IMAGE Skincare Experience Center in Haarlem

IMAGE Skincare Experience Center in Haarlem

When you care about your skin, you need a pamper session once in a while. I was so lucky to get invited to visit the IMAGE Skincare Experience Center in Haarlem. They offer the best facial treatments with the skincare products from IMAGE Skincare and they will show results. I’ve seen every big Instagram person work with this brand, so it was time to experience myself if it was really worth it!

IMAGE Skincare Experience Center in Haarlem

In the middle of the beautiful city Haarlem you can find this tremendous Experience Center of IMAGE Skincare. When I came in I was blown away by how beautiful and professional the salon looked like. The reception was the place to get to know their products and also to take a peek at some new released items.

Based on a skin analyse they made, I was advised to try the Ormedic treatment (peptides and antioxidants) which was really needed because my skin looked dull and I didn’t have a skin treatment for ages! The treatment is great for dehydrated skin, stressed out skin or irritated. They cleansed, applied a 3-step peeling treatment, removed impurities and skincare. I left the salon with a glowy skin and received two full size product to maintain the results of the treatment.

Receptie IMAGE Skincare Experience Center in Haarlem

The Ageless Total Facial Cleanser and Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturizer Oil-Free SPF32 are the two products I received after my treatment. As an oily skin girl I always need something to clean out my pores, keep the hydration level good so I won’t produce more sebum and a great moisturizer with protection (always wear SPF!).

I already heard amazing reviews about the Prevention+ moisturizer, you can get this in different amount of SPF. Usually I wear SPF50, which is also available but they recommended me to wear SPF32 and reapply when necessary. The Ageless Cleanser was knew for me but the lady at the experience center told me this would do wonders for my skin, high expectations!

IMAGE Skincare products

The Ageless Total Facial Cleanser has an exfoliating function and will bring your skin back to the correct pH. When massaging it onto wet skin it will start to foam and create a tingly sensation. The pores will be clean, sebum removed and makeup is gone. After cleansing it won’t dry out the skin and you can instantly see that the skin has cleared up.

Because some skin can react sensitive to this cleanser, start to build up with once a week and use it more when noticing your skin is reacting good. With 12% glycolic acid, citrus acid, eucalyptus and green tea this cleanser is great for skin that has some imperfections. After time you will notice that the texture of the skin will gets better and the radiance. Try to ignore the fragrance because it can be strong for people with a sensitive nose.

IMAGE Skincare Prevention and Ageless

The Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturizer is a moisturizer for oily skin. It absorbs sebum, is waterproof and oil free: an oily girl like me loves these 3 things. The moisturizer has a microsponge technology so the sebum will be absorbed and the skin will achieve a matte finish. Beside the SPF the moisturizer will also protect your skin against pollution with antioxidants and essential vitamins.

Usually I dislike the idea of an SPF within a moisturizer, I always use a separate moisturizer and SPF layered on my skin. This changed my life. I love how soft the moisturizer feels on my skin without creating a sticky or too hydrated layer. The SPF doesn’t create a white cast on my face and has this delicious fragrance of oranges. What might be the best about this moisturizer is that you can immediately apply makeup on top of it. The Prevention line offers only the SPF32 for the oily skin people, while when you are looking for hydration or have combination skin they do offer a SPF50 in this line. Hopefully they will come with a SPF50 for the Daily Matte too because then I will need a lifetime supply of it!

IMAGE Skincare swatches
Left the Ageless cleanser and right the Prevention+ moisturizer

After using these two products for 4 weeks I can tell you that I’m amazing by them. The Ageless cleanser is not really something that I enjoy using because the fragrance is strong because of the glycolic acid, but it shows so much results. If you don’t enjoy the cleanser, try to use it less often during your cleansing routine. The Daily Matte is absolutely a big hit for me, I’ve been non-stop using it and even ditched my current sunscreen for this on days when I want to treat myself. The moisturizer smells amazing and really makes my skin feel less oily during the day, which is perfect now the summer is almost coming.

If you live nearby Haarlem I can recommend you to take a visit at the IMAGE Skincare Experience Center for a skin analyse. They will advice you the best treatment that work for your skin and recommend you the perfect products to maintain the conditions of your skin.

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*treatment and products are gifted

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