Let me introduce to you: Givenchy

Let me introduce to you: Givenchy

If there is one makeup brand that I always loved but never had the chance to try it, that is would be Givenchy. I always looked at their counter when I walked through the big shopping malls but never had the nerve to try it out or even but buy it. I do own some perfumes and bags from Givenchy but their makeup is a whole new thing for me. Luck was on my side when I was gifted this amazing introduction package from Givenchy with some of their permanent makeup items. See this as my first impression with Givenchy review!


Givenchy Le Rouge Mat

I have tons of lipstick that look way too pretty to be used. The Givenchy Le Rouge Mat is one of them because they have the Givenchy emblem printed on the stick. If you know me for a long time you can guess that I will never pass that emblem because it would make me devastated when that logo disappears. The lipstick comes in an aesthetic leather metallic cap that makes me instantly feel like a million dollar baby. It feels and looks luxurious and a real must have in your stash when you have a big weakness for pretty looking items. The lipsticks have a matte finish which makes is super long-lasting and smudge proof. Don’t bother when you had that sandwich, your lipstick will just look fine. Reapplying the lipstick can be done without getting clumps or weird streaky lines on the lips.

I received the shades Rose Graphique and Rouge Stiletto. Rose Graphique is a dirty pink shade that makes my skin complexion look brighter. If you have a yellow/golden skintone like me than I can guarantee you that Rose Graphique will make you happy! My first thought was “hmm, not a shade that I would pick” but after trying it out I was so happy with it. Never judge a lipstick by its color until you have it on your lips. I will always turn out differently than in the tube. Rouge Stiletto can be described as a vibrant typical Parisienne red. It makes me feel classy and timeless when I wear this, like I could be the side chick of the French president Macron (he is bloody handsome tho). Not an everyday lipstick for me but something I would use when I go for a fancy dinner or want to enter that expensive high-end club without being asked if I can afford to pay a drink there.

Givenchy Gloss Interdit Vinyl

I’ve never been a big gloss lover, but if there is something different or a new innovation I’m always open to try it out. The tip of the gloss is shaped in a G which stands for Givenchy, Glossy and Glamour. This unique tip will instantly cover your lips because it holds more product and will cover your lips perfectly in just one swipe. Beside the unique tip this gloss also contain black rose oil to make your lips feel soft and supple to create a great comfort while wearing the gloss. Again, beauty lovers will appreciate the beautiful packaging which has a piece of fabric on the lid of the gloss with the brand name of it.

The shades Rouge Thriller and Framboise in Trouble are your to go shades for every day. Rouge Thriller can be paired perfectly with the Le Rouge Mat in Rouge Stiletto that I just talked about. This particular shade doesn’t have any shimmers so it will create that glass like effect on the lips with a medium coverage. Did you know that the Gloss Interdit Vinyl not only creates a beautiful shine on the lips, but also makes them look fuller? Framboise in Trouble is this playful purple shade with some subtle shimmers. I love the vibrant color and this could be something that I would wear on my casual days to still create that edgy look.


Givenchy Prism Blush

The Prism Blush is the perfect duo. Together they will create a beautiful structured look on your face. The lighter shade is to highlight while the soft pink is to give your face some pop of color on the cheek. If you are a badass like me you can also swirl your brush into the powder to make your cheeks more natural. Don’t be afraid to make it your own, I can imagine that you would use the lighter shade for blush. It is a universal product and can be used in many ways.

The shade Romantica is a fun combo of a peachy soft shade together with this beautiful soft pink. At first I thought it was a blush but when I read the instructions it said that these shades are supposed to be used to give your face more definition by using it as a highlighter and blush. I first tried it as a blush by swirling the two shades together. The effect is a soft romantic glow on the cheeks that still looks very natural but makes me face look more fresh. I instantly feel pretty and it makes me look innocent (I have a very dark soul). Then I used the blush as it was described: lighter shade as a highlighter and the darker as a blush. I have to be honest that I prefer swirling the two shades more than using is as a highlighter/blush. The colors look better when they are used together and I find the lighter shade too subtle as a highlighter. But if you go for that natural glow than it would be something you might love!

Givenchy Matissime Velvet

When you are looking for a compact powder that does more than only even out the skin, this will be your new must have item. The packaging is sleek and screams luxury! When I hold it in my hand I almost feel guilty to this powder. “Givenchy” is printed in the powder, an OCD person like me would never dip her brush through the brand name but swirl around it. It comes with a sponge but I prefer using my own brushes for my application. I do understand that if you are always on the go the sponge may will save you space in your travelbag, so I support it when you use it!

I received the shade 04 Mat Beige from the Matissime Velvet. The powder can be used as an foundation powder but I like to use it as a finishing powder. I use a big powder brush, carefully dip my brush into the powder and then start to apply it on my face in circular motions. You will only need a small amount because it has a great pigmentation (when I apply it on top of my foundation). Immediately I can see how smooth and velvety my skin looks like, no chalky or dry effect and I didn’t even used a finishing spray! My skin has a matte but natural radiance glow, two things I want the most but is hard to achieve. The powder absorbs sebum and water tree times more than other classic powders and keeps the skin breathing. When using the powder on bare skin I can see that it gives my skin the right amount of coverage without making it look powdery. The color match is just perfect with my skintone and it doesn’t oxidize after time. So if you are looking for a great multifunctional powder that stays matte all day without making your skin look dry, than this is the answer to your problems.

Givenchy Liner Couture

Want to achieve that slick and tight eyeliner without any hustle? Than the Liner Couture is the eyeliner you need. The felt tip has a sharp end which maks it easy to create a precise winged eyeliner. Create the most beautiful eye looks with this eyeliner!

I received the shade 01 black from the Liner Couture. I have a love hate relationship with felt eyeliners. Sometimes they do what I want and other times they don’t. The problem with felt liners it that they sometimes start to get ‘fluffy’, which can create a blurry line instead of a tight dark black line. Or they get dry very soon after you start using it. I think this particular liner that I received has some problems because at the first moment when I tried it out it was not instantly black. Maybe the tip was starting to dry out, that’s why the ink couldn’t flow all the way through the tip. I searched some review of the Liner Couture and I saw that other people didn’t had this problem. So conclusion is that I had bad luck this time.

It is clear to say that Givenchy has a beautiful makeup line that looks pretty and a must have for everyone. The slick black packaging with the eye for details are such a big thing that makes this makeup line look gorgeous. A beauty lover like me really appreciate this. If I only could name one product that is my favorite here, than it would be the Prism Blush. I love the way you can use this blush and that it contains two beautiful colors. These two colors mixed created this gorgeous innocent glow on your cheeks with a pop of color. If you want to add more color, dip your brush into the pink. Do you want to have more glow? Than use the other shade. Beside that the packaging of the blush is stunning and I can’t stop looking at it!

I can highly recommend you to try the makeup from Givenchy. First you will always get a product that looks amazing and expensive. They pay so much attention to their packaging that you almost forget what’s inside. Second, you will get something unique that has never been done before and even a beauty lover like you will still get excited. Last but not least it is a timeless brand that will enjoy you now and many years later.

What is your favorite item from Givenchy?

These products are part of their permanent collection and is available at your nearest Givenchy counter/seller.

*pr gift

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  1. mijnsuccesformule
    May 15, 2018 / 20:20

    Love the picture you’ve made! Would have liked to have seen a look with the make-up, maybe next time?

  2. May 16, 2018 / 16:21

    I need that Framboise In Trouble gloss in my life!!

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