OUR LEGACY: Customized blanket to remember your loved ones

A blanket that gives you comfort

It has been over 2,5 years that my mom passed away because of cancer. They found out that she had terminal lung cancer, which means that all we could do was waiting. As stubborn as she was she tried everything to expand her life to spend some more time with us. After battling cancer for 2 years it was time to say goodbye to her. I still have some personal problems to grief about her loss, but luckily I met this amazing person and ex-colleague Varisha, who owns OUR LEGACY . She makes blankets out of your loved ones clothes. She offered me to make one for me out of my mom clothes and I couldn’t thank her enough! Everyone should have this, just to hug it during hard times.

our legacy comfort blanket

Varisha was one of my close colleagues when I worked at the company a few months ago. At some time I felt comfortable to tell her about my personal life, losing my mom and having a hard time to raise my little sister. She told me that she was working on growing her business named OUR LEGACY to comfort the people who are left behind with a blanket: made out of your loves ones favorite items like a dress or top. Sometimes your grandma left you a pile of clothes, but they are not your style or size, but on the other hand you don’t want to loose them or donate them. That’s when Varisha is coming to help you to make a comfort blanket out of those items. I was stunned when she showed me what she already made with some pieces of fabrics and clothes, I had to have one for myself! She was so kind that she offered me to make one for me and I was so excited so select the favorite pieces out of my moms closet. After 2 years I still didn’t have the energy to organize my moms closet (I’ve just recently cleaned out my moms closet) but picking her favorite pieces was not a hard job.

So I brought black lace top, a neutral white top, a floral dress and another black top to Varisha so she could do her magic. Within two weeks I received the blanket, beautiful wrapped in paper. She handed this to me at work and I couldn’t wait until I was home to unwrap it! I already saw a sneak peek of the blanket but I was curious how big it was and how it felt.

When arriving home I had to take a video of me unwrapping the blanket. I was so excited and emotional at the same time to see the wonderful blanket with moms fabric on it. I couldn’t imagine what I saw: a gorgeous green velvet enormous blanket that was perfectly arranged with the different squares of fabric. My little sister was also blown away how big it was and that she could create this for me within such a short amount of time (we worked together at the office for some 32 hours a week + social life).

My cat Lilo was also impressed when she saw the blanket and she immediately inspected al the corners of it. The first thing that came up in my mind was: I’m going to snuggle with this blanket when I what tv! For me it has been over 2 years since my mom passed away, so this blanket is something extra for me. When I shared some pictures on my Instagram of the blanket, I received tons of reactions from others who recently lost their mom, aunt or grandma and thought this was a wonderful idea!

One person told me that her aunt passed away just 2 months and that her niece would love this idea. It makes me so happy that I could inspire others with this blanket and give them the courage to take this step. Varisha is a super sweet girl and I’m sad I don’t see her that often since I left the job, but she is the perfect person to make this special piece for you.

our legacy comfort blanket

If you need that extra comfort after losing a loved one, Varisha can help you with creating a beautiful comfort blanket. She will help you to see what kind of pieces will match perfect to create your comfort blanket.

My blanket got this special place in the house: in the bedroom where my mom and dad used to sleep. Now my dad lives with his girlfriend and my little sister started to sleep in that room.

You can contact Varisha through her instagram OUR LEGACY or contact here on her website OUR-LEGACY.nl


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  1. March 15, 2019 / 08:43

    What a truly gorgeous idea. So many people would find comfort from this. Sorry for your loss xx


  2. March 15, 2019 / 13:41

    Wat een prachtig idee! Ben er ook een beetje stil van. Echt heel mooi dat je dit nu hebt 馃檪

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