Charlotte Tilbury Stars In Your Eyes Palette

Charlotte Tilbury Stars In Your Eyes Palette

I wish that Charlotte Tilbury was my auntie so that I could get all the sneakpeeks when she is launching something new, because my heart can’t handle this! A few weeks ago I received a surprise package from Charlotte Tilbury in the mail, and it was their limited edition Charlotte Tilbury Stars In Your Eyes Palette Eyeshadow Palette . I was so excited that I immediately used the pallet when it came into the mail. Can’t wait to share it with you!

The Charlotte Tilbury Stars In Your Eyes Palette Eyeshadow Palette is a new limited edition eyeshadow palette that offers 12 shades that are split in 4 looks so you create: LOVE EYES, POWER EYES, POWER EYES and CONDIFENT EYES. With just 3 easy steps you can create ‘the light in your eyes’. The shades will enhance your beauty and the powders will deliver an incredible color pay-off, a mesmerizing look for day and night and molten textures!

The Love Look: 3 rose quartz-inspired shades, with sweet, soft pink hues to reflect the stone of unconditional love. This look is perfect for date night and weddings.

The Happy Look: 3 sun-lit amber shades inspired by one of the world’s most coveted treasures. Apply these energizing hues on holiday and nights out for gorgeous happy eyes.

The Power Look: 3 golden shades for a glimmering, molten, mesmeric eye look to take on the world. Be a star in the boardroom with these gilded hues.

The Confidence Look: 3 topaz-ruby inspired shades symbolising fire, heat and purity to empower the wearer with the bold burgundy hues. Apply this enchanting eye look and embrace your wildest dreams!

The palette has the signature rose gold packaging with the dark red/brown front. If you look closely you can spot some glitters at the front of the palette! Like little stars that are hidden in the pattern of the palette. When you open it you can find a huge and clear mirror on the inside. It may sounds ridiculous but a great mirror is a must for me when I buy a palette.

The eyeshadows are lined side to side. You can immediately see the shade range from light to dark. This will also make it easy for you when you want to create a look. Want to go for a more natural look? Take the first 3 shades to create an easy eye look within minutes. When you remove the plastic foil, the names of the 4 different looks are printed in the palette.

The colors are my favorite thing about this palette! It offers a great range of naturals and deep shades with matte and shimmer powders. I think that everyone no matter what kind of shade you are, can use this palette. Charlotte Tilbury Always offers a great range of beauty products that can be used on everyone. You can tell by her campaigns which shows models with light and dark skin tones.

Compared to her other limited edition eyeshadow palette, this one has a more pink undertone. Her first palette had a more brown undertone. I loved that palette but it was not something new or excited for me because a lot of those shades are already included in a few others palettes I own. The Stars In Your Eyes Palette has a beautiful and unique colors range!

The texture of the powders can vary depending on the shades and finishes. The matte shades are absolutely wonderful, they blend well and the pigmentation are awesome! I don’t even have to blend a lot because it applies super smooth and so easily to melt it away into the skin.

The shimmers are somehow a different story. The lighter shimmers are a bit hard to build up (4th and 5th shade). Even when I apply a second layer I don’t think they pop the same as the darker shimmers. Overall it is not a big problem, I think you can solve this problem by applying a great base.

When I tried the palette out for the first time, my eyes were heading to the right side of the palette. The purple look CONFIDENT EYES was screaming my name, so that was going to be my first look of this new palette! The prime/base is this gorgeous champagne shimmer shade that also look great as a single shadow. The enhance/crease shade is a purple/chrome that is also amazing when you wear it on itself. The smoke shade is an intense purple-brown shade that has a matte finish.

I always tell people who I love makeup, but even for me after blogging 3 years about makeup I find it hard to apply eyeshadow. A week ago I followed a makeup class about how to apply the basic steps of makeup like a professional makeup artist. It really helped me with the application of my eyeshadow. Too bad that this picture is made before I followed the class, because even I can’t even look at this picture without feeling ashamed haha! But he, you have to start somewhere!

The powders are so smooth and easy to blend. I just used a light hand to apply and blend the shadows with each other. They were looking so smooth and melted that you couldn’t see the lines. Because it blends so well I had to apply some extra smoke on the outside of my eyes to make them pop more. That explains the harsh line you see near the end of my eye.

I’m so surprised by the combination of these 3 shades that makes the look CONFIDENT EYES. I think they fit very well with each other and also the other looks in the palette. I tried the LOVE EYES the next day, which is the perfect look for work! It looks basic but still has this touch of shimmer and glam in the eyes, definitely going to use that more often. POWER EYES is great when you meet with friends and having coffee. HAPPY EYES is maybe a more favorite of mine compared to CONFIDENT EYES because it has two matte shades which makes it more pop and intense.

Overall I’m really liking this palette. Why? Because it offers 4 looks, great when you don’t know well which one to use to create a perfect look. They go from basic to intense, so it is easy to pick by the hand of your special event! The palette has some great shimmer and matte shades in it, which has a more purple/pink undertone. Perfect for this fall and the coming holidays (omg, who loves Christmas?).

I know that purple/pink shades are a trend now and that many brands offers their own eyeshadow palette with these shades, but the Stars In Your Eyes Palette has this glamour feeling when you apply it. I have two other palettes with the same kind gf shades, but they don’t look-alike at all.

It is not a secret that I love almost everything from Charlotte Tilbury! Her brand offers a great variety of products for every person of each skin tone. That’s what makes her so beautiful as a person and a brand.

Would you buy this Stars in your Eyes palette?

Charlotte Tilbury has many new products! Go check them out because they are worth every penny.

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  1. October 29, 2018 / 20:20

    I love the concept of this palette ! So easy to create pretty eyes ! And the swatches look very great ! xo


  2. November 4, 2018 / 12:37

    It’s such a stunning palette!!! CT is killing it lately 😍😍😍

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