Molton Brown newest Suede Orris line

Molton Brown newest Suede Orris line

Today I will talk about the Molton Brown Suede Orris line. Now, I know that I’m late with this blogpost because it has been available for quite a while, but as this is my first time sharing my Molton Brown experience with you I thought: it is never too late. So here I am, sharing you my thoughts about the Suede Orris Shower Gel and Eau de Toilette from Molton Brown.

I know the brand Molton Brown for quite a while, I think since I started blogging about 3 years ago. On Instagram I follow a few people who live in Dubai and apparently it is a big brand out there because a lot of luxury hotels use their products in the hotel rooms. Molton Brown is a brand from London and their products have won several awards! Yes, that is how amazing their bath and body products are.

Molton Brown newest Suede Orris line

Suede Orris is their newest line, which stands for soft and powdery outstanding scent. It is based out of Tuscan orris, cedarwood and patchouli. This line offers a shower gel, body lotion, eau de toilette and their very first hair mist. Today I will review the shower gel and eau de toilette for you.

A while ago I attended the event of Prins PR where Molton Brown was one of the brand who presented their newest products that day. I got this amazing hand and arm massage with the Suede Orris body lotion and they finished it with the Suede Orris eau de toilette and ribbon with the fragrance sprayed on it. The whole time that I was there at the event, this delicious warm but fresh fragrance followed me, which was the Suede Orris on my arms and hands.

Molton Brown Suede Orris line Eau de Toilette
Molton Brown Suede Orris Eau de Toilette

The Suede Orris Eau de Toilette comes 50ml and 100ml. Its has this signature cap design which you can find on all of their products. Even tho Molton Brown is iconic for their bath and body products, the fragrances are also amazing and really need some attention. For €49,- you can have the 50ml bottle which is in my opinion a great value. When I have to describe the scent it is definitely sensual, warm and sophisticated. I feel like when I wear this, that I’m a rich girl who knows how to stay down to earth. Not the perfect way to describe it, but I feel confident but not too overwhelming (see here a review I made about a few perfumes).

  • Top notes: mandarin, olibanum and elemi
  • Heart notes: tuscan orris, rose and jasmine absolutes
  • Base notes: cedarwoord, labdanum and patchouli
Molton Brown Suede Orris Bath & Shower Gel
Molton Brown Suede Orris Bath & Shower Gel

The Suede Orris Bath & Shower Gel is by far my favorite item of Molton Brown. Just like the Eau de Toilette the Bath & Shower Gel has the some fragrance experience. What makes Molton Brown so great is that they have all the stept to create that perfect fragrance experience for their customers: a shower gel to cleanse the mind and body, a body lotion to add moisture and building a layer and then the eau de toilette to seal the fragrance. All these steps will create the perfect Molton Brown experience!

But why do I love the Suede Orris Bath & Shower Gel so much? You might think “it is just a regular shower gel, doesn’t need to cost a lot”. Well, what I noticed is that the fragrance of the Molton Brown not only explodes in your bath or shower, it will really linger on your skin when you step out of the water and then the experience is already on the next level. It is more than just a shower gel, the fragrance that will hang in your bathroom, the foam on your body and the clean and smooth feeling on your skin is just the perfect step to your next body care routine.

Now I understand why Molton Brown can be often find in luxurious hotels, they make your bathroom experience feel so much better! I still have some other shower gels on my wishlist. Definitely check our their assortment because they offer so much more than only their Shower Gels and Eau de Toilette, for example a hand soap and lotion.

Have you ever tried something from Molton Brown? What is your favorite fragrance?

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