Get an ORGASM with NARS!

Get an ORGASM with NARS!

When I was younger I became addicted with high-end makeup brands. The only problem was that The Netherlands was a difficult place to get exclusive brands. So everytime when I went on a vacation, I made sure that I had my wish list ready. NARS was always a brand that I had to get when I had the chance. My first NARS item was their blusher. Then I slowly expanded my collection with their foundations and concealers. Orgasm is maybe one of their most famous shades in their blush collection. Now they came with the Orgasm 2018 Collection #whatmakesyoublush which includes and lip balm, blusher and illuminating loose powder. I never tried the shade Orgasm (only the blusher Super Orgasm which came with many glitter) so now I will have my first orgasm (yikes).

Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm

Lately I’ve been so lazy to wear any lipstick or anything on my lips. I have to wakeup up at 05:30AM to get myself ready for work. Usually I apply my lipstick when I’m on the train but I’ve been taking another train that is way more busy than I usually experience. It feels so awkward to do my makeup on a busy train, so I arrive at work without any lipstick. Lipbalm became my solution lately to have a quick application on the train or work. That’s why I’ve been using Afterglow Lipbalm so much these days.

I’m a sucker when it comes to pretty packaging. The rose gold cap with the NARS letters around the lipstick makes this a true beauty on your vanity. The square tube is a signature in the NARS house because this shape is a returning thing in all of their lipsticks. Give it a few twist and there is your gorgeous lip balm.

First let check out this shade: it has this ‘better than your own lips’ glow with a subtle amount of shimmers. The shimmers are gold and they do not get stuck between your fine lip lines or anything, they make your lips look plumpy. This stunning amount of shine will also hydrate your lips all day. I love that the shimmers give this overall healthy plump and glow to your lips without making them looking like a discobal. It just makes your lips look healthy and a hint of pink. My lips are feeling smooth like I’m wearing the best lipbalm in the world but now my lips are also looking amazing because of the Orgasm shade with this beautiful glow of the shimmers! And it doesn’t taste that bad compared to other regular lip balms!

Orgasm Blush

The NARS Orgasm Blush is the most popular blush (in my world). Back in time when Nars was not available here in The Netherlands I always looked at other people’s blog what they had in their Nars collection. I think everyone had the NARS blush because it is the most universal shade of pink/peach with a subtle hint of shimmers that will even work great on oily skin. Now I finally have my very first Orgasm blush and I understand the whole hype about this blush.

The packaging comes in a matte black case which is usually the case that is used with all of their blushes. Now they came with a limited edition for this Nars blush because it is a much bigger size than their other blushes! Also they made the brand name in a pink shade with “ORGASM” through it. It looks simple yet so beautiful to give an ode to the famous Orgasm!

I think I don’t need to say a lot about the Orgasm blush because it is that famous: this gorgeous peachy/pink blush will create a healthy glow on your cheeks with a hint of gold shimmers. This shade will work on every skin tone and is perfect when you want to achieve that natural makeup look without overdoing it. What I love about this blush is that you can add layers and layers without looking that you have too much makeup on your face. It blends beautiful on the skin and I’m surprised that the shimmers don’t look chalky on my oily and sometimes dry patches skin. My Super Orgasm blush had much more shimmers but that one started to clog in my pores, that’s why I stopped using it. Orgasm doesn’t have this problem and I’m so happy that I finally had the chance to try it.

Orgasm Illuminating Loose Powder

Somehow I’ve been always scared of illuminating loose powder. I struggle with oily skin and personally I think that loose powder and my skin don’t match well. Also it is just such a big fuzz to open it, dip your powder and make sure that you don’t spill anything. Especially when you are always in a hurry during your morning routine. I already experience a few times that my loose powder felt on my bed. But for NARS I will make an exception! When I first opened the jar I was more excited than when I saw the lip balm or the blusher.

The packaging is simple yet beautiful on its own: a round jar with on the lid the brand name in pink letters and ORGASM through the name, the same as the blusher. It matches well with the other items and it makes it clear that it belongs to the Orgasm 2018 collection. When you open the lid you find the holes were the powder is coming through.

It is the best! I love it more than the Orgasm blush. Why? The Illuminating Loose Powder gives my skin this amazing smooth and velvet glow which has even a more beautiful finish than the blush. The shimmers are stronger than in the blush BUT they don’t appear bigger on my skin. It creates this ongoing glow on my cheeks and can be used perfectly as a highlighter or as a blush topper. The powder melts beautiful with the skin and blurs out imperfections. A true must have!

Using the Afterglow Lip Balm, Orgasm Blush and Orgasm Illuminating Loose Powder as a highlighter.

I’ve always been a fan of Nars, especially when they came available here in The Netherlands. Their base makeup are my favorites but their blushes and lip products are my second favorites of their collection. Their packaging and strong image makes them a big brand in the makeup industry. Their load campaigns that are yet so simple really grab your attention. I think nobody that is into makeup doesn’t know Nars.

My favorite of these 3 products is the lip balm. To be honest, it’s been a while since I was this happy with a lip balm. The last 2 years I only used (liquid) lipsticks and went with full makeup to work. Lately I go for a more natural look and the Afterglow Lip Balm really makes my skin look glowy and natural. The lip balm makes my lip moist all day and give them this beautiful glow of gold shimmers with this hint of pink. A perfect lip product when you don’t know what to wear of when you are in a hurry like me!

What is your favorite Nars item?

You can het the Orgasm 2018 Collection now at your local Nars counter or online! For my Dutchies: they are available at De Bijenkorf.


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