Shiseido Sports Invisible Protective Mist SPF50+

Shiseido Sports Invisible Protective Mist SPF50+

Summer is here with Shiseido Sports Invisible Protective Mist SPF50+! Go outside, do something fun and enjoy the beautiful weather. But not without sun protection. Your skin is the biggest organ and is exposed to the sun most of the time. A great sunscreen is sometimes hard to find because you don’t want to look like a ghost, have this sticky feeling or get dirty hands. Well, I might have found the perfect sunscreen for you! Haven’t you find your perfect body sunscreen? Keep reading!

Sports Invisible Protective Mist SPF50+

Shiseido has always been one of the beauty brands I admire. They somehow always create products that are new and innovative and it becomes an instant hit. When I was searching for an easy and quick sunscreen product, I quickly came to the conclusion I needed a spray. I had two on my wishlist: Shiseido and Lancaster. I eventually picked for Shiseido sunscreen because it said it was perfect for outdoor activities like sports.

bag spill with the Sports Invisible Protective Mist SPF50+

The gray and yellow vibes of the Sport Invisible Protective Mist makes it look very manly and sports look in my opinion. First I had some doubts about it if it was a men-only product, until I saw their advertisement with a lady on the beach. Then I knew it was suitable for everyone, because they promoted it as an sports active sunscreen.

The Shiseido Sports Invisible Protective Mist comes in a 150ml spray that can easily fit your workout bag, suitcase or even handbag. It is a great on the go product as you can just spray it to touch up (don’t forget, sunscreen won’t work all day: you always have to re-apply).

With SPF50+ you get the highest amount of protection, which means you are good for a few hours of sun exposure. On the can I do see it has UVA protection but not how much. UVA usually is shown with “PA+”, the more + the more UVA protection. UVA doesn’t cause the sunburn but will turn your skin darker. Sunscreen brands that are originally from Asia usually have the highest protection SPF50+ PA++++, while Western brands often only offer SPF30 or 50 without the PA+. In Asia they tend to stay pale, that’s why Western brands don’t apply a lot of UVA protection because here we like to get tanned (“look, I’ve been on vacation”). I’m glad that they finally are selling SPF50 besides the 30 protection.

I’ve used spray sunscreens in the past, but they were made from oils to make your skin feel hydrated. This sunscreen spray has so light and invisible, that you can see or feel it on your skin. Give the Shiseido Sports Invisible Protective Mist a few good shakes and spray it on your body. When applying it for the face, first spray into the palm of your hands and then apply on the face!

When applying the Shiseido sunscreen I can immediately feel a cooling effect on my arm, a great refreshing sensation. A great sunscreen for the warmer days when you want to stay protected and feeling cool! Compared to other regular sunscreens, the Shiseido is almost invisible on my arm: you can only see that the skin is moist but no white cast. While other sunscreen need a few seconds to turn from white into invisible, with the Shiseido you only need seconds to swipe your body and get active.

What do you hate the most when using sunscreen? The sticky feeling, the thick consistency on your body. None of these problems occur when using the Shiseido: spray, give it one swipe with your hand and your skin feels smooth, soft and non-sticky. It is absolutely a game changer, anyone who still uses an old fashioned sunscreen for their body needs to try this!

Sports Invisible Protective Mist SPF50+ with wet force and invisible feel

Applying sunscreen is no problem for me, but I hate to apply products on my body because it usually feels sticky and it creates a layer on my skin. Well, with the Shiseido Sports Invisible Protective Mist you don’t have this problem. Sunscreen has never been this easy and fast! Spray it on your body, swipe once and you are ready to go. The product is also suitable for the face, but first spray into the palms of your hand and then apply on your face.

The consistency is non sticky, invisible and creates a smooth and hydrating layer on your skin that you won’t even notice. And the sunscreen as a super refreshing feeling, great for those hot summer days. No more dirty sticky hands while applying sunscreen or looking like a ghost. Even Rick loves this sunscreen, he has been using it non stop because he suddenly got allergies on his arms (red dots). Since using the Shiseido Sports Invisible Protective Mist the red dots disappeared and he stays protected!

What is your current favorite sunscreen?

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