Estée Lauder x Violette, Poppy Sauvage

Estée Lauder x Violette, Poppy Sauvage

Estée Lauder is welcoming Violette as the new Global Beauty Director for Estée Lauder. She got inspired by the poppy field during the spring in the south of France. The sunny evenings when the light hits the field makes them turn into gold, copper and pink. This limited edition is so special because it turns Violette’s inspiration into something unique and beautiful. Her way of life and experience makes this collection magical, artistic and energetic! That’s how Poppy Sauvage collection was created.

Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush Duo in Soleil Doré / Camélia

Imagine a beautiful day when it is sunny. You walk at your cat because she is a house cat and can’t be outside alone. While you try to get her leash on in the sun you get this glow on your face. During the walk you greet some people, little chitchat and your little kitty is greeting other animals. At the end of the day you have this sun kissed face with a little blush on the cheeks because of all that walking. A natural glow, that is what you get when you apply this blush duo!

No joke, it is so natural that these shades don’t even look like makeup when you apply it. The bronze is the perfect shade to create that bronzy glow skin, even tho the summer is coming to an end here in The Netherlands. You can still achieve these results. The blush is this pretty soft pink/peach that will work on every skin tone. I just love how smooth these powders are, one swipe gives me the most smooth and soft effect on the back of my hand! The bronze powder is also great for contouring your nose or to shape your eyes.

Pure Color Envy Sculpting EyeShadow 5-Color Palette in Les Nudes de Soleil

We all can use a great neutral eyeshadow palette, but sometimes they are a little bit too neutral. Some pop of color or some shimmers would make your everyday look so much better! The Les Nudes de Soleil is a great mix of warm shades that will look amazing all together or even on their own. As a lazy girl I prefer using one shade all over the lids, and I can say that each of these will work great on their own!

The base shade on the left is this gorgeous shimmer white pale pink that will make your eyes pop! Use is all over the lids and nearby your eyecorner to make the eyes look bigger and wet. The shimmer brown and pink shades are my faves: the shimmers can be seen from far away but they don’t look tacky. No fall outs and applies amazing on the lids. The two matte shades are super blendable and look amazing when I put them in the crease. Each shadow is pigmented and they glide on my lids.

Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Poésie & Vin Noir

Everyone women has two sides: a sweet person that will do everything to make the other person happy, and a side that will show up when you go for a night out or when you ar hungry. Poésie and Vin Noir are like sisters and compliment each other. Did you know that these lipsticks have a magnet in the cap? They search each other until they found them. It makes the packaging feel luxurious. The finished of these lipsticks are creamy, intense and long-lasting. I love how the velvet finish makes my lips looks healthy and fuller.

Poésie is this gorgeous nude pink that will make me feel good and beautiful during my days at the office. Work can be so intimidating sometimes, especially when I have one of those mornings when I didn’t have enough time to wash my hair. A great lipstick can change my day and oily hair!

When I want to feel bomb and sexy, Vin Noir is the answer. A great dark bordeaux red that isn’t too intense that your teeth look like snow, but it compliments my skin tone and makes me feel a little bit more mature and fabulous.

Pure Color Envy Paint-On Liquid LipColor in Poppy Sauvage

If there is one items in this collection that can be described as ‘the’ product of all, than it would be the Paint-On-Liquid LipColor in the shade Poppy Sauvage (duhhh). This beautiful red shade has a matte finish and will stay for more than 8 hours on the lips. Violette got her inspiration of the poppy flowers when she created this shade, a pretty classic red that every person can wear!

This liquid lipstick is pigmented! It is not new to me because the other Liquid LipColor I used from Estée Lauder also had an amazing finish. The applicator is perfectly shaped that helps your with lining your lips and to fill them in. The texture is super liquid and will quickly change into a smooth matte finish on the lips. Cracks or chapped lips are barely visible!

Soft Glow For Lips & Cheeks in La Rosée

After a walk through the poppy fields you might had some exercise. You will end up with this natural glow on the cheeks and on your upper lip. You can also create this soft glow with the La Rosée. A pretty soft powder pink balm that can be applied with your fingers and used anywhere on the face that needs some extra glow.

Dewy and a beautiful shine on your face is something everyone wants. Luckily I’m already blessed with super oily skin so I won’t need this. But I know tons of other people who might love this on their cheekbones for that glowy look, or apply it on your eyelids for this catwalk wet look!

Deluxe Eye Crayon in Terre d’Or

Okay, every lazy girl needs a jumbo pencil. Why? Because you can use it as a liner but because it is so big you don’t need to be precise that get that line above your lashes. Second, who does have time for eyeshadow during their morning routine? Just apply the jumbo pencil on your lids, blur it out with your fingers and you are ready to go. Smooth as butter and blends so beautiful on the lids.

This pencil became a member of my everyday makeup bag ever since I received it. The shade is so pretty and it looks great for my everyday office look. The copper shade gives my eyes a hint of color and the shimmers makes it look a little bit more elegant instead of one heavy eye look. Like seriously, you can apply this jumbo pencil in a bus and still look great. That’s how easy it is to create a great eye look with it!

I love the whole Estée Lauder Poppy Sauvage collection, the poppy red really grabs my attention. The packaging of each product is just a gem and I can’t take my eyes of it with this beautiful classic dark blue/black with red patterns. They did an amazing job with the product design. Also Violette picked her products very well, they represent her idea of a sunny day in the poppy field of France and they can tell the story when you use them. Each product tells a part of it.

My favorite item of this collection has to be the Deluxe Eye Crayon. It is such a great product that is easy to use and universal. I use it at least 4 times a week because the shade is perfect for everyday and the application can be done so fast that I have enough time to catch my bus for work. The color is the best thing of this jumbo pencil, a gorgeous brown shimmer pencil that makes my eyes pop!

The Poppy Sauvage Collection is available at De Bijenkorf and Estée Lauder official webshop and counters. 

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  1. August 27, 2018 / 15:09

    I love this new collection – all the colours are so gorgeous and I love the inspiration behind it! The pictures you took of the products are so pretty xx

  2. nicolished
    August 31, 2018 / 11:04

    I love this collection! The blushes look particularly good to me, but the eyeshadow palette and the lipsticks are stunning as well!

  3. Vandana Singh
    September 1, 2018 / 08:45

    I am currently using the blush and eyeshadow they are highly pigmented and yes the blush look quite natural on my Nc35 skin tone. Your pictures are damn good i fell in love with the entire collection .

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