Top 5 Dutch bloggers you need to follow

Today I will show you my top 5 Dutch bloggers you need to follow on Instagram, just because I think they deserve so much more. When you think about the blogger community you often hear that there is this kind of battle against every blogger there is: in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle group. There is always one person who doesn’t want to share her knowledge or way of working with the others, just so she or he can be more successful than the other. This really happens but luckily there are a bunch of other people who always support others and are always open and kind to others, giving them credits when needed and promoting their page without even asking. So here are a few of my favorite girls!

May Cate

Dutch blogger May Cate
Mayke and I recently at the Azzaro event

This babe Mayke deserve the first shout out. I know her ever since I started my blog. The moment I first saw her was at the Clarins event and she fashionable arrived late at the event, in my mind I thought “this girl is rudeeee”. Then I noticed the tattoo’s on her hand and arm and I recognized her art! We immediately became friends that night and she even gave me a ride home because we lived only 5 minutes apart! Years later we still go to events together and she is always the one I go for advice or when I’m in trouble. If you are looking for a hot babe with a nice body, great taste for fashion and reviews luxurious beauty products then you need to follow her.

The Beauty Nerd NL

Dutch blogger The Beauty Nerd NL

My other Asian beauty blogger. Lariesa creates the most beautiful eye looks and has perfect voluminous lips. On her Instagram you can find her lip swatches, makeup looks and her lovely cat family. She loves food as much as I do and we always hunt for the snacks when we are at events. Her sense of humor and knowledge makes her a great friend, someone you can trust and thinks about you. Lariesa and I have been through a lot and that’s why she is a great person to talk to because she knows how hard life sometimes can be. If you love makeup, Asian girls and cats, definitely follow her!

Sharon van Bommel

Dutch blogger Sharon van Bommel
Lariesa, Mayke, Wies, me, Melanie and Sharon

Sharon is a beautiful long blond girl. The first time I met her I was kinda intimidated by her natural beauty. You know, I had a little girl crush on her. Together with Mayke and Lariesa, and two other babes Melanie and Wies, we created are own girl squad. Whenever we receive an invitation foe the same event, we always make sure to go with the whole group and have some dinner afterwards. She has this amazing sense of humor and can always make the whole group laughing. You never know what comes out of her mouth, but every time she knows how to cheer me up. You might know Sharon from her famous YouTube vids, but nowadays she focused on her blog. On her blog you can find everything: from beauty, fashion to lifestyle. Go follower her!

Mira Tells

Dutch blogger Mira Tells

Mira is that kind of person who is born to do this! Because of her health she started her blog (I think half of my friends started because of this) and now she is a successful Dutch blogger in the community. She has a big amount of followers who always support her and are patiently waiting for her new Youtube vids and blogs about how to become a successful blogger with great in-depth articles. Not only her blog but her personality is so fun, we have never met each other in real life but every time when we DM it feels like I know her for years. Down to earth and honest is how you can describe her. If you just started your blog and want to become big or need tips, you need to follow her blog! Even I used a few of her articles to come where I am now.


Dutch blogger BeautyLab

The Queen of Blogs, the inventor herself. Serena was the very first beauty blog I followed and even nowadays I often check out her blog for fun and great reviews. I remember when I worked at the office and I always opened her blog in the morning while I ate my breakfast behind the desk, she was a part of my morning routine at work. In the Dutch blogger world she can be compared with Caroline Hirons of the UK and Temptalia of the US. She works with the biggest brands here in The Netherlands and you can often find her face in the drugstores as an advertisement. Then a dream came true: Serena noticed me out of all her followers and she asked me if I could help her with her photography for her blog. Excuse me? Are you talking to me? Did you send this message to the right person? I couldn’t believe it, but it was true. Serena was pregnant during that time and she wanted to prepare a lot of blogpost before she went into labour, that’s why she could use some help.

Who is your favorite Dutch blogger? And should I do this more often?

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  1. May 31, 2019 / 07:06

    I’m half Dutch (my grandfather was born in Rotterdam… wouldn’t be surprised if I still have relatives there). Interesting to read about other Dutch bloggers. I’ll have to check some of these girls out!

  2. May 31, 2019 / 22:43

    You’re such a sweetheart An, thank you!! I haven’t heard of Mira yet so I’m definitely going to check her out.

  3. Patman
    August 30, 2019 / 22:08

    Hey! My girlfriend just started blogging. She’s dutch and flies for KLM as flight attendant. I would love and really appreciate if you could check her blogg, and maybe give her a shoutout which will boost her up and motivate her even more.. Btw, both me and she we are BIG fan of you!
    Thanks you in advance!
    Her blogg is:

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