Ending this year with DW Home candle

You can never have enough candles from DW Home, right?

Christmas has just passed and we are now heading to the new year! This year has been a rollercoaster for me with ups and downs. What I enjoyed the most were the amazing collaborations I could do with great brands and stores, just like Notino.nl. Their webshop introduced me to many brands I’ve never tried before and they are super affordable compared to other stores. One of my favorite section at their webshop are the Home Perfumes. I already tried the Woodwick candle that I ordered at their store and now it is time to try DW Home in the scent Lemongrass + Coconut Milk. I had to get this scented candle because they had a crazy sale during Black Friday. Will this DW Home candle end this year well?

DW Home lemongrass and coconut milk blend

DW Home is a brand from the US that wants to create the best stylish home decor products that make the consumers and retailers happy. They have a huge collection of scented candles and always bring something new to their brand. They send a lot of attention to the styling of their products, each line has their own kind of creation and beautiful details on the jars. DW Home can be seen as a high quality brand but in the affordable price range, available for everyone.

DW Home lemongrass and coconut milk scented candle

I picked out the Lemongrass + Coconut Milk because:

  1. It was on sale during Black Friday
  2. I love lemongrass in my Ice Tea
  3. I love the smell of coconut
  4. My fiancé hates coconut, so I had to get this to annoy him

The three words on the jar says it all: tranquil, crips and sweet. I never ever tried DW Home candles, so the ingredients and the three words really made me buy this candle. I was looking for something sweet that everyone would love (except for my fiancé which hates everything with coconut) and that could be lit up everywhere in the house so it will feel cozy and warm. I was not dissapointed.

DW Home lemongrass and coconut milk and wick trimmer

I LOVE THIS COMBO. Can you see it? I’m always half way through a candle of almost 500gram! Crazy right, but that only shows how much I enjoy this candle. I was first enjoying my time with this DW Home candle, until I realized I still had to take pictures for me review. Oh well, only good so you can see I’m not making a joke when I say I really like this.

It has to wicks inside the jar which makes the wax melt fast so you can enjoy this candle quickly after you lit it up. The lemongrass is the first scent you notice when the wax starts to melt. It has this soft and fresh feeling when it hits the room but also something sweet. The coconut milk makes the whole experience more cozy and warm, I love it when that phase is starting. Within no time the room is filled with a touch of freshness but perfectly in balance with the sweet, warm and soft scent of the coconut milk.

DW Home wick trimmer

Oh! During the Black Friday sale on Notino.nl I also got my hands on this cute Paddywax Wick Trimmer. I know, it is more of a luxurious thing because you can also trim your wicks by holding your scissors 90 degrees into the jar. But when it is sale I always get things I actually don’t really need.

DW Home lemongrass and coconut milk

I’m so sorry to say this, but I can’t find this particular candle on Notino.nl anymore. They probably still sell it on their official website, but I think I got the last one during the sales. Hopefully they will bring back this candle, because you should really try this out.

This is by far my best purchase I did during the Black Friday sales. Usually I always regret something when I place an order during the sales (because yeah, I buy with my heart not my mind) but this time I enjoyed so much of this purchase! Every morning when I wake up on a day off or when I work at home, I lit up the candle to start the day great. It really changes your mood and state of mind when you smell this amazing combination of lemongrass and coconut milk!

You can get your own DW Home candle here at the Notino.nl webshop!


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  1. January 6, 2019 / 14:08

    What a fancy looking candle, I really like the look of it! The scents sounds nice as well.

  2. Zuzana
    May 24, 2019 / 08:31

    It’s been restocked! I immediately puchased it after reading your review and I can’t wait to light it. 馃檪

    • thebeauparlour
      May 24, 2019 / 09:36

      Awwwh hope you love it as much as I do!!

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