Filorga will give your skin Oxygen-Glow!

Filorga will give your skin Oxygen-Glow!

We all want a #NOFILTERSKIN, but Filorga made something special for you: Filorga Oxygen-Glow. The first line that will create the perfect looking skin with the help of light, Hyaluronic acid and enzyme. These days it is all about making selfies and exposing your face, but sometimes we want to show our real skin instead of a filter on Snapchat. With the Oxygen-Glow line you don’t need to use a filter on your selfie to look and feel confident. A bit skeptical? I feel you, but you definitely need to read my review!

Filorga Oxygen-Glow Mask, Eye, Clean and Creme all together


When you think about the perfect cream, you want to work it at the very first application. Well, the Oxygen-Glow does it’s job! With the help of peptides, PhotoPerfector HD-technology and boosting particles it will create a luminous and smooth skin. A hydrated and even skin tone are the results after your very first application!

The texture is very light but still has the feeling of a rich cream. When you look closely you can see super tiny shimmers in the cream. Don’t be afraid! I have very oily skin but the Oxygen-Glow didn’t make my skin look more oily or shiny with the shimmers. I think it is a great product for people with dull looking skin, which we all sometimes have!

Oxygen-Glow [Eyes]

Want to have fresh looking eyes? The Oxygen-Glow Eyes will help to make your eyes more fresher, hydrated and less tired. With the tetra peptides and anti oxidants it will give your eyes a hydration boost and make the dark circles less visible.

What is so great about this eye cream is that even the most sensitive eyes will love this eye cream! You only need a tiny amount to cover your under eye area. You can instantly see how your eye bags start to refresh.

Oxygen-Glow [Clean]

A cleanser that will not only remove your impurities, but also will do it’s job to take care of your skin. The Oxygen-Glow Clean will gently cleanse the skin and help the skin against pollution thanks to the niacinamide that is included in the formula.

It is a gel cleanser that will gently cleanse the skin without removing natural oils. It will instantly give your skin a glow when you dry you skin. The same with the Glow, the Clean has tiny particles of shimmers in it to active the skin and create a less dull-looking skin.

Oxygen-Glow [Mask]

Maybe my most favorite product of them all with the biggest results after just one time trying out! The Oxygen-Glow Mask is here to give your skin a boost with papaja and grapefruit extracts. It will remove deadskin cells and stimulate collagen production. Within 10 minutes your skin looks healthy, smoother and clearer.

The mask has a cream/foamy texture, it will easily spread on your face. I never forget to apply my neck because that is my most forgotten part of my day/night routine. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes and you will definitely see a big difference!

Filorga Oxygen-Glow swatches on the back of my hand
Swatches of the products: cleanser, eye, mask and on the right glow.
Filorga Oxygen-Glow products

Usually when I test a whole line of a particular brand, I only end up using one maybe two products. This is the first time in a while that I still use all the products after 2 months! They really make a big difference on my skin, especially the mask and clean. The clean is part of my morning routine and I still use it every day! The mask is great when I have a special meeting and I want to have instant results for that day: pop on that mask for 10 minutes and you are ready to go! My least favorite is the glow because I prefer using mattifying face creams during the day as an oily skin girl.

I think all the remedies they cure are relatable for everyone, so it is a great line that can be used on every person! Filorga is known for their great technology and development in their skincare line, but what is so great about the Oxygen-Glow is that is more affordable compared to their other lines!

You can purchase the Filorga Oxygen Glow line between the price of 22 and 44 euros.

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