TREND: golden earrings by Eline Rosina

TREND: golden earrings by Eline Rosina

When you check out Instagram, you will notice a lot of golden earrings. They are the newest trends and everyone is wearing them or showing them off in their jewelry stash. One of those beautiful brands that sells golden earrings is Eline Rosina. Besides your regular big hoops, they offer a lot of sets that you can mix and match and even create your own earring! Today I will show you 4 sets I’ve picked out from their webshop. Let’s see!

eline rosina golden earrings

Eline Rosina is a gorgeous webshop that sells high quality golden and silver jewelry. What makes them so unique is that even tho their pieces are high quality, the price is still reasonable. Their designs are just in my alley and it was so hard for me to not buy everything I saw there. They are timeless, unique and edgy. Items that will fit everyones style!

golden earrings chuncky hoops eline rosina

Chuncky Zirconia Hoops

Everyone needs a timeless pair of ear hoops. You can decide how big they need to be! For me I like to go with a pair of small hoops as I always get stuck somewhere with my earrings.

These hoops are named Chuncky Zirconia Hoops. These golden earrings have a row of zirconia stones, set in a beautiful golden band with some texture. It is great to see that these hoops are only half way, so they are not actually a full hoop but half. So if you get stuck somewhere, they can easily slide off. I like to pair mine with simple knots earrings or just wearing them on their own. Because they have this very chic look I think they will look great when you wear your hair up to show them off.

moon hoops by eline rosina gouden oorbellen

Zirconia Moon Hoops

As someone who always is active during night, I had to pick these cute Moon hoops. I’ve become kinda spiritual these days as I feel that my emotions are different when the moon is rising. So why not embrace it with these golden earrings.

What makes these pair of golden earrings so pretty is that the moons are attached on a ring. You probably have seen this trend everywhere: a ring with a bangle hanging underneath it. It could be everything! I’ve seen pretty earrings with a heart, cross or even a shell. The zirconia stones are well placed on the moon so they won’t look messy. On the moon you can see they made some texture around the zirconia stones, which creates a more luxury feeling. Maybe these zirconia Moon Hoops are my favorite!

gouden oorbellen van eline rosina
golden earrings eline rosina

Single Zirconia Threader

Eline Rosina also sells one ear pieces to really create your own ear party! I picked this single zirconia Threader because it is something I don’t own yet. You wear this earpiece by getting the needle through your earlobe and pull it all the way until the knot is against your ear. It created this fun illusion.

The quality of this piece is stunning, it feels very expensive and fragile to me. I won’t guess it was just €12,50 when I see it. When wearing it I feel very sophisticated as this piece is to luxurious looking. At first I was worried if my pierced ears were big enough for the needle, but the material and shape is well designed that it even fits fresh pierced ears (I tried it in my pierced ear that was done last summer).

gouden oorbellen eline rosina north star

North Star Zirconia Hoops

Maybe the most expensive looking golden earrings are these North Star Zirconia Hoops. They made me think of Dior somehow, I’m just in love with this design.

A North Star as just like the Moon Hoops a spiritual meaning to me. A star is a sign of having faith and good news to me, someone is watching over you. I felt so connected with this design when I saw it. Just like the Moon Hoops, this North Star is attached on a ring so it can hang and playful move onto the hoop. A real must have design and seen everywhere.

golden earrings by eline rosina

I could show you the earrings in my ear, but the be honest I have the weirdest looking ear: they are small, round, and I don’t have a lot of space in my ear if you can visualize that! My point is to show you how gorgeous these pieces are and if you don’t have an ear party hanging on your ear lobes, you definitely need some pieces to rock this summer!

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