Getting that Healthy Glow Marbled with Givenchy

Getting that Healthy Glow Marbled with Givenchy

This year Givenchy Beauty brought back the Healthy Glow Powder in a Marbled Limited Edition. The current Healthy Glow Powder received the sunshine boost for this Solar Pulse collection and is a must have for everyone. Because who doesn’t like a beautiful glow effect without having that heavy makeup look? This will create your gorgeous summer glow!

Givenchy Solar Pulse Healthy Glow Marbled Powder

If you haven’t seen Givenchy Beauty before, you must know that they are the start among the makeup brands. Their packaging is always on point and they create the most beautiful makeup items (see my previous Givenchy article for more beautiful products). When you are a beauty lover and having eye for details, you must have something from them in your stash.

As always I’m not disappointed about the packaging: the classy black case with the 4 G’s at the front in silver details makes this an eye catcher. When you open the case you can find an almost diamond shaped powder with a beautiful marble effect. The lighter and darkers shades in the powder creates this illumines glow effect in the pressed powder and a gem to look at. Als here you can find the iconic 4 G’s pressed into the powder.

The Healthy Glow Marbled come in two shades: nr. 2.5 Naturel Rosé and nr. 4.5. Naturel Doré. The Healthy Glow Marbled Rosé has this subtile soft pink and subtle cream tones in it. When it is swatched on your hand it will create a really subtile glow that has a hint of pink in it. The Healthy Glow Marbled Doré is a golden glow with a sparkle of brown. This one has a more extreme glow effect on the back of my hand but still very natural compared to other glow/illuminating products.

The texture is to die for: soft as butter, melts away when applied on the skin. Even when I dipped my fingers to swatch the product, I couldn’t really feel the powder on mt finger. That is how great the products feels, light as feather!

Givenchy also describes it as a satin bathrobe with a natural healthy glow, that is exactly what I feel when applying the powder. It is so soft you can barely feel it. Applying layers wouldn’t be a problem for this must have powder.

Givenchy Solar Pulse Healthy Glow Marbled Powder close up
Left is nr. 2.5 Naturel Rosé and right nr. 4.5 Naturel Doré
Givenchy Solar Pulse Healthy Glow Marbled Powder swatches
Left is nr. 2.5 Naturel Rosé and right nr. 4.5 Naturel Doré

Usually I’m more into a dramatic highlighter or glow product, but it is also great to have a subtle in your stash for those days that you just want to have that natural booming glow on your face (and even body!). Every Givenchy Beauty product that I’ve tried are great and I never expect something less from them.

First of all, I was super impressed with the swatches on the back of my hand. The shade Doré is probably my favorite because I love how gorgeous that gold looks like on my skintone and is it perfect for those summer days. Rosé is maybe a great one for the winter when my skin is more pale, the pink would probably pop more on lighter skin (I’m a NC30 during the summer).

On the skin it even looks better with the foundation and blush combined. I’m thrilled how natural that glow is but still adds a lot of glam to my face. This is perfect for the ones that think highlighter is too much for their everyday makeup look.

Givenchy Solar Pulse Healthy Glow Marbled Powder

Investing in makeup is something I’ve done since I was 15 years. Looking for the best bronzer, mascara or foundation and you will never get them out of your routine. I’ve always been a highlighter lover but I think I might switch to this oh so fine Healthy Glow Marbled Powder for this summer: it creates a beautiful natural glow on the face and even can be applied on your body! The glow is so natural that it doesn’t even looks like you are wearing makeup. And how can you resist the pretty marble pattern?

Want to look glow this summer? Givenchy Healthy Glow Marbled Powder is no available (limited edition).

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  1. May 16, 2019 / 21:51

    I do really love a pretty subtle highlight. Gorgeous colours and the packaging is just stunning!

    xxxx –

  2. May 17, 2019 / 07:06

    Beautiful highlighting compacts from Givenchy beauty…love the Beautiful subtle glow… Natural Dore is my shade.. thanks for great review and swatches…❤️

  3. June 2, 2019 / 10:22

    They are super pretty !!! Love ! Love the pattern and the Glow effect ! comment

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