L’Erbolario and their dreamy Indigo Scented Wood Sticks

L’Erbolario and their dreamy Indigo Scented Wood Sticks

Hello beautiful,

During the holidays I like to make my home warm and cozy. What about starting with a nice Home Fragrance? Because the moment you step into your home the scent is the first thing that welcomes you. I got the Indigo Scented Wood Sticks from L’Erbolario Benelux for this december month. I tried scented wood sticks from Sabon and many other brands but they always caused a really bad headache. This time I finally find something that really makes me feel comfortable in my own home! Don’t forget that I have a special discount code for you on this specific product and 3 other skincare items (you can read the review here): use the code BEAU20 on the L’Erbolario Benelux webshop for 20% discount on these products and code BEAU10 for 10% on the entire webshop!

Today, closing your eyes and finding natural well-being is easy and highly enjoyable, thanks to this Fragrance for Scented Wood Sticks, which allows you to enjoy moments of pure serenity. Indeed, by immersing the rattan sticks in the perfumed solution, Indigo’s sumptuous scent will spread throughout your house, leaving a mild perfumed fragrance that will accompany you throughout the day.

Remove the cap and immerse the wood sticks in the perfumed solution. To ensure a long-lasting scent, turn the sticks periodically, after cleaning their ends with a dry cloth so as to avoid the accumulation of powder at the bottom of the package.

Olfactive family Citrus, Floral, Woody, Vanigliata, Ambrata

HAZARD: highly flammable liquids and vapours. Causes serious eye irritation. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking. Keep out of the reach of children. Read label before use. Dispose of the product/container in accordance with local regulations.

I visited the L’Erbolario Benelux store which is located in Rotterdam. During their special bloggers event I already knew which product I wanted to buy: something that makes me feel relaxed and looks pretty at home. First I wanted to get a perfume for myself, but I changed my mind. I picked the Indigo Scented Wood Sticks because I want everyone to enjoy the beautiful scent and it will look great at my room! Also the Indigo is an items from their newest collection so I was curious if it smelled great.

To me when I pick a scent I think about 2 things: will I get crazy when I smell it all day and will it hide funky scents like when you have pets in your house? The last scented woods sticks I had were from Sabon. I loved the smell but after a while everybody at home got a really bad headache of the powerful scent. We had to put it ate the toilet because nobody could stand the smell in the livingroom. To me it is also great if the scent will hide all the weird scents because we have a cat and sometimes her litter box can really smell in the livingroom.

Why did I pick the Indigo Scented Wood Sticks and not another different line from L’Erbolario? I was really curious about this new collection from L’Erbolario and they had a great display of their two newest line in their Rotterdam store. When I saw the pretty dark navy blue bottle I thought it would look great everywhere at the house. When I smelled the scent it makes me think of a cozy but sexy night. It has that hint of wood which makes you feel cozy and relaxed and the flowers makes it feel romantic.

When I got it in stores they gave me tons of beautiful thing to make it felt like a present! I got a few ribbons with some potpourri as decoration and many samples. For every product, doesn’t matter if it is a product worth €5,- or €50,- they will pack it with love and care! Don’t think you will only end up walking away with the product, they will always give you a generous amount of samples to try out. Also they pack the product with so much care. You can pick many gift wrapping to make it more special for yourself or you loved ones.

Now this beautiful scented wood sticks is standing in my room next to the window. Everytime when I wake up I smell this delicious scent of wood and flowers which makes my morning so much better. Simple turn the sticks the other side when you notice that the scent is getting less stronger so they will stay wet and infuse the scent in your whole room.

A scented wood stick is a perfect gift for everyone during the holiday. Who doesn’t want to have a nice scent through their entire home? Especially because L’Erbolario is an all natural brand which is cruelty-free and only use the best natural ingredients produced in Italy. I can’t come up why you shouldn’t get this as a gift!

As I told you I have a special discount code for you so you can get the Indigo Scented Wood Sticks with 20% off! Use the code BEAU20 on the L’Erbolario Benelux webshop for 20% discount on this products and code BEAU10 for 10% on the entire webshop!

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