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BeMused Korea always surprises me with new brands!

Instagram is probably one of the platforms where I’ve met the most amazing and kind people. One of them is Lisa who started as beauty blogger and now has her own successful Korean beauty webshop BeMused Korea, they ship worldwide! She gifted me these items from Wonjin Effect which is a Korean beauty brand. I’ve heard of them before but never tried these. I was so thrilled when I received her package, because somehow she always knows which products works the best for me! So it was an amazing surprise when I unpacked the box.

bemused korea wonjin effect

Wonjin Effect is a Korean beauty brand that has been active for a while. I remember that I’ve tried their sheet masks and cream before that came in a cute pink/silver packaging. I kinda forgot the brand until I saw it popping everywhere the last 6 months. Wonjin Effect is cruelty free brand that doesn’t use any harmful ingredients, just like all the other brands that are sold on BeMused Korea. It is great to see that a webshop only sells the brands they think are the best for their consumers!

bemused korea wonjin effect

Medi Energy Infusion, Concentrated Ampoule Mask – Skin Rescue

Finding the perfect sheet mask is sometimes looking for a needle in a haystack: you want it to be perfect but there is always something. For me a sheet mask must be filled with enough essence but not too much, material has to feel comfortable, has to fit my face and instant results. Well, here it is! The Wonjin Effect Medi Energy Infusion gives them all and I’m just thrilled that this sheet mask is filling all my needs.

This mask helps to energize your skin after a long week: peptides, amino acids and rich minerals makes this sheet mask your perfect treatment. Maybe for you sunday maskday? What I love the most about this sheet mask is the amazing soft and thing material: the MediSeal sheet is also used on patients after a laser surgery when their skin is sensitive and weak. Results are a calm and sooth skin that will last for days!

bemused korea wonjin effect

Medi Hydro Emulsion – Skin Rescue

Being a busy girls means that I don’t have much time during the morning for my skincare or makeup routine. Finding the fastest way to do everything is a must. I’ve struggled with my skincare routine because my oily skin can’t handle too much moisture and applying more layers will make my skin oily faster. The Medi Hydro Emulsion is the solution for everyone who needs some extra moisture for their skin but want to make it feel like they never applied it. No sticky feeling, you can immediately start applying your makeup routine!

An emulsion already says it: it is lighter than a cream but works the same and sometimes even better. Medi Hydro Emulsion is filled with 6 different hyaluronic acids to give all the layers of the skin enough moisture! Ceranosine will fight against the wrinkles and Aquaxyl helps to reduce moisture los in the skin. Results are a super smooth skin that looks healthy, glowy and soft. The moisture will last all day!

bemused korea wonjin effect

Vita Moist Ampoule

Do you remember those lava lamps from the 90’s? The his the nostalgic that I get when I play with the Vita Moist Ampoule. Two layers floating on each other and when you mix them they get dissolved. This 2-in-1 ampoule will deliver moist and intensive vitamins to your skin. The water and oil base will create moisture and a protection layer this will make your skin bright and refreshing.

Vitamins, moisture essence and hyaluronic acid will leave your skin feel amazing! I love to use this on my days off so the ampoule can fully do it’s job without makeup on top. When applying it on the skin I can instantly notice how the oil and essence to their job: my skin feels slippery but within seconds it dries like a smooth and moist surface. Definitely my favorite item out of these 3!

bemused korea wonjin effect
bemused korea wonjin effect

I started with Korean beauty since I was 16. I’ve had an amazing collection at that age if I can say myself. All my products where from eBay which was a real pain in the ass to find the perfect seller who I could trust. Luckily Korean beauty I well known all around the globe, so finding your worth trusty webshop sin’t that hard anymore.

I can recommend everyone to order from BeMused Korea because they offer a great range of authentic Korean beauty brands and all products are cruelty free. The owner Lisa is the most beautiful person I’ve met and I follow her for so long on Instagram. She knows how to satisfy her customers and offer them what they are looking for. Wonjin Effect is an amazing brand and I’ve been in l-o-v-e with the Vita Moist Ampoule. I’ve never had a product anything like this, is changed my skincare routine.

Curious about the Wonjin Effect products? You can shop them here on!

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    Haha, I have a lava lamp, but mine is red. The ampoule looks a lot better!

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