Bride-to-be: must have accessoires

Bride-to-be: must have accessoires

My friends and family constantly ask me: when is the big day? I don’t know, when the time is right and my wallet says aai. Planning the big day as a bride to be is a whole kind of project, from the location to the guests and food. For me I get all excited when I think about what to wear that day, it is a child’s dream to wear a beautiful dress on my big day. But a lot of people forget the accessoires for that day. Today I will help remind you the things most people forget to finish their look on their big day!

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Wedding shoes are very important if your fiancé is not that tall and doesn’t like it when you are taller than him/her. I’m that kind of girl who always wears high heels, not matter what. I feel confident in heels and it makes my legs look thin. When I wear sneakers once in a while, Rick always makes comments about that I should wear sneakers more often (so he is taller than me). For our big day I will definitely pick a medium high heel to make myself feel comfortable and smaller than Rick. I don’t know yet what kind of dress I will wear but is should hit the ground so you won’t see my heels.

If you don’t want to hurt your feed, avoid straps nearby your toes and go for a simple pump or something that will “lock” your feet. You don’t want to loose your heel like Cinderella! On you can find a great variety of shoes you can wear on your day, even sneakers!

Wedding jewelry

Wedding jewelry is something really personal, buy something new or use something old. I still have this pearl necklace and hair pin and one glove from my mom’s wedding day, and I will probably wear the hair pin on my big day. A jewelry is different than a pair of shoes or dress: it is often as expensive as a wedding dress and most of the time has an emotional story behind it.

I see some brides with a strapless dress and a big necklace, which is in my opinion a no go. A jewelry piece has to enhance your beauty, and not take over the whole look. For me has to show my innocent (which I’m not) and that I’m ready do be a wife. Beside a hair pin I will only wear my wedding ring and maybe simple earrings.

Wedding jewelry and accessoires

Lingerie is more if you and your partner are into it or find it important. Luckily I have a very easy fiancé who always tells me that he find it ridiculous that some women pay 100 euros for a bra or something. For my big day I won’t need anything special than a great bra that will stay in place or maybe a corset to make my tummy look flat.

In some cases I know girls who payed a lot for their honeymoon lingerie. If I was slim and trained a lot, I would also surprise my husband with something like that. But as my goal for the wedding is to save as much money, I won’t get over the top on this part of my wedding look. Just a great and comfortable bra.

As a bride to be a already know well what I want to wear on my big day next to my wedding dress. Some brides to be are purchasing their accessoires when they have their dress, others find the perfect pair of shoes or jewelry and want to work around it. Everyone has their own personal preference and style, do whatever makes you feel good and what you can afford. Always think that less is more! For more inspiration you can check The Beautiful Bride Shop.

What kind of item was a must for you when you got married? Or as a bride to be?

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