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There is a new kid in town, and it is the Cream de la Crème Mask by Starskin! Starskin just released their newest sheet mask a few weeks ago and I was thrilled to try them out before the launch. Pssst, the best part about this is that I can make one of you happy with the whole VIP sheet mask Collection by Starskin. I will show you a short review of how my first experience was with their newest Cream de la Crème Mask and at the end you can see how to participate with this amazing giveaway. You can’t miss this!

starskin cream mask review giveaway

When I first started blogging I was super insecure if I could ever reach that goal to work with big brands. I can remember that time very well that I didn’t have a lot of money, and I purchased my very first Starskin bio cellulose sheet mask at Douglas for €10,-. For me it still is the most expensive sheet mask I’ve ever purchases. It was the VIP Gold Mask and I still have it …. yes it is expired now but I never had the guts to open that sheet mask and use it. So I kept it as a souvenir, weird me.

starskin cream mask review giveaway

Starskin is known as a luxurious sheet mask brand that offers bio-cellulose sheet mask. They expanded their collection with lip masks, facial pads, hand masks, feet masks and even for the hair! Now they launched their newest Cream de la Crème Mask which is not infused with serum like their other masks, but with a cream.

The Cream de la Crème Mask is a two-piece sheet mask that is drowned into a cream that can be seen as half of a jar creme (18 gram to be exact)! The first piece is placed on the jaw line and second on the forehead, nose and cheek area. What makes this Cream de la Crème Mask so special is that the mask exist out of two layers 1) inside there is the cream 2) outside is this membrane that protects the cream. The membrane out layer makes the cream inside more effective, so it can really work into the skin. Compared to other creams that are applied on bare skin without anything on top of the cream.

starskin cream mask review giveaway

It comes in two versions: Instantly Recovering and Age-Perfecting. For this review I will try out the Age-Perfecting, because you can never start too early! The Age-Perfecting it filled with:

  • Shea Butter – Rich in fatty acids and vitamins to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Centella Asiatica – Helps to stimulate the production of collagen. 
  • Ginseng – Contains antioxidants and Vitamin B to combat wrinkles and discolourations.

When I first tried the Cream de la Crème Mask I was a bit afraid that the mask would be too rich for my skin: it is infused with shea butter and specially made for normal to dry skin. I’ve been an oily skin girl all my life, so I was a bit terrified that it may make my skin more oily or sticky.

starskin cream mask review giveaway

The Cream Mask is packed in two sets: the jawline bottom part and the eye top. Both parts are wrapped in a plastic foil to protect the cream and keep it in place. When you remove the foil, the cream part becomes visible. I first apply the bottom part, which surprisingly fits perfect! It is almost scary how every line and hole has the same measurement as my face. The top part also fits like a glove on my face, only the sides of my nose are not covered but I think I don’t have to worry about that.

The outer part of the cream mask has this protective material which feels like a soft foil: it keeps the cream “moist” inside and protects the skin. What is so amazing about this mask is that you don’t have to worry about your hair getting into your face and getting it wet: you can constantly touch your face without harming the cream! I think this is a genius way of creating a sheet mask because I always end up with some baby hairs getting stuck onto the sheet mask.

After 15-20 minutes I remove the super comfortable mask. During those minutes the mask never slipped away from my face, so you can imagine I continued with my daily routine like doing the laundry and making a quick cup of tea. It was all possible! When removing the mask I was blown away how much cream was still left on my face, it was visible on my skin. I tried to massage it into the skin, but I think my oily skin said “this is enough, thank you”. Shea Butter might be a little bit too intensive for my skin, but for people with normal to dry kin it would be a dream when they take off the mask! The scent was a pleasant soft/dreamy scent that almost smelled like floral (very soft) and it really felt like an intensive spa treatment. At the end of the day when I wash my face I can really tell how soft my face became thanks to the Cream Mask! When I just removed the mask my face felt too oily and moist, but

starskin cream mask review giveaway


I’ve teamed up with STARSKIN to give one of you the whole VIP collection!
– VIP Gold Bio Cellulose Face Mask
– VIP Diamond Bio Cellulose Face Mask
– Red Carpet Ready Bio Cellulose Face Mask
– Dream Kiss Lip Mask
– and their newest Cream Mask Face Mask im trying out here!

All you have to do is:
1. Follow me @thebeauparlour and @starskinbeauty on Instagram
2. Tag 2 friends in the comments
here, you can enter as much as you want!
3. For 5+ entries, repost
this on Instastory and tag me + mention it is a giveaway

Giveaway starts now and will end 09/03/19 at 5pm GMT. Open for EU residents. No giveaway or spam accounts are allowed to be tagged nor participate. Winner will be randomly picked after following all the steps, announced on Instastory the following day. Goodluck!

You can get your own Cream de la Crème Mask here at


Cult Beauty Ltd.

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