Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 with JK, Vergara, Alma and Edward

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 review lipstick

Today I will review the newest and most hyped Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 for you in the shades JK Magic, Viva La Vergara, Amazing Alma and Enigmatic Edward. On Instagram there was someone asking in her caption: what is your favorite beauty brand? First I was thinking about a skincare brand, but within second I changed my mind: it has to be Charlotte Tilbury. They just always know how to mesmerize me, and now again with their Hot Lips 2 collection. Let’s get started!

The Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 collection contains 11 new shades that are named after rule breakers, record makers and history shakers (read here my Hot Lips Super Cindy review)! You will recognize each of the new 11 Hot Lips 2 names. What is so amazing about this launch is that Charlotte designed 5 lipsticks tubes you can refill with your favorite Hot Lips lipstick: mix and match your favorite lipstick! This collection is also a collaboration with the Women For Women International and will donate £1 million of the Hot Lips sales!

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick review
All the CT Hot Lips 2

Hot Lips JK Magic

JK Magic is a must for me as the biggest Harry Potter fan of Holland if I can say it myself (J.K. Rowling)! A beautiful soft pink creamy satin finish lipstick. The JK Magic can be compared with the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in the shade Bitch Perfect.

What makes this JK Magic so precious is that Charlotte matched this shade with this magic lipstick cap. In my opinion it is the best match, so if you want to mix and match your JK Magic with another cap: DON’T! This cap is made for this shade and the name says it all.

The lipstick itself has a smooth and creamy finish that will keep your lips soft all day. I think they did a great job combining this shade with this finish because it has a lighter color. When I apply a light lipstick shade on my lips with a matte finish, it tends to show all my fine lines. It has this satin look, not too glossy but very fresh. This is a great everyday lipstick because the color has this perfect neutral undertone and will enhance your natural beauty.

JK Magic Hot Lips 2 lipstick
JK Magic
Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 review

Hot Lips Viva La Vergara

Viva La Vergara is just this gorgeous soft wine matte lipstick shade that screams sexappeal to me. Every time when I see Sofia Vergara on Modern Family’s I can’t take my eyes of her. She is a gorgeous human being and I love her looks. This shade can be compared with the Matte Revolution Walk of Shame lipstick.

The lipstick cap has this powerful and strong look with the stripes that pop out of the center of the lipstick. I thin Charlotte matched this cap with the names of women who achieved something big like winning an Oscar or something (that is what I think when I look at the website and the shades that are already matched with a cap). The black and gold makes it feel like a real Charlotte design.

The lipstick has a matte finish and is originally from their Matte Revolution collection, which has my favorite finish. It is matte but won’t dry out your lips and gives it a super long lasting result. With darker shades I tend to go for save and long lasting, so it won’t end up on my teeth or when I eat and drink. The color is absolutely gorgeous and glam as it has this almost autumn feeling when you wear it: warm but sexy.

Viva La Vergara Hot Lips 2 Charlotte Tilbury
Viva La Vergara
Hot Lips 2 lipstick review

Hot Lips Amazing Amal

Amazing Amal is this pretty berry-pink lipstick that has a matte finish, who doesn’t wants to wear a Clooney shade? Amal Clooney is the wife of George Clooney, but she accomplished so much before she became his wife. As an international law and human rights lawyer, she became instant famous when George started to date her. The beauty and the brains! This shade can be compared with the Matte Revolution Love Liberty lipstick.

Just like with Viva La Vergara the cap has powerful stripes that shows the power and knowledge this lady has. I won’t pick another cap for this beautiful shade.

The Viva La Vergara and Amazing Amal might look like twins, but Amazing Amal is a more brighter red while the Viva La Vergara has a warmer undertone and almost a hint of pumpkin to me. Just like Viva La Vergara the finish of Amazing Amal is matte which will still keep your lips hydrated and won’t show your fine lines. This lipstick shade gives me the Hollywood red carpet feeling when I wear it!

Charlotte Tilbury Amazing Amal
Amazing Amal

Hot Lips Enigmatic Edward

Enigmatic Edward is surprisingly not a lipstick but a comforting and hydrating lip conditioner! It will keep your lips hydrated up to 11 hours. The name Enigmatic Edwards comes from Edward Enninful, which might sounds unfamiliar. But when you know he is the British fashion stylist and editor-in-chief of the British Vogue magazine, you know why he deserves his own lipstick.

One of the reasons why I picked this lipstick was because of the cap. This beautiful almost oriental looking cap is tremendous and shows of power, strength and uniqueness. The gold and red stripes with the panter (is it a panter, or a tiger? Let me know in the comments!) makes it a one of a kind.

The lip conditioner has a sheer finish with a super hydration feeling on the lips. You can say that it wears just like a regular lip bal, but this time you can really feel that it will protect your lips all day thanks to the vegan beeswax. It keeps them soft and even after the hours has passed and your lip balm is gone, you can feel that the moist has penetrated your lips.

Charlotte Tilbury Rnigmatic Edwards Hot Lips 2
Enigmatic Edward
Charlotte Tilbury Hot lips 2 swatches
From top to bottom: Viva La Vergara, Amazing Amal, JK Magic and Enigmatic Edward
Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 review
Hot Lips 2 Charlotte Tilbury

I always been a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury, so it is hard for me to not love something from her. Every time when she releases a new product or collection, there is always something I have on my wishlist.

Just like with this Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Collection: 11 new shades with 5 caps that you can refill with any lipstick shade you want! It is innovative and the new shades are just gorgeous. Don’t forget that a big part of the sales is being donated to charity.

The 11 new lipsticks shades are beautiful and I think there is always something for anyone there! With the customizable refills and caps it makes shopping so much more fun. If there is one lipstick I love the most it has the be Amazing Amal.

Which Hot Lips 2 shade screams your name?

You can buy your own Hot Lips 2 lipsticks at their counter or official website.

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