Add color in your garden with Intratuin

Add color in your garden with Intratuin

I had this amazing opportunity to work alongside Intratuin on their #intratuin #bloeiend campaign! Intratuin is the place where you can get everything for a beautiful garden, lounge sets, small balcony’s and even items for your pets (because they spend most of their time in your garden). This summer it is all about color: while last year it was trendy to have a jungle vibe in your garden, know you can color and match your garden with all kinds of flowers.

Did you know when we see a lot of different color like a field of colorful wild flowers, we instantly feel happiness? Colors activate our sense of smell and sight, so having a garden filled with flowers will bring a smile on your face!

To raise awareness about this summer garden trends, I was invited by Intratuin to be one of their models. I was super excited to be picked out but at the same time scared like a chicken because: I feel super uncomfortable in front of the camera. Usually you see the products I use on my blog but not often my face. I have to get over this fear some day, so why not now!

Intration fotoshoot in NLstudio's
The amazing flower set at NLstudio’s in Amsterdam

The location for the fotoshoot was NL Studio’s in Amsterdam. When I arrived they decorated the set with the most amazing flower pieces and even two tropical trees! The photographer of this campaign was the one and only Jim Bakkum: well known from Idols, the musical Grease and now photographer. To be honest, I thought he was not that special UNTIL I exchanged a few words with him. I never get nervous when I talk to people but now I was really focused to look and act normal in front of him. Which was hard because he was the photographer (lol).

Intratuin campaign zomer bloeiend

I had 15 minutes in the makeup artist chair, but I already came with full makeup (we makeup junkies always like our makeup best when we do it ourselves). She said that my makeup already looked amazing and only needed a few touch ups. When I was ready to go, I sat behind all the wild flowers and followed the instructions of Jim.

Trying to get my inner Doutzen out of my and here I was: posing, turning my head and trying to look cool. Sometimes I couldn’t hold my laugh because the girls from Blyde Amsterdam had to wave with a cardboard to create a “wind in the hair” effect and almost smashed the studio lights. It was so fun to experience this and to see how it was to be a “model” for one day! After the shoot I quickly checked out the pictures Jim made of me and I was super excited to see the end results.

Photo by Jim Bakkum for Intratuin zomer bloeiend

Wish you could see me right now behind my desk because I’m seriously thrilled to see myself like this! I always had a low self esteem and to see myself like this gives me a boost of self confidence and love.

I want to thank Jim for doing an amazing job with creating the shot and Intratuin for the amazing flowers!

Check out for inspiration to create a colorful summer garden and till 12th of May you can come to Intratuin and they will help you to place your new flowers in a pot!


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