Yves Rocher Pure Light Moisturizing Nude Foundation

Yves Rocher Pure Light Moisturizing Nude Foundation

Today I will talk about the Yves Rocher Pure Light Moisturizing Nude Foundation. A whole mouth full for a foundation! Finding the perfect base products is a never-ending journey. I’m always trying to find the perfect match for my skin and the specific seasons. Now the weather is getting better and the sun starts to shine I’m looking for that perfect base that doesn’t make my skin oily but still gives me the look of a healthy looking skin. I’ve been struggling with my skin for a very long time but my solution to that is to never give up and keep trying new things. Are you getting curious if this moisturizing foundation will work for my oily skin?

Yves Rocher has a nostalgic feeling; do you remember those times that you received their catalogues in the mail? With all the free gifts and amazing offers? As a young girl I was always looking through the catalogues and asking my mom if she could order something so we would get free gifts. Now Yves Rocher is getting their fame for their well-developed skincare range and makeup. I’ve tried many Yves Rocher products by now and I never had any allergic reactions or break outs. They always work for me!

The Pure Light Moisturizing Nude Foundation is a foundation that won’t dry out your skin. Yves Rocher developed a Cellulair Water from Edulis, which is an exclusive component that is produced in La Gacilly, France. The foundation is an ultra-fluid formula that creates a perfect natural skin. The glass dropper will give you the right amount of product. It doesn’t contain any alcohol, parabens or silicone. Overall the foundation is made out of 98% natural ingredients.

The bottle is made out of glass which makes it look luxurious. I do want to warn all my clumsy people out there because I already dropped this bottle once and luckily it didn’t shattered! I already broke my iPhone screen last week and I literally died from the inside, so you are warned. Some foundation have a pump, others have an open bottle. The Pure Moisturizing Foundation has a glass dropper which makes it easy to use the precise amount of product. You can easily drop it on your face or on a sponge and get started. It contains 30 ml which is the normal amount foundations usually have. Overall the bottle looks great and easy to use.

I have the shades BEIGE 100 and 200. I was not sure which shade I was because most of the time I’m a 120 or NC20 with other brands. Weird enough 100 was my shade and 200 was not even close to my summer shade; it was way too dark for me! I tried it once when I was doing the groceries and while having dinner with my in-laws and I felt terrible! My sister had to laugh when she saw me with this shade, it almost made me look kind of orange? Anyway, 100 is my shade so be careful when you pick your shade! Better too light than too dark in my opinion. To be honest I think 100 is even a bit too dark for me, but I can use it as my spring/summer foundation. Yves Rocher has a range of 12 shades that are categorized in gold, beige, pink and brown.

When I first tried the Yves Rocher Pure Light Moisturizing Nude Foundation I was concerned if it would work for my oily skin. Usually I grab for a matte foundation but sometimes I want to give a moisturizing foundation a shot! The first thing I noticed was the pretty but simple glass bottle with the dropper. The moment I saw the dropper I knew that the foundation might would be very liquid.

I grabbed the dropper and applied 3 drops on my face: my forehead and both of my cheeks. I used my Zoeva Buffer brush to blend the foundation into the skin. The foundation was very easy to blend and it almost dripped when I applied the foundation on my face. It was almost like liquid and I had to grab my brush fast prevent it from falling of my face. The scent of the foundation was pleasant and it was definitely no problem to apply it on my skin.

I noticed that the foundation looked streaky when I tried to blend it into the skin; maybe because I applied too much foundation or it was the texture of the foundation. After trying the foundation multiple times I learned that you can better build up your foundation to avoid the streaky application. Step by step apply a bit more foundation to create the desired coverage. The scent of the foundation is super fresh, I was surprised how well it smelled. Almost like a perfume.

After application I had a light to medium coverage that still looked like skin but was buildable to a medium to full coverage. The name of this foundation is ‘pure light’ but honestly it felt very wet on my face. I could feel that there was something on my skin and this feeling didn’t fade away over time. I do have to say that the foundation still looked fresh and even and it gave me this healthy looking skin. My skin wasn’t matte, of course I was not expecting this from a moisturizing foundation but it didn’t make me look more oily than usual.

I have a very oily skin and matte foundations are my best friend. I knew what I could expect from a moisturizing foundation but I gave it a try because it was described as pure and light, something that looked very natural like you are wearing nothing. I’m not surprised that this foundation didn’t work for me: I could feel the ‘wetness’ of the foundation and sitting on my skin (which is the moisturizing effect). Of course I hoped that my skin would react differently but I can’t always have it my way. Beside the wet  feeling I did like how my skin looked like: it had a healthy glow and you could see that my skin was well moisturized, like I drink 2 liters of water. The foundation still looked fresh after some time and it didn’t become more oily than usual.

As an oily skin girl I think that this foundation will work better on dry/combination skin. The amount of moisture and the liquid formulation of the foundation will give them a smooth looking skin. I think the foundation will look less or not streaky when they apply the foundation on the skin because they will instantly absorb the moist from the foundation. I had trouble during application but I think it was because I had a layer of sebum/oil on my skin.

You can get your own Yves Rocher Pure Light Moisturizing Foundation at Yves Rocher for €19,- BUT they are currently 50% off!

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  1. April 2, 2018 / 13:23

    Ohhh sounds interesting! I have dry skin. So i hope this will work for me! 🤞🏻☺️

  2. April 6, 2018 / 03:44

    An your reviews are life!! Thank you for being so honest and so detailed. I love your mentality, never giving up but always up for trying new things. I’m not familiar with this brand as I don’t think they’re available in the States. Will keep my eyes out for their products this summer when I’ll be traveling to Europe.

    ~ Cat L.

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