How I almost lost 10kg with NewFysic

How I almost lost 10kg with NewFysic

Hello beautiful,

There was a moment in my life were I felt disgusting. I didn’t sport, I ate a lot of fast food and shopping for clothes was a disaster. It all started when I heard that my mom had cancer 3 years ago. I thought that this was the end of the world, that God hated me and this was my punishment. When my mom was sick I gained a few kilos, but it became worse when my mom died a year ago. Before I knew I gained 5 kilos in a month. This had to stop. I was not happy with my life and it felt like I was never going to lose weight. Then I was introduced to NewFysic.

NewFysic is an agency who helps you with loosing weight, but most important to stay healthy. Together they look what is healthy for you and what makes you happy. I told them that I would be happy if I could lost at least 8 kilos but it would be amazing if it was more.

A month before I started with NewFysic I went to the gym without any motivation. I hate to sport without any goal or when I don’t enjoy it. I still felt fat and insecure because all those people at the gym were staring at me. I knew that only working out isn’t the key to success. When I posted my gym results on my Instastory I was contacted by the pr manager of NewFysic. She saw my insta story and saw that I didn’t enjoy working out. She said that there is also a way to lose weight and be healthy without working out, ofcourse I had to know more about it. That’s how I got introduced to NewFysic.

When I started working out my weight was 74 kilo. When I started NewFysic I was 71,9 kilo. My perfect weight based on my BMI would be 61,4 kilo. Together with Isabelle of the NewFysic location in Alkmaar we looked if it was possible to lose this amount of weight. She said that nothing is impossible and that it is just me and my body who have to do this, but it takes discipline to do this.

NewFysic is all about food: get rid of all the sugars and fats. If you only do this in your daily routine, I can guarantee you will lose weight! Isabelle made a specialized program for me how my schedule would look like everyday. To lose weight I had to eat 1400 kcal each day. I thought it was impossible, but just wait! Beside the amount of calories they also provide supplements so your body still gets enough energy. Don’t forget that exercise is still very important even when you adjust your food. I tried to go to the gym at least once a week and sometimes two times.

This is how my schedule looks like:


15ml Purify Drink

2x Fibers supplements

2x Multi-V supplements

2x big glass of water

2 fiber rich crackers with toppings (no added sugars or fat)

In between:

healthy snack like mini tomatos, cucumber, green apple or 200ml curd


2x Protein supplements

2x big glass of water

3/4 fiber rich crackers with toppings (no added sugars or fat)

small vegetable salad

In between:

healthy snack like mini tomatos, cucumber, green apple or 200ml curd


2x Protein supplements

2x big glass of water

125gram fish or meat with 40gram uncooked brown rice/pasta/couscous

In between:

healthy snack like mini tomatos, cucumber, green apple or 200ml curd

* attention: this schedule was personally made for me with supervision. Don’t use this without any advice from a professional*

Purify = a healthy detox drink to cleanse your liver

No Regret= when you have a cheatmeal, use a No Regret tablet to decrease the amount of fat you eat

MultiV= food supplements with minerals, herbs and vitamines

PHF= fibers to make you feel less hungry

Protein= supplements for the muscles and loosing weight

To make my diet more easy I received a grocery shopping list with ingredients I can eat. When you see fish or meat on my schedule it doesn’t have to be boring. I can combine everything I want but I have to watch out that I don’t use butter when I cook and no sugars during my snacks. It doesn’t mean that I can’t have sugars at all. Light products are on my list and I can buy them, but sometimes you have to choose between water or Cola Light. I think it is easy to say to pick the water during my diet to see better results. For people who can’t cook or don’t like to cook there is even a take-away point in Amstelveen (Amsterdamseweg 522) were NewFysic creates their healthy food and everyone can order them. How easy is that? Too bad I don’t live in Amstelveen otherwise I would literally order a NewFysic meal everyday, healthy but delicious!

It may look ridiculous as an outsider but let’s be honest: if you were as fat as I was, you want to try everything to feel great and be happy again. I knew that this wasn’t going to be easy and that it would take time before I was happy with myself again. Annig and Isabelle made me feel comfortable during my sessions. They are the two most wonderful persons I’ve ever met and I personally think that without them I couldn’t do this. Every thursday I had to meet with them at the location Alkmaar to see how much weight I lost (or gained). This way you are forced to work hard on your diet and being confronted with the mistakes you make but also the great progress!

As you can see here I lost a lot of weight during the first few weeks. I felt super motivated when I got my first check up and the rest was history, until I went to Paris for a week. I gained a little bit but I was already used to the sweet taste of bread and macarons and coffee that it was hard to get back in my flow. That is clearly visible during the weeks after. Then I went to Japan for 2 weeks and it went wrong again when I came back. It is hard to still be motivated when you already achieved your goal, but it was important for me and my health to get to that 61,4 kilo. Also, I became super busy the last few weeks and working out was still a part of my diet but it was impossible to keep this up every week.

What the most important thing is when you want to lose weight is to believe in yourself (yawn, stereotype) but it’s true. I never believed that I was able to feel happy again and to lose weight after I was so traumatized because of my mothers dead. I was even afraid that my boyfriend wouldn’t like me anymore, that’s how desperate I felt that time. Sometimes it went amazing during my diet, sometimes I had obstacles and then I had to eat some chips or chocolate to feel better again. It is okay to cheat sometimes to get that little bit of sugar, but it is up to you if you eat a whole bag of chips or just a few. It is not as easy as it sounds: taking pills and eating less. It is all about discipline! Without this you won’t succeed and you will definitely eat bad things or overeat. It was very hard for me to change my mindset and have my goal in my head all the time. But that was the only thing that really kept me going: I really want this.

I started to get compliments from people: you are looking different! I feel so much more confident about my body and myself that I had a different aura around me. Not only did my body changed but my mind was also clear. I was not thinking negative all the time because I already lost more than I could ever imagine. This really helped me to stay positive and to do daily things in life differently with a big smile. Friends asked me how I did it and people on work said that they could see how much weight I lost! You really notice the difference when other people start talking about it.

What I learned with New Fysic is that before all of this I ate TOO MUCH. I simply ate the amount of calories for a grown up men. I didn’t like to cook so I ate a lot of fast food or food delivery’s. I had an unhealthy lifestyle which poisoned my body and mind. Now when I have dinner I don’t have a plate full with food but just half of it. When I have lunch at work I don’t take a grilled cheese and soup but I just take a salad with an egg and soup. I learned that food is important and that it has an effect on your body and how you feel. When I read this it sounds that it was very easy for me to change something, but it wasn’t because I was stuck in this routine. Also exercise is really important for every human being. When I worked out twice a week and didn’t really followed the rules of my diet, I could still loose 1,5kg easily that week. When I didn’t I only lost about 800grams. Did you have a cheatday? Just have an intensive workout the next day to compensate!

Also, until this day I find it very hard to drink al least 2 liters water each day. I’m more a coffee and fresh juice person but beside that you always need to take some water. I noticed during my diet that if I drink more water I lost more weight. The last few months when I stopped with my diet I saw my weight going up and down because I didn’t drink enough! If you just start with getting rid of your coke and coffee with milk and drink 2 liters water a day, you will see and feel different! Mark my words.

I feel so happy at the moment. I can wear my old clothes and started to organize my closet for new pieces. I can work out and run two times longer than before without feeling the pain in my legs. When I do the groceries I pay more attention to products: whats inside it? Do I need it or is there another alternative to this products that is much healthier? I became more aware what food does to my body. Before my NewFysic journey I never-had-breakfast. Yes, I was that kind of person who was hungry and praying for lunch to come. I had such a bad manner and breakfast really made me feel more energized and happy and awake!

I want to thank Isabelle and Annig of NewFysic located in Alkmaar for their help and support! Without them I would never be the person who I am today. Also many thanks to Maison PR who heard my scream for help and introduced me to NewFysic

Are you looking for professional advice? Do you want to get healthy or loose weight? Don’t wait and book your free intake session with NewFysic.

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  1. February 5, 2018 / 16:11

    Wow, well done!

    It’s great to hear you’ve made lifestyle changes, i.e. salad+soup.

    Really well done!!

  2. Yeee
    February 6, 2018 / 10:06

    Dammmmn, almost 10 kg?! Sounds fantastic! Your review is so inspiring!

  3. February 7, 2018 / 22:50

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m not a fan of supplements but I believe that balanced diet can help and that every person should consult diet and exercises before they start and while dieting. For me exercises are hell, I prefer to walk 10km per day instead doing some exercises. I have the same issue with water, I prefer to drink tea or juice but hot water helps me a lot and it’s easier for me to drink hot or ice cold water 🙂

  4. W.
    February 25, 2018 / 10:06

    Nice article, if you struggle with your water intake you can use an app that will reminds you daily so you won’t forget it.

    • thebeauparlour
      February 26, 2018 / 09:33

      Hahaha im like the most lazy person ever! I know for instance that i will forget to register it in the app :p

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