Lancôme Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs

Lancôme Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs

When Lancôme launches a new product it is always festive: Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs. An elegant design with 5 shades in palette is always a great makeup item to have, especially when it is Lancôme. As a makeup junkie I can never get enough of intense and unique shades, even tho I will never wear it on a daily basis. Let’s get started!

The Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs is a beautiful eyeshadow palette with each 5 intense colors to create a different look and mood. Lancôme created these palettes with 5 shades that make the best eye looks: from natural to glam looks! Combined with matte, sheer and shimmer eyeshadows there is always something that will fit your mood.

Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs

The Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palette come in their slick iconic black case that you can recognize from a mile away. The simple rose print gives it a Lancôme finish to the compact.

Inside you will find 5 gorgeous and mesmerizing eyeshadow powders that are lined next to each other. In the middle of the powders there is a rose pattern that gives the palette a luxurious touch. When you are on the go there are 2 mini brushed included in the palette to apply the eyeshadow. Who actually uses those mini brushes in the palettes? I find them so hard and they make the eyeshadow look so chalky!

If you are a noob with applying eyeshadow or you just don’t know which color has to be applied first, look inside the palette: you will find a sticker on the mirror how to apply the eyeshadow in steps! Easy, everyone can apply makeup!

Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs 09 Fraicheur Roseé

Lancôme Fraicheur Roseé review

Can we say that this is the perfect everyday palette? The cool tones are just gorgeous and this was probably the first out of those 3 that I’ve tried because it looked that great in the palette.

You can describe this as a bride palette: a soft pearly sheer powder for all over the lid, a cream soft pink for the eyelids, more warm rosy shade for definition, a darker moody shade for creating that glam effect and a dark purple/brown kinda powder for the outer corner.

Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs 11 Terre De Sienne

Lancôme Terre De Sienne review

I love a great warm toned eyeshadow palette! It reminded me of the Urban Decay Heat eyeshadow palette but this one has a more pearly/shimmer effect and I personally think that these powders are way smoother than the Urban Decay ones (I’m sorry, still a big fan of UD!).

Terre De Aienne is in my eyes a beautiful palette when you are catching up with friends on a warm summer night! It really creates those mysterious and Ibiza feeling, especially because the shades have a sheer shimmer finish. The first one is a soft beige all over the lid shade, next is a lovely peachy shade for the eyelids, the middle is a pretty pearly/shimmer rose, than we have a beautiful terracotta shade and last an almost cool brown shade for definition.

Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs 15 Bleu Hypnotique

Lancôme Bleu Hypnotique review

When I saw this palette I could almost scream: it is so unique and I absolutely love that pop of gold! People, listen to me when I say that this palette will go viral soon. Probably not something I would wear everyday.

Does this palette remind you of the ’80 or ’90 when your moms had a perm and were using green or blue eyeshadow? Well, I do! As a base there is this pretty pearly shade, a very light blue powder, gorgeous warm golden tone, a vibrant shimmer blue and a dark green/blue powder.

Each of the palettes contains 5 powders and I can say: the quality is outstanding. Usually with big brands like Chanel, Dior and Lancôme I love their skincare and perfume but the eyeshadow experience are mixed because they tend to pay more attention to lipsticks, foundations and others. But these Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs are so smooth, soft and blend beautiful on my eyelids!

The quality of the powders depends on which color you pick. As a makeup junkie you might know that bright colors like blue and green usually get very chalky because that is just the color pigmentation while warm shades are almost perfect. The blue eyeshadow are a bit hard when you want to blend them on your eyelids, but when you swatch them with your finger they feel so buttery!

Do you use a primer before you apply eyeshadow? Honestly I hate the feeling of a heavy layer on my eyelids, that’s why I skip that step. With the Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs you don’t need a primer: the powders will stay all day without smudging. I’m being honest, the force is strong with this palette.

Lancôme Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs review

I always love a great eyeshadow palette, especially when they are easy to use and contains shades that I will use all. The Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs are great palettes when you are on the go and you can easily use them by using each shade step by step or just one color.

The powders are super smooth and blend beautiful on the skin. If you are a primer hater/lover like me, you can skip that step when applying eyeshadow: the powders are so long-lasting and will stay all day even without a primer. Lancôme offers many varieties of the Hypnôse Palette 5 Couleurs so there is always a mood or color that will fit your day.

Is it a must? It is when you are a Lancôme lover like me, I always appreciate their new collections and that’s why I never skip anything when they release something new.

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  1. Joanne
    September 17, 2019 / 14:04

    Love the blue palette. I enjoyed reading your detail review on these new Lancôme palettes.

  2. Tessa Bowie
    September 17, 2019 / 18:09

    wat een prachtige paletten

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