Inner Marie Kondo is doing a spring clean

Inner Marie Kondo is doing a spring clean

I instantly fell in love with Marie Kondo when I watched her Netflix series. I never heard of her until an ex colleague told me she was intrigued by her way of cleaning and organizing. That’s when I started to use her method for my beauty products and clothes! Does it spark joy? Keep it! Don’t you feel anything while holding the product? Than you say goodbye to it, thank it for the precious moments and put it away. I constantly have to organize my stuff because I receive so many new products every week. Want to know if his really works for me?

Cleaning like Marie Kondo on the Body section

Body products

Some people worship their body like a temple, I only take care of everything above my neck. I’m so lazy when it comes to applying body creams, butters, oils etc. I’m just not that type of girl. When a brand like The Body Shop or Nivea send their newest collection, they immediately send me 6 products! I became very easy with selecting body products I might will use or never. For me it is only shower products for the body that will stay in my stash. Sometimes I keep a nice body soufflé or creme, because my legs are very dry. But I will only keep one jar because it goes a long way. To all the others things I say goodbye!


This is a hard one for me, I love my makeup stash and it is so difficult to declutter that part of my life. What makes it more easy for me is to look at the 1) color -will I use this black lipstick? and 2) packaging and 3) does it spark joy. When I see a highlighter or blush that looks similar like another product, I will compare them and see which one has the better packaging or bigger name. Highlighters are super easy for me to ditch because they all look the same, my Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter is my absolute favorite. I almost used that one everyday since a year. I store most of my used makeup in this Ikea Alex drawer and for my liquid lipsticks I used these plastic dividers from Ikea (the name is höfta, but not available in every country) to keep them in place. A few of my expensive lipsticks are in a Yosmo acrylic drawer. Would Marie Kondo be proud at me? Mehh, I don’t think so. But being a beauty blogger is my job so I can’t just put everything away!

Organizing the hair products like Marie Kondo

Hair products

I had pink, purple, orange, blonde, gray and brown hair. It is never the same for 6 months. As you can imagine my hair has been through a lot, which really needs some TLC. My bathroom is also filled with different kind of shampoos and conditioners for specific hair problems or colors. I try to toss everything that isn’t doing anything for damaged, dry or colored hair. Because that is going to be my future perspective, it will never be virgin black again. It was so easy for my to set everything a side which wasn’t doing anything for my hair. I do still have some hair products for my boyfriend like detox shampoos, hair styling etc. My little sister is just like me and is always experimenting with her hair color. If I look at my stash I own more hair masks than actual shampoo (my faves are Olaplex, Briogeo and Aveda). But not going to put that away because they spark joy, are running out fast and are a must for my hair.

Coats and blazers

There is one fashion item that I can store in my closet for over 10 years. When I was cleaning my wardrobe I found a super cute blazer from the Zara that I bought when I was 17, can you believe that? I always gain and loose weight so rapid that I have a whole row of oversized blazers and coats and one row with fitted styles. I can’t say goodbye easily to them because they all remind me of a special occasion and you will always need them for sure. I ended up donating a bunch of coats and blazers that were obviously too small, had a specific style of that time (studs, bleh) or looked too childish. I kept a few essentials that where always needed and really give me that joy when I hold them (a super expensive Massimo Dutti that I got for a great price!). It is best to save one coat for every kind of occasion so you will never have to look for that perfect one, definitely check out of you have problems to look for the perfect coat.

An organized makeup drawer

You guys might are thinking: where are you going to drop all of that stuff that you are not using? Well, I always give my beauty products to my friends, family or neighbors. I barely throw something away except when it is old or has a funky smell. Old clothed are donated to charities or are given to my family. I never sell my old stuff because 1) a lot of my beauty products are gifted and I honestly think that it is not okay to sell those products 2) I’m lazy and just don’t have enough time to make a picture of every fashion item and to pack them in for delivery.

For me it is a great feeling that only the stuff that give me that sparkle or are actually used, are around me. The products or fashion items I don’t use are given a second chance by someone who might will enjoy them more than I do! Thanks Marie Kondo.

What does your inner Marie Kondo says: what gives you that spark of joy?

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