Starting the spring with Tom Ford Satin Matte Lip Color

tom ford satin matte lip color review

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It has been a hectic year for me. I’m so glad I could finally sit down and write a blogpost for all of you (not that you where all waiting for it, or did you?). I also have to apologize to all the company’s and brands that were waiting for my review, but I’m back! Today I want to talk about the Tom Ford Satin Matte Lip Color. I know it is not spring yet, but keep the spirit alive. I’ve been a huge fan of Tom Ford Beauty ever since I purchased their eyeshadow quads (see here one of my reviews way back in time! the good old days). Nowadays I’m so blessed to receive PR from Tom Ford themselves, so I received my very first lipsticks from them lately. The Satin Matte Lip Color is one of their newest additions to their lipstick collection and is different from their original one.

tom ford satin matte lip color review

Tom Ford Satin Matte Lip Color already says it: it is a satin lipstick that gives you the pigmented and healthy look but the power of a matte lipstick. Tom Ford describes the lipstick as “one-stroke visibly-plumped concentrated”. Within one stroke you will achieve fuller lips with a vibrant color. With a lightweight feeling on the lips but long-lasting result it could be your newest addition to your everyday handbag.

I received the shades 06 Fame and 16 London Suede from the Tom Ford Satin Matte Lip Color. The shade 16 London Suede is a brown/nude color that reminds a little bit of the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick brown, but so much better because it doesn’t have this gray weird-looking undertone to it. The shade 06 Fame is a super pretty vibrant red/coral shade that s just perfect for the spring! You know what they say this season, coral is going to be everywhere. So keep an eye on this shade.

tom ford satin matte lip color review

If you know me well by now, than you might can already guess what I think about the packaging: everything that looks slick and is pink or black is my energy in this life. It gives me that spark of joy (Marie Kondo ftw). The cap is smaller and longer than the regular Tom Ford lipsticks. In some way I prefer this packaging more because it just feels more appropriate for on the go (yes I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I just feel this way!).

The black and gold are the signature colors of Tom Ford. You will spot them on many items in their collection. With a few twists on the cap you will find a round lipstick bullet without their signature “TF” print on it. I’m glad that they didn’t include the print on the bullet, because that the main reason why I’m way too afraid to use my TF lipsticks. The TF sign will already fade away after using the lipstick for 3/4 times, so keep it close to you.

tom ford satin matte lip color review

When you compare this bullet with the other Tom Ford lipsticks I have, you can immediately tell that the Satin Matte looks more shiny/hydrated. It is infused with Soja Seed Extracts, Brazilian Butter and Flower Oil which makes it super hydrating with a satin soft smooth finish. All the ingredients will make your lips look hydrating and plump within one swipe.

It may sound too good to be true, but believe me: this satin matte lipstick does the job! When I first swatched it on the back of my hand I was surprised how smooth it went. No dry to pulling feeling on my skin, I could easily glide the lipstick bullet over my skin. The first wipe already looked super even and smooth, I was mesmerized by the amount of pigmentation. When you year ‘satin’ you don’t immediately think about something that has such a great color pay off.

tom ford satin matte lip color review
16 London Suede and 06 Fame

London Suede first looked like something that might me too nude for me, but when I tried it out on my lips I was surprised how well it looked on me. It has this mauve look on my skin color, but not too much that I looked like a 90’s Barbie doll. Sophisticated, elegant and simple are the words I use to describe this shade. It is there, but not in your face!

Fame is a whole different level. This shade screams “spring!” when I wear this I feel like I’m back to live: it makes me feel energized and younger. On the lips it looks way brighter than on the picture, because my skin is a NC25 at the moment. The coral shade would be perfect for everyday, especially now the sun starts to shine here (way too early I think, the whole nature is getting an error now).

The lipstick itself feels super smooth on the lips, almost like a velvet finish to me. When I press me lips you can’t see any lines, that’s how smooth and creamy the formula is. The fragrance is your typical lipstick smell but less in your face, but when wearing it on the lips I don’t get anything of that which is great. After wearing it for a whole day the lipstick starts to fade evenly and with just one swipe you are good to go! Your perfect lipstick when you want that long-lasting effect but when you are a lazy girl #thankgod.

tom ford satin matte lip color review

If your are a fan of Tom Ford, this Satin Matte Lip Color is a must in your stash. Tom Ford offers a huge range of shades for their Satin Matte Collection, so their must be at least one shade that will suit you just perfect! The colors range from a simple nude look to a bold evening color.

When you are a lazy girl like me who doesn’t look in the mirror every other hour, the Satin Matte is going to be your best friend. The finish is a matte effect but it feels like satin on your lips. It glides over your lips and within one swipe you have this amazing color pigmentation. Don’t bother to eat a pizza or a noodle soup, this baby will look great after a nice dinner. Reapplying was never so easy: just dab your lipstick on the lips a few times and you are ready to go!

Is it a must? Absolutely. Why? Because the packaging is bomb, I love the look of the long slick tube. The finish is just perfect and doesn’t stain a lot like other satin lipsticks. It has everything you want: long-lasting, matte finish but doesn’t dry out your lips, feels smooth while applying and doesn’t stain. Am I an influencer now?

Excited as I am? Get your own Tom Ford Satin Matte here at DeBijenkorf or here at Douglas.

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