Jo Malone London, English Fields and others

Jo Malone London, English Fields and others

Hello gorgeous,

Today I will talk about my Jo Malone collection of colognes which contains two limited editions and one from their permanent collection. Recently I received the Poppy & Barley Cologne from the new English Fields collection which became one of my favorites! Then I thought that it was time to share my little collection with you. I think Jo Malone is a brand that everyone knows by now, they have such a unique range of colognes that can be ‘Fragrance Combining’. Beside colognes they have scented candles, hand soap, hand cream and other product for the body and lifestyle. Let’s get started!

English Pear & Freesia

It was Christmas 2015. It was the year that my mom was still alive, this was her last Christmas she would celebrate before she past away on 6th September 2016. My little sister wanted to spoil me this year, so she went all the way and got me this delicious Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia from their permanent collection. They wrapped the cologne in a beautiful box with a black ribbon, packed it in the iconic yellow bag and finished it with a mistletoe around the handles. Every time when I woke up and went downstairs in the morning, I saw this pretty Jo Malone bag underneath the Christmas tree waiting for me.

Again, I don’t remember much from that time because I had a lot of things on my mind but I picked this cologne because I was looking for something sweet, light, fresh and soft. The top notes in the cologne are melon and pear; they create this sweet but soft scent for me. Nothing like candy, that is something I would wear when I was in high school, now I’m a more sophisticated person. Following notes are freesia and roses; flowers make it soft and fresh, but nothing like grass. Ending with musk, amber, patchouli and rhubarb.

Garden Lilies

Garden Lilies from the limited edition The Bloomburry Set was gifted. This collection was inspired by The Bloomsbury Group which was a group of British artist, writers and intellectuals that was founded in the 20th century. They all lived and worked together at the Charleston Farmhouse. All the colognes that were created in this collection are inspired by the casual and simple live they lived from morning till midnight. I received a pr message when this collection was released and I fell in love with this beautiful pattern on the bottle. As you may know by now I have a huge weakness on beautiful packaging. I have tons of stuff here in my stash that I got only for its look. Declare me crazy but that is how I get satisfied. I used my Garden Lilies many times in my flatlays, it is doing a great job but does it also smell good?

I received the Garden Lilies without knowing what the scent would be. It was all a surprise when it came in. It is a party of flowers with something fresh, like you walk into a fields of flowers during a rainy day. Don’t expect something sweet because it is all flowers that you will get up in your nose. The top note is water lilies of course, which instantly creates that flowery but fresh scent. Then comes green notes which is something fresh I think? Vanilla and ylang-ylang comes next which are soft and fresh scents. Last a hint of musk. Garden Lilies is something you have to learn to love. It grows on you over time.

Poppy & Barley

The Poppy & Barley from the English Fields collection is another beautiful scent from their limited collection. When you see the English Fields concept it is all based on the wild fields with grains, harvest and flowers. The combination of colors, textures and different kinds of grains creates this wonderful collection that takes you to England during a spring sunset with flowers and surrounded by grain fields. I received their mail that they would launch this collection very soon, and when I saw how beautiful the bottles were I was so cheeky to ask if I could receive a sample. I did not know which one they would send me from their 5 limited edition bottles. Luckily they picked the perfect one for me because I’m in love with the Poppy & Barley! When I first tried it I knew that this one could be my favorite scent for this Spring.

Why do I love this cologne: it has a mysterious romantic scent when you spray it. Within a minute it changes into something soft and powdery and a minute later again you can smell the sweetness. It is such a fun and unique scent, I never tried anything like this before. Of course are the top notes red poppy and barley which are the flowers and grains that made this collection which it is now. Violet, black currant, white musk and powdery notes are the finishing touches of this beautiful scent.

Jo Malone became one of my favorite brands when it comes to creating unique and delicious scents. My all time favorite was the English Pear & Freesia, but after I received the Poppy & Barley I’ve changed my mind. Poppy & Barley is just such a romantic and mysterious scent that makes me sniff my wrist the whole day. Not only is the scent delicious but the bottle of Poppy & Barley is the cutest bottle I have ever seen from the Jo Malone collection. Be quick because Poppy & Barley is a limited edition and available now in stores.

Let me know what your favorite Jo Malone product is.

Go to your local Jo Malone counters and get your own limited edition Poppy & Barley now!

*PR Gift

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  1. March 19, 2018 / 15:05

    I love how you have different packaging of JM perfumes! Love the packaging for the Poppy & Barley one especially 馃檪 I’ll have to check it out in stores!

    My favourite is the Nectarine Blossom and Honey scent, which I associate with a lot of good memories like vacations and my engagement. I combine it with Wild Bluebell sometimes to bring down the fruitiness, but both scents are really light!

    • thebeauparlour
      March 23, 2018 / 10:42

      Ohh I heard great things about the Nectarine one! I think that one was my second favorite of the permanent collection after the English Pear. I have to visit my counter soon again.

      • March 23, 2018 / 15:55

        It’s a good one if you like fruity scents! I can’t remember if I’ve smelled English Pear before, but it sounds right up my alley!

  2. Yee
    March 20, 2018 / 14:43

    I love that Poppy & Barley perfume! It’s so pretty! I WANT! But it’s so expensive:(

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