Charlotte Tilbury Your Lip Service with Legendary Queen, The Queen and The Duchess

Charlotte Tilbury Your Lip Service with Legendary Queen, The Queen and The Duchess

Today I will talk about the Charlotte Tilbury Your Lip Service which contains the shades Legendary Queen, The Queen and The Duchess. I was thrilled when I received an amazing package filled with the greatest CT items. This set was the one that caught my attention because I’m a lipstick girl. I wear lipstick everyday, I feel empty and not myself when I don’t. Within minutes after I got my package I tried all the shades (thats why I look oily af on my swatch pictures, I’m sorry in advance) and I knew that I had to share this with you! Let’s get started!

Charlotte Tilbury became a well known makeup brand in a short amount of time. Here products are almost iconic because of all the rose gold packaging and cute names she gives them. Charlotte Tilbury started as a makeup artist before she started her own makeup brand. She is doing the makeup of celebs like Cindy Crawford, Emma Roberts and Salma Hayek.

“Be the BEAUTY QUEEN of the lip looks with these three dazzlingly darling lipsticks, perfect for every royal outing in your diary. I believe that through the POWER of makeup, every woman can have the confidence to become the QUEEN of their destiny, AND the QUEEN of the world’s hearts… because lipstick is instant happiness and confidence in a tube!” – Charlotte Tilbury


Legendary Queen will be everyone’s favorite! This wine red matte lipstick is suitable for every skin tone and will work for every age. You know that some people talk about a specific color lipstick that can be used day and night, works on every person and will be loved by everyone? I think we found it! Usually I’m very scared to wear these kinds of reds because 1) I feel like I’m too much 2) my supervisor will think that I’m not taking my work serious 3) when red lipstick starts to smudge, it looks like a slaughter-house. When I applied Legendary Queen I was surprised by the intensity but not too overwhelming shade red. I will keep it short: I love it, my cat loves it, I hope you will love it.

The matte texture of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are the best I’ve ever tried. I own a few of the Hot Lips collection and I instantly fell in love with the. Matte for auntie Charlotte is the feeling of not having to worry that your lipstick will smudge or fade soon, but still having that healthy moisture level so your lips won’t look dry or get into the fine lines.


Ohh, I was a bit skeptical when I saw this shade. I never wear these kinds of shades because they make me look very weird (I’m not sure what it is, but it makes my skin tone look darker or lighter..). Seeing the shine in the bullet I knew that this wasn’t a matte lipstick. I can’t work with sheer lipsticks or anything that isn’t matte or super long-lasting. I was discussing with my good friend Nanda why pink/nude shades don’t look well on my yellow skintone. She has a very white/pale skin and she could never wear heavy mauve or brown shades while they look fabulous on me. We came to the conclusion that my yellow undertone match better with dark shades while she loves to rock the more pink shades. Was this a silent hint from her that she wanted to have my The Duchess lipstick?

I’m more of a matte lover because I like the idea of a long-lasting lipstick while sheer of glosses will fade away faster. I applied the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. The Duchess on my lips and it just glides smoothly. I loved the feeling of this lipstick but I was already getting nervous if this sheer lipstick could last all day. It may sound weird but I always had this fear of eating or drinking while I was wearing a gloss or sheer lipstick. I can’t stand the feeling when my lips touches a cup or food. Beside the texture I do like the finish and look of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick but not something I would wear often.


Another amazing color lipstick! The Queen is your perfect lipstick for this spring. Usually I’m not into coral shades but The Queen has something warm which neutralize the vibrant color. If you gave me this lipstick a year ago I would never wear it, but I started to appreciate coral shades lately. Personally I think everyone could rock this color, no matter what kind of skintone you have. Overall I’m really loving this shade especially now the sun is showing up, but it can be used all year long!

Like I said before the Matte Revolution lipsticks are truly the best matte lipsticks I’ve ever tried. Not only the texture are great for a matte lover like me, but the Matte Revolution also have this well designed bullet shape so you can easily shape your lips while applying your lipstick.

Legendary Queen, The Queen and The Duchess

I’ve been such a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury from the beginning. I can remember that moment when I purchased my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and I was such a happy girl! The tube, gold rose packaging and beautiful bullet shape made me fell in love with her whole collection. Almost two years later and my collection is getting out of hand! Legendary Queen is absolutely my favorite lipstick because I feel like a real queen with this shade and I received many compliments when I was wearing it.

Your Lip Service is a great set which contains a nude, coral and dark shade. It is a beautiful set to introduce you to Charlotte’s lipstick collection or when you are a big lover of her makeup. The Queen became a bestseller, so this shade is something everyone needs! Legendary Queen and The Duchess are two new shades which also received great reviews after they were released! Charlotte made this set because everyone has to feel like a queen, created for Valentine’s Day.

You get purchase the Your Lip Service for €85,- or get the lipstick as an individual for €32,-.

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