Cute marble Macbook case by MobiGear

Hoesjesdirect Mobigear Macbook Marble Case

Today I will tell you why everyone needs a case for their laptop, especially this cute Macbook marble case by MobiGear. I was always that kind of person who thought that her electronic devices never needed protection, and I was so wrong. Ever since I have this case I feel more relaxed and I bring my Macbook more often to my appointments because I know that will never get damaged (3 knocks on a wooden table).

Macbook Case MobiGear

As a fulltime blogger I always need my Macbook to do my work. Usually it is behind my desk but I often bring it with me for a meeting or when I go work at my boyfriends house or in a café. I’ve been always mesmerized by the beautiful appearance of the Macbook, but I know it is all about what’s inside. So when I go outside, I use this terrible black sleeve to protect my Macbook. Then I thought it could look so much better if I just use a case: a case is a protection layer around your Macbook that stays in place and will protect it from scratches.

Macbook Marble Protection Case

When I searched for a Macbook case, I immediately found It is a webshop for all elektronica devices that sells cases, protection stickers and sleeves for phones and laptops. MobiGear is one of their own brands which creates affordable and high quality products for your devices.

As a girly girl I was looking for something sophisticated but also that stands out of the crowd and can be easy recognized. I always have this fear that when I work in a café and I leave my Macbook for a quick toilet session, that someone will grab it before I’m back.

I went for the beautiful MobiGear marble design. I was not so sure which kind of color pattern I wanted because I’ve seen so many people with a black or white marble, so I wanted to do something different. This beautiful gray, blue, white and terra-cotta red marble design is absolutely stunning and unique, I’ve never seen such a beautiful design. When you want to stand out, this is the marble case you need!

MobiGear Macbook Marble Case

Am I the only one who likes to put stickers inside her laptop? I have this cute Glossier sticker that I received during my order in winter 2018, there are even some diehards fan that try to collect these Glossier stickers every season! Than you can see this classy black Chanel sticker that was applied on my Chanel bag when I bought their limited eyeshadow last year. My most precious one is the 3 kitties stickers that I got from B-Side Label in Harajuku, Japan. Their shop is famous for unique designed stickers that are specially made for devices: they will never come off and can resist all kinds of conditions.

Hoesjesdirect Marble Case

The Macbook marble case exist out of two part: the marble upper part and a black under part. The marble part that will click around your screen can be easily set by pushed it on top of your device. When you hear a *click* sounds, you can see that the case has attached itself around the screen. The material of this parts feels very high quality and not something that will get scratched or broken. A sturdy and robust material.

The underpart is black and has 4 soft ‘spots’ so the laptop never touches the table. To prevent overheating your device, they made two big ventilation gaps in this part. Compared to the marble upper part, this part of the case feels super smooth like velvet. Great when you have it on your lap so the laptop doesn’t glides off.

I feel so free now when I bring my Macbook outside of the house, I never have to worry anymore that it will get scratches all over the case. The MobiGear marble case fits perfect around my Macbook and it feels very sturdy when you hold it in your hands. As a girly girl I absolutely love the beautiful marble pattern that I’ve never seen before on others girls their laptop. Usually you see a lot of white and black marble cases but I thought: let’s do something different.

Do you use a protection case for you laptop, or do you prefer using a sleeve when you bring it along with you?

They also have other designs for Macbook covers, all can be found on


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