Alex Steinherr x Primark creates the ULTIMATE skincare collection

Alex Steinherr x Primark creates the ULTIMATE skincare collection

When you hear Primark you don’t necessarily think about skincare or beauty. I’ve been a fan of Primark ever since they launched in the UK. I remember when I went to London with school and I had a suitcase filled with affordable clothes from Primark. Nowadays I receive many beauty items from their own makeup line named PS… . They recently got the official bunny logo: which means all their beauty products are cruelty free! How wonderful that such a big company is thinking about the safety of the animals but also what consumers like to see these days. Besides their makeup I recently received something different from Primark: skincare! They teamed up with the Alessandra Steinherr, who is a beauty editor for 15 years to create the Alex Steinherr ULTIMATE skincare collection for us! A beautiful team with Alex Steinherr x Primark.

“From the start, the goal has been to create skincare for everyone, because I truly believe everyone deserves beautiful skin. Crucially, we didn’t simply set out to make skincare that’s affordable, the point was to make something really good, and accessible. Equally, it’s about restoring consumer confidence in choosing products; I think there’s a lot of confusion out there.”

Alessandra has been a beauty editor for over 15 years and is Always interested in skincare. When she had the opportunity to create her own skincare line she didn’t hesitate to collab with Primark. For her it was important to create the ultimate skincare collection that could work for every skintype that struggles with every day kinda problems. She worked two years with Primark to create this collection how she would like to see. Every step they made was taken by both parties and nothing has been done without her approval.

“I passionately believe in these products. We haven’t cut corners, and there’s nothing in the range I don’t stand behind, 100%. It’s authentic, honest, and from the heart. Genuinely. A lot of the formulations we’ve created are firsts, and a lot of the products are really innovative. I’m very demanding when it comes to skincare, you know? It’s my thing. It’s also my profession, so when it came to formulating with Primark, it had to be the best of the best.”

The Alex Steinherr x Primark Collection exist out of 5 different skincare lines: Sleep Spa, Pollution Solution, Plump & Glow, Maximum Moisture and Pore Balance. The best thing is that they made this skincare line not only suitable for everyone, but also affordable. The maximum price you will pay is not higher than £5 (approximately €6,-) so even someone with a small budget can take care of their skin!

  • Sleep Spa: Overnight Lip Mask £4, Sleeping Face Mask £5, Every Night Eye Mask £4, One-Step Night Cleanse £5
  • Pollution Solution: City Mask £3, Daily Skin Starter £5, Dual Texture Exfoliating Pads £5, Oil-Free Gel £5
  • Plump & Glow: Moisturiser, Facial in a Stick, Plumping Lipgloss £5 each
  • Maximum Moisture: Moisture-Locking Everyday Moisturiser £5, Hydration-On-The-Go £4, Micellar Cleansing Gel £5
  • Pore Balance: Low-Ph Sulphate-Free Cleanser £4, Super Detox Clay Mousse Face Mask £5, Anti-Blackhead Stick £5

Pore Balance, Blemish Rescue Sticke+ Continuous blemish fighting patches

+ Salicylic acid, Tea tree oil

+ Helps to calm redness and inflammation for a clearer complexion

The past 6 months I’ve been struggling with hormonal breakouts around my neck and jawline. Normally my fiancé doesn’t pay attention to my skin, but when a pimple starts to pop up on my jaw he is the first one who notices because they are huge! I know you have to be patience until they start to disappear, but what to do on those days when they start to show up as a giant red spot? Then you will need these Blemish Rescue Stickers.

It’s not the first time I used these blemish stickers. I usually have mine from Cosrx because they are affordable, but because it is a Korean brand I have to take extra steps to get them online. Primark has a store in my city (a huge one with 5 floors) so I can visit it anytime I want to. What makes these blemish patches so special is that you can use them anytime of the day. How you may think? Because the stickers are transparent and have this finish that directly blends with your skin texture. If you wake up with this giant pimple, just place a patch on top of it so the redness will get less after the day, your blemish will be treated at the same time with Salicylic acid and Tea tree and you won’t get the huge urge to touch your pimple (I have this bad habit that when I see a pimple I have to touch it!). It is a cover up and a treatment at the same time. No need to cover it with a huge amount of concealer, treat your blemishes with these patches so they will get their treatment during day and night!

Oh, don’t be afraid that they will come off after wearing them for a whole day. They really stick! I prefer using the patches during the night so they can get their full treatment and when I wake up the patch is still there. You will definitely notice a huge different when you wear them, they will shrink in size and the redness will fade away. If you apply the patches on an almost-going-to-explode pimple, the patches will give the blemish some extra boost so they will explode without having to squeeze them, true story. I’ve seen people taking of their patches with the pimple puss on the patch!

Maximum Moisture, Micellar Cleansing Gel

+ Multi-tasking everyday cleanser

+ Moisture complex, Fig extract

+ Gently removes impurities & light make-up, leaving skin soft and replenished

I have this love/hate relationship with micellar products. When I was younger I used Micellar Water all the time to cleanse my face, but now I’m wearing more makeup so a 2-step cleansing routine is really needed for my skin. I never tried a Micellar Cleansing Gel, only the water from Lancôme, Estelle & Thild and Garnier. I was not so sure about this gel because I had this idea that it will leave a layer on the skin when you wipe it with a cotton pad, but there is only one way to find out.

When you are lazy like me, you sometimes really need a micellar cleansing gel to have a quick cleansing routine. I only recommend this when you are not wearing heavy makeup, otherwise you need to get a second step after this. What I usually do on my lazy days is grabbing a cotton pad and soaking it with the cleansing gel (but really make it all wet). Wipe the cotton pad on your face and neckline and you will get this instant refreshing feeling. What is so great about this gel is that it doesn’t makes your skin feel tight or dry. It actually gives your skin a hydrated and refreshing feeling, more like a combination of a cleanser and toner.

Somehow I never trust ‘just’ a micellar cleansing gel because you don’t need to rinse your face. For me it is like a layer of product that stays on top of my skin and it makes me anxious when I think about it. I do understand that if you don’t use a lot of products or just started with skincare (Primark has a young target of customers) that they will love it. Easy and affordable and it comes in a huge bottle!

Pollution Solution, Daily Skin Starter

+ Smoothing, perfecting skin primer

+ Anti-pollution active, AHA, Lychee, Peach flower extract

+ Fine tunes the skin by helping it look brighter and locking on make-up

This year has all been about pollution. Climate change is a real thing and brands are playing a huge role in this problem. Lately you can find everything for anti-pollution like charcoal masks, sheetmasks and scrubs. If you asked me two years ago if I had anything against pollution in my stash, I would probably answer with no. Nowadays I own a few things for pollution and even blue light! Some research’s say that pollution harms your skin more than sun damage! Yes, for real. So why not start your routine with the Pollution Solution.

What it does is creating this fine layer on the skin to make it look smooth for when you are having a no-makeup day or as makeup primer. The AHA, Lychee and Peach flower extract make the skin look brighter, creating this illusion that you had enough sleep (really needed this busy December month). At the same time it targets imperfections like pores and fine lines to make the skin even. It also works great on top of other skin care because it has this gel kind of texture that melts away within seconds.

I love it as a finishing step for my skincare. I don’t notice a lot of difference but it is nice to know that I’m wearing something that keeps my skin protected from all the pollution while making it look smoother. Not a great game changer for me but if you don’t wear a lot of makeup, this would be your new best friend!

Pore Balance, Anti-blackhead Stick

+ A portable water-activated blackhead eraser

+ Charcoal, Salicylic acid, Purple ginseng

+ Deeply cleanses & refines pores

As an oily skin girl I always struggle with big pores on my nose. I have to deep cleanse my nose at least once a week. A patch doesn’t always work for me, depends on how I applied the patch. A stick is something you can always rely on. Filled with Salicylic acid to prevent your skin from breaking out and making imperfections disappear.

You wet the area you want to target, grab the stick and make circular motions on your skin. I have this thing with my nose, so I make it wet and used the stick on it. It is not that it makes your nose warm like other blackhead erasers, but it smoothly and softly makes the skin surface look pretty again. I can instantly see results on my nose, no weird bumps. No pain or hard methods, just a simple stick to erase the blackheads. How easy is that?

I think everyone has some blackheads once in a while, so this is a must! Why you think? Because it is easy, affordable and you can see the difference after just one session.

I’m so happy that I could try out the Alex Steinherr x Primark collection, because I’ve heard that they are almost sold out everywhere (that’s how big the hype is). Even the agency told me they only received a small amount of products because they are going so hard in stored. I know that I might be a little bit late with this article, but for me it is important to share my thoughts when I know for sure that there are no bad reactions on my skin which you can only see after a few months. An honest review is more important to me than uploading a new article quickly just for the views.

If there is one thing I should recommend everyone, it would be the Blemish Patches! They are so fun to use and they can save your pimple day with just one patch. Hiding your pimple and at the same time giving it the right treatment so it can disappear soon.

Check out your nearest Primark store if they are still available!

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  1. December 28, 2018 / 18:36

    I have been checking my local Primark stores for a few months and so far no luck seeing at least one bit from the collection. That anti-blackhead stick and pimple patches are something I would like to try.

  2. February 2, 2019 / 02:09

    I haven’t seen these here in UK stores, but I do hope these products will be available over here at some point.

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