Are you a Good Girl? Carolina Herrera is!

Are you a Good Girl? Carolina Herrera is!

When Carolina Herrera Good Girl #goodtobebad finally lands in The Netherlands! We have been missing out because the Good Girl line is absolutely amazing, it makes the good and the bad sides of me more visible to the outer world. They were so kind to gift me the perfume, body cream and shower gel. The full experience. Today I will review all 3 items for you and discover if the Good Girl makes me bad or even better!

Carolina Herrera whole Good Girl lineup

Carolina Herrera is a women from Venezuela and became a fashion designer. She moved to New York to pursue her dream. Her clothes are almost named haute couture because they have all the marks of a French fashion house. Besides fashion Carolina decided to come with a fragrance line, which became instantly popular. In 2016 she launched the new women’s fragrance Carolina Herrera Good Girl with Karlie Kloss as the face of the fragrance.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Perfume

It’s so good to be bad! It is all about the ingredients in Good Girl: the notes make you a good or a bad girl. The perfume has two sides and depending on your skin you will create a different feeling of what this perfume will mean to you.

The beautiful designed bottle makes the fragrance even more appealing, it has the design of a stiletto which stand for a powerful women who is reaching for the stars. A lady that can be mysterious at night or a sweet girl during the day. I gave this bottle a special place on my work desk, this has to be in your sight all the times.

Top notes: almond, coffee, bergamot and lemon

Middle notes: jasmin, tuberose, orris, rose and orange blossom

Base notes: tonka, cacao, sandalwood, vanilla and cinnamon

What Carolina did was putting two different fragrance sensations together: one good and other bad. Put them together and you have Good Girl. At first when I discovered this new perfume during the Mooi The Apartment event, I thought: sweet, romantic with a little bit of dark vibes to it. The sweetness changed into something heavy which was at first not really my thing, but when I sniffed my sample at home I was sold! It takes some time to develop the scent but I was especially happy with the tonka notes in it. It makes you feel warm and seductive, really the bad side of the fragrance.

The Carolina Herrera Good Girl Shower Gel

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Shower Gel

Beside a perfume, Carolina Herrera also came with a Shower Gel and Body Cream to enhance the fragrance. I’m a big lover of creating a great shower experience by a delicious shower gel, it can uplift my whole mood.

I’ve never seen such a beautiful shower gel bottle in my life, the cap looks made out of real gold and the dark see through bottle makes the bad side in you come alive. I couldn’t show you the boxes that came with the products, but even the paper box of the Carolina Herrera Good Girl line came in a gorgeous black velvet packaging. That is true dedication to their line.

I absolutely adore this shower gel during my shower routine. It is great for day and night routine as it creates with warm and awakening feeling when you apply it. A great foaming experience and your whole bathroom is filled with the Good Girl fragrance. I say: a real must have for everyone! Sometimes a lot of people forget their shower gel or body cream sample that comes along a perfume kit, but they will truly create a better experience if you use them all.

Good Girl Body Cream of Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Body Cream

This is a true jewel, no doubt. The beautiful Carolina Herrera Good Girl Body Cream comes in a gorgeous glass jar with a heavy golden lid. Everything screams luxury, classy and style. This has a special place on my desk besides the wonderful perfume bottle. Every time I look at it, it seems like it’s worth a thousand euro’s.

To be honest, I’m very lazy when it comes to applying body cream. What I like to do is apply it only on my arms and spray the Good Girl perfume over it to enjoy the fragrance to the max that will last all day (and in my neck ofc). I forgot to take a picture of the body cream itself, but do you believe me if I say that this cream almost feels like whipped cream? It is super fluffy and light, but when you apply it, your skin will receive this boost of hydration. A wonderful body cream that doesn’t makes your skin feel sticky and no irritations.

All the Good Girl products from Carolina Herrera

I can’t believe that Carolina Herrera Good Girl was not released earlier here in the Netherlands, because we were missing out! This perfume has grown on me and I can really enjoy it, even on those days when I stay inside all day. I like to apply a little bit of the body cream on my arm to have that subtle fragrance around me in the house. I don’t really have a least favorite, personally I think each item has their own unique way of experience and the packaging is playing a big role in it.

Have your tried Good Girl yet? And what are your thoughts about it? Let me know in the comments!

Carolina Herrera Good Girl is available at and in stores.

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