Workmode: what is on my work desk?

Workmode: what is on my work desk?

If you followed me on Instagram, you may know that I just started my own business #girlboss. I resigned from my job as a Marketing and Social Media Manager and choose my own path to happiness. Starting an own business is just as hard as everyones says (will tell you more about it soon), so it is even more important to create a space where you can focus and work hard to succeed. Today I will show you my ‘office’ desk where I do all of my work. Come and see!

First of all, starting a business means living from your savings in my case. I can’t afford a car for my business, nor can I rent an office yet (always think big). At this moment I work from home in my small bedroom. I have this desk that I own for many years and I’m still happy with it. My dad made it for me when we moved to this house. It has the perfect size and the right amount of space to place all of my stuff.

Desk situation as a freelancer

Being a beauty blogger and content creator I always have my laptop nearby me. I wanted to have a desktop that can stand on my desk and a laptop when I’m on the go. Usually I don’t bring my laptop to my projects with clients, so I always set up my Macbook in front of my iMac. I both purchased them when I was still working full time. The Macbook is my newest family member as my previous one was already 8 years old! The iMac was partly gifted by my dad and fiancé. And look at this cute mousepad I’ve got from Jetoy! I found this when I was visiting Seoul, South Korea last summer.

What is on mt desk? Pusheen!
A art work on my desk

Beside a laptop I also need my gear near me: a Canon 750D and my macro lens. This is my second camera after I started as a beauty blogger 3 years ago and I’m still very happy with it. I do have some other body’s in mind that I want to purchase after I successfully end this year as a freelancer, but maybe I will dedicate a new article on that. I always tell people that most of my flatlays on Instagram are made with my iPhone (no joke), so having great content doesn’t mean you have to purchase an expensive camera: it is about what you capture and if it is creative and gives people inspiration to think.

In this corner you can also find a beautiful Desenio print that I received during an event, my most lovable Muji drawer and my newest Funkopop Pusheen! I store some stickers, pens and cards in this drawer and it just looks great on my desk. I do want to purchase another Desenio print for on my desk but for now I’m good with this one. Behind you find some dried flowers and a jar filled with ribbons for my pictures and random stuff.

In this corner you can find some pretty beauty items. I purchased this marble cutting board at an online kitchen store for jut 10 euro’s which isn’t a lot of money! A part of my Jo Malone London collection, beautiful flowers and some other perfume items are stored on this marble plate. I think marble is a great prop for making your desk (or pictures) look pretty and luxurious. I didn’t expect the marble to be this dark so I might will search for a more pearl marble plate.

Look how cute my new lamp that I’ve got from, do you think it fits my desk? I picked this one because I love the white with a touch of gold, it makes it look timeless. Before this lamp I didn’t have a lamp on my desk and I had to work in the dark or turn on my room light on, which is too bright when I work on my desk. Happy that I finally found one. If you are familiar with the store Anthropologie, you might recognize this cute mug with the initial on it. When I visited London a few years ago I had to take this one with me. Because the mug is so heavy I started to use it to store my pens.

A desk is nothing without bubble tea
An overall look of my work desk

Everyday I struggle to keep my desk tidy because I always end the day with dirty glasses and lots of makeup on this desk. I don’t have a lot of space to store some of my desk essentials so I’n happy that it still looks great in my opinion. A desk should make you feel inspired to work hard and don’t give you the feeling that you are not worth it. Surround yourself with stuff you love, things you worked hard for and your desk will give you the boost you need to do the things you should do!

How does your desk looks like? Do you work better at home or somewhere else?

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  1. May 17, 2019 / 07:11

    What a lovely work place…love your desk and everything on it… that mouse pad is the cutest…Also love your perfume corner…thanks for showing us all this… Good Luck for your own business…❤️

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