BLUX BOX Autumn Edition 2018

BLUX BOX Autumn Edition 2018

A beauty box is always a great way to discover new brands and items. Not only is it great for yourself but an amazing gift for others especially when you don’t know what to give to somebody what already own everything. I received a few BLUX BOX in the past few years that I reviewed on my Instagram and I have to be honest that each box contains something special. There is always something in it that you will like. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case but luckily I always had a good experience with it. BLUX BOX send me their Autumn Edition 2018 that can be ordered until 31st October. Let’s see whats inside!

BLUX BOX is a beauty box that offers 6 boxes each year. A subscription is available for all Benelux residents. A box can contain from 8 to 10 products for only €29,95. That is only 8s fraction of the total worth of the box which is at least €100! The beauty box contains a big variety of sknicare, makeup, haircare and nailpolishes. Every other month the BLUX BOX team try to collect the best items for that box. For the Autumn Edition 2018 it has 10 products with 8 of them full size!

The Weleda Colour Lip Balm(fullsize) is a lip balm that makes the lips soft and gives it a soft pop of color. The balm has a light creamy texture that contains shea butter and jojoba oil. With the soft scent of vanille en roses this is a true treatment for the lips! Available in 3 shades: nude, rose and berry red. I received the shade nude but I didn’t touch it yet because I already own so many lip balms. Weleda is a well-known brand to me and I have their Skin Food moisturizer which works amazing when you have troubled skin. The Eau Thermale Avène Thermaal Water Spray(travelsize) is not something new for me. I know this brand for many years since I was a little girl. When Avène was not available in The Netherlands I got mine when I was in Paris. It’s a super multifunctional product which can be used as a face spritz, makeup setting and many more! There is nothing you can do with this spray. The water that is used in this product comes directly from the water source.

Qiriness is a brand I know ever since I used their peel mask. It was my favorite mask all time but it dried up so fast in the tube. Now they have the Wrap Mains Hydra-Repair(fullsize) and this is something my little sister will love. She has terrible dry hands, even during the summer. Luckily I’m blessed with smooth soft hands so I will give this to her. This hand mask will restore, hydrate and ‘feed’ the hands. Let them sit for 20-30 minutes, massage the hands and you are good to go! This Daily Concepts Multi-Functional Charcoal Soap Sponge(fullsize) is becoming a big thing. I see charcoal sponges and soaps everywhere, I even receive mails from Wholesale company’s to buy them? Anyway, it’s an innovative and multifunctional product. The sponge is soaked into detoxifying charcoal soap that removes all the dirt and impurities.

Floxia Paris Exfoliating Detox Mask(travelsize) is a deep cleanser and peel off mask that protects the skin from extern factors. The active ingredients will creat a smooth skin with pure teint. The mask works a moisturizer, offers UVB-protection and removes dead skin cells. I love a great peel off mask especially when they offer so much results! Just apply enough otherwise it will be a hell of a job to peel it off. The Ninni My Day Face Cream(fullsize) is filled with antioxidants to protect the skin. The cream also contains a mix of rosehip and thistle for a hydrated skin. The scent of lavender and Camille and citrus makes it a great cream for the morning to wake up the skin. Mesauda Milano Vibrant Due Eyeshadow(fullsize) is an Italian brand with a light beige and dark green tint to create the perfect autumn look! It is high pigmented, long-lasting and it blends beautiful. Can be used dry and wet! Not really my perfect combination of shades but I think someone with blue eyes will rock these shades!

The Nivea Micellair Skin Breathe Expert Eye Makeu-Up Remover(fullsize) is a product that removes all the eye makeup (even waterproof) with a gentle swipe. It works as a magnet and targets all the dirt from the eyes on the cotton pad. It also gives the skin oxygen so it can breathe. I’m not sure if it really adds something to my skin but it does do the job! My waterproof mascara is gone within seconds and there is no need to rub your eyes. Just gently apply the soaked cotton pad on the eyes, wait a minute and take it off. Tada!

The Essence Prime+Studio Mattifying+Pore Minimizing(fullsize) Primer is one of their newest products from the fall/winter collection. The light texture with black clay creates a matte finish without making clog the skin. It minimize the pores and hides imperfections. Essence offers great dupes from high ends brands. I can’t come up with another primer that also contains black clay but this works amazing for my oily skin! Oriflame The One Cream Illuminator(fullsize) creates a fresh and pinky glow that be used all year-long. Personally I avoid cream highlighters because I have oily skin, it can break out really bad on my skin. I think this will work better for skin that is dry or combi. Thats why I didn’t try it out yet on my face but on the back of my hand it reminds me of Givenchy.

I’m really happy with the box. My favorites products are the Nivea Micellair Eye Makeup Remover, Qiriness Hand Wrap and the Daily Concepts Multi-Functional Charcoal Soap Sponge. Who doesn’t need a great eye makeup remover? I always wear waterproof mascara because when I have to run for the bus in the morning, I always get watery eyes. So taking them off during the evening takes a lot of time. The Quiriness Hand

How to get your BLUX BOX Autumn Edition 2018? Head over to their website and buy the box for only €29,95. Once you apply for the box you will receive every other month their box. You can stop your subscription anytime you want, even when you just purchased your first box. No strings attached! This box is available until 31st October, so be quick.

I can recommend everyone this box who loves surprises and want to know new brands that they don’t often see in the stores. It is a great way to try out products without paying the full price and the box often has full size products. Don’t forget that you only pay €29,95 for the box and receive products worth over €100!

What would you like to try out from this box?

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  1. October 29, 2018 / 20:11

    Hi An,
    I don’t know why my comment didn’t work ! Love the mini size ! So travel friendly ! xo


  2. October 29, 2018 / 21:00

    Ohh, wat een mooie inhoud! Het is iedere maand toch weer afwachten of de inhoud je bevalt of niet… Ik heb jarenlang een abonnement gehad op drie boxen (per maand?!). Ik gaf er kapitalen aan uit (en de helft van de producten gebruikte ik niet eens, haha). Vandaar dat ik op een gegeven moment alle abonnementen heb stopgezet. Dit, omdat mijn stash niet meer te overzien was én het scheelde in de portemonnee.

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