Spring and summer in your nose!

Spring and summer in your nose!

When the sun starts to shine we change our routines, so do our perfumes. In the winter I prefer a more mysterious and heavy perfume while in the summer I switch to floral. I have a whole line up of delicious sensations that might will fit with your nose. As you know by now I have a huge weakness for pretty items, so some of these perfumes in this article are only here because they are pretty. Perfumes are here to finish your mood or you as a person. When people walk by and I catch some of their perfume I instantly get an image of who they are. Be ready for a floral and sweet journey through this article!

Ted Baker Sweet Treats Mia Eau De Toilette

I did not know that Ted Baker had perfumes! Everyday there is something new for me to learn. I received 3 of their newest Sweet Treats perfumes and they are so cute. Mia is the light pink bottle, Ella is green and Polly the pink/red. They all have the same shape of bottle with this cute cap on the top. On top of the cap there is this gorgeous gem that has the same color as the bottle. Great eye for detail! I think Ted Baker did a great job on creating their bottles because they do really remind me of their fashion collection: cute, luxurious and royalty.

sweet, fresh, mysterious

Mia has just been launched in The Netherlands but I’ve read that this perfume was already available since 2014. I fell in love with this perfume because it looks freaking adorable on my vanity. I have all the 3 (and 2 men) perfumes standing in front of my candles and they look so fierce all together, the whole family. I like Mia the most because one of the notes in this perfume is patchouli. All my favorite perfumes have patchouli in it, so it was not a surprise that I loved it. The other notes are fresh lemon, raspberry and blackcurrant, pomegranate and red currant rest upon a base of and golden amber. The perfume itself stays all day on the skin and clothes, which is great because it is just an eau de toilette. When you try it out don’t get all overwhelmed the first minutes. This perfume needs time to develop, than you will also notice the patchouli more! A big thumps up for the cute bottle and a great sweet perfume!

Mugler Alien Flora Futura Eau De Toilette 

The oh so famous Mugler Alien comes with a new baby sister: Flora Futura. I think every perfume fan has or know Mulger Alien, it is a cult item among the perfumes. I was already a big fan of all the other Mugler and Alien perfumes, but the Flora Futura is nothing compared to the others. Flora Futura is here to bring light and optimism into the darkness. The bottle is so gorgeous as usual. The many squares on this bottle makes it look like a diamond and the pink describes the name of the perfume so well. I always loved every bottle from Mugler, they pay so much attention to the look of their products. Thats why they have such a big fan base.

Floral, sweet, warm

If you are an Alien fan you might expect the same kind of feeling when you see the Flora Futura. I was that kind of person who thought that but I was surprised when I first tried it out. First it has this really fresh sensation that I was not expecting from an Alien. That might be the Citron that makes the perfume smell so fresh and ‘green’. When time has passed the perfume starts to smell more heavy and warm, it reminds me of the Alien EdP. Sandalwood, Jasmine that grows out of a cactus and White Amber finish this beautiful scent with a warm and mysterious twist. I love that the freshness still comes true but when you wait a few seconds after you sniffed it, the scent will change in your nose and mesmerize you with its floral sweetness. It is the perfect perfume for all year long because it can be even worn during the most hot days (the last few weeks has been so warm here in Holland) and this perfume still smells great! Excellent on everything!

Jo Malone Tropical Cherimoya Cologne

Everyone has a cologne from Jo Malone in their collection or on their wishlist. When you want to treat yourself this is the perfect gift! Their permanent collection has the same label on their bottles but everytime when they come with a limited edition they have the same shape bottle but with a different look. It makes your collection look super neat and organized. I do have to say that I’m a bit disappointed about the cap, because it makes the bottle look cheap. I would prefer the silver cap or something else but this cap makes it look like plastic. The green and pink glass bottle go very well together. I love the green because it gives me this real spring vibe. The gives it a hint of tropical experience, so all together this bottle really screams summer to me!

sweet, floral, powdery, fruity

The fragrance on the other hand is mehh. I own many Jo Malone colognes but this one if my least favorite. Why? Because it doesn’t surprise me like all the other cologne. They are recognizable as real Jo Malone scents but the Tropical Cherimoya could be also a different brand if it was me. The cologne also disappears very fast compared to the other cologne. The perfume pyramid shows that the first two notes of this cologne are pear and and passion flower. I do not smell any pear! I love pear how could they put this on the first note but not trackable in the cologne at all? The middle note is cherimoya which makes this tropical scent smell sweet. The last notes are copahu balm and tonka bean. I would say YES to the bottle and 50/50 for the cologne. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE fan of Jo Malone but thats why I expected more from this cologne.

Escada Sorbetto Rosso Eau De Toilette

Escada is famous for their sweet and summery perfumes, and they deserve it! Everytime when I sniff on one of their perfumes I get this Ibiza feeling, or that I’m on Greece with a big hat on and a nice Pina Colada. It screams sweet and summer! When I received the Escada Sorbetto Rosso I knew that it would be a candy story. I thought by the look of the bottle and the name that it would be something like ice-cream? But when I saw the watermelon print I became all excited. I LOVE WATERMELON! This limited edition for the year 2018 is all about a vacation on the Italian coast with a drink. The blue reminds me of the sea and the pink part looks like the watermelon. The little watermelon print is a cute touch to the simple bottle.

Sweet,fruity, sea

Escada makes the best sweet perfumes, but they always make it very different everytime. To get the Italian coast feeling they added sea salt in the perfume, which gives it such a special vibe to it. Than you instantly get a fresh and sweet overdose of everything: watermelon, apples, tangerine, strawberry, pear and roses. To make it easy I will say it smells like watermelon candy. You might think: oh god no that sounds terrible, too sweet for me and the bees will attack me when they smell me. No, that might be the case the first seconds but after the sweet sensation the musk, praline and sea salt will take over the sweetness and make it feel more wearable sweet and fruity with this fresh feeling. I never loved Escada because I thought they were too sweet, but this might be their first perfume I really appreciate!

Perfume is something personal, you wear them on special occasion and they give your day the right mood. I prefer a more sweet and floral scent during the hot days and more musk and heavy in the winter. Some perfumes mean so much to me that I never use them, just because I’m scared to finish the bottle some day. Every person has a different taste in perfume but it is always fun to hear what the other person thinks about your favorite perfumes.

Mt favorite out of these 4 is by far the Mugler Alien Flora Futura! It is sweet, floral and mysterious at the same time and it is perfect to wear it all year-long. The bottle makes it even more fun to have it in my stash because it has this pretty dirty pink bottle that looks like a little sister of the Alien EdP. The scent is an Eau de Toilette but stays for a very long time on the skin (3 sprays).

What is your current favorite perfume?

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  1. June 4, 2018 / 10:12

    I want to smell all of these right now! I love floral perfumes. Extra curious about the Ted Baker perfume though, didn’t know either they had perfumes! Such a lovely bottle.

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