrance when you apply the powder all over your face, it really adds a luxurious feeling to it.

Yves Saint Laurent All Hours

Underneath the powder case you can find a secret compartment with a sponge applicator. The sponge can be used when you are on the go and need a little touch up. Personally I’m not a bag fan of those sponges, I prefer a little poof or a brush instead. But I do find it great that Yves Saint Laurent included the sponge into their All Hours Setting Powder case. My friend Mayke really likes the sponge applicator and takes the powder everywhere with her.

I got the shade B20 but honestly: the powder will melt away into your skin! When I tried to swatch it I couldn’t really see the color on my skin, only that it made my skin tone more even and matte. I do recommend to stay with your shade but I could easily use the B30 in my opinion to add some warmth to my face.

applicator All Hours Setting Powder
Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Setting Powder review

I already know how it was because during the YSL event the makeup artist applied it on me, but let’s get back to the moment I’ve tried it out myself. When I set my makeup with powder I prefer a big powder brush to make a more natural effect instead of a flat matte face. I carefully dipped my brush into the powder and I’m warning you: be gentle because the pattern will quickly fade away the more you dip into it.

With my brush I like to make a tapping motion on my face: first the T-zone and then my cheeks. I apply more power on my T-zone because that is where I get oily and my cheeks still get a bit of bronzer and blush afterwards. What I can see is that the foundation is immediately set and my skin looks smooth, blurred and matte. As an oily skin girl I love the matte finish because it doesn’t make me look super dry or cakey. It has just the perfect amount of matte effect to make it still look like skin. The fragrance that comes off the powder makes it even a better experience.

After 6 hours my skin still look pretty decent: no creases and no sweaty spots. Usually I get an oily chin, that is the area that get’s smudged away after a few hours but now it still looked fresh. My T-zone is a bit shiny but not oily like you can bake a pancake on it.

Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Setting Powder

Once in a while I will find a new product that I instantly will love. The moment when I sat in that chair and the makeup artist applied the Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Setting Powder on me, I was sold. When I received the powder home I had to try it out immediately and then I knew that this was my new holy grail setting powder.

As an oily skin girl it gives my skin the perfect amount of matte effect, it blurs out the pores and my skin looks smooth af. Fine line and dry spots are nowhere to be found, my skin still looks like skin even without a face mist. I just love the black matte packaging which makes it feel super luxurious. The applicator beneath the powder is great when you are on the go and need a touch up.

I think that everyone can use the Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Setting Powder because you decide how much you like to apply on your skin. It doesn’t make your skin look dry, but it really adds that smooth canvas!

What is your favorite Yves Saint Laurent product?

You can get your own Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Setting Powder on Notino.nl


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  1. Tessa Bowie
    October 17, 2019 / 10:52

    wow deze lijkt mij erg fijn! momenteel gebruik ik een setting poeder van nyx.

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