Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick has new colors! Guava and Litchi

Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick has new colors! Guava and Litchi

Hello beautiful,

Today I will review the Clarins Joli Rouge Moisturizing Long-Wearing Lipstick in Guava and Litchi. The last few years I became such a big fan of the brand Clarins, it all started with their amazing sunscreen. With the time I was introduced to their makeup line (I never knew that time that they had makeup lol) and became a lover of their powders en blushes. Now they launced new lipstick shades and I will review the colors Guava and Litchi for you. Let’s get started!


6 hours of non-stop moisture and hold.
Creamy, moisture-rich formula deposits intense colour and a delicate satin sheen to lips. Enriched with soothing Mango Oil and moisturizing organic Marsh Samphire—Joli Rouge comforts, conditions and nourishes lips for 6 hours. Available in 14 lip-loving shades. Dermatologist-tested.

I already owned one of the Joli Rouge lipstick and I was really happy with how the packaging looks like. All the Joli Rouge lipstick have a shiny silver tube with the subtile “C” mark on the cap. When you twist the tube the pretty lipstick bullet will show its beauty. I just love the overall simple but luxurious feeling of these lipsticks.

The left one is the shade Guava and the right Litchi. At first sight the Guava looks very pigmented and bright, maybe too bright for me. I’ve always been a natural girl or more pink/mauve lipstick hoarder than picking the hot pink or red ones. During the time when I tried these lipsticks I had black hair, now I have orange/pink hair! I can tell you how it looks like combined with your hair and skin color because I also got more tanned during this time.

Left you see Guava and right Litchi. In the lipstick bullet the Guava looks really bright to me, but when it is swatched on the back of my hand it looks quiet pretty and neutral. Litchi has a beautiful hint of pink/mauve feeling to me. This would be my perfect everyday lipstick!

Sometimes with lipstick you can really identify them by their scent. They have this typical lipstick scent that your mom always used on her lips. The Joli Rouge is nothing compared to your normal lipstick scent. It has a pleasant sweet scent, almost fruity scent (again, I never review perfume because I’m the worst person in describing a scent). When a lipstick smells funky it really stops me from using it ever again, but the Joli Rouge is a true gift for people with a sensitive nose like me.

But how well do they perform? These moisturizing but long-lasting lipsticks should at least stay 6 hours on the lips. Beside the long-lasting effect it also creates a sheer satin finish with the right amount of pigmentation. Personally I never liked sheer/satin lipsticks because for me it is important to eat and drink without having to worry that my lipstick is on my teeth or around my mouth.

For me it was a really pleasant feeling when I used the Joli Rouge lipsticks. It glides on your lips and it instantly feels like a moisturizing lipbalm but with a beautiful sheer color. The shape of the bullet makes it also very easy to apply the lipstick onto the lips.

I struggle with some dry cracked lips sometimes, but this is almost not visible when I wear the lipstick. It hides all my imperfections a beautifully creates an even layer on my lips. When I eat or drink there is some product that is coming off but not that terrible that I have to reapply again. Just simple push your lips against each other and the lips are like new again!

I used my Joli Rouge lipsticks many times during workdays of 8 hours and at the end of the day my lips look pretty! I do reapply my lipstick once, just before I leave the office.

Guava on a NC25 skin with black hair: love it!

On a NC30 skin with pink/orange hair: I tried to wear this shade with my new hair color but it looks pretty awful. I feel kind of sad that I can’t wear bright colors with my new hair.

Litchi on a NC25 skin with black hair: love it even more!

On a NC30 skin with orange/pink hair: meehh it looks quiet good but not that great as me with black hair. With my new hair color I can only wear some nude colors or really mauve/pink shades. That’s why this one looks better than Guava.

My cat model

I’m really happy with my Guava and Litchi Joli Rouge lipsticks. The best thing about these lipsticks is the moisturizing effect that creates a beautiful layer on your (maybe) dry-looking lips. It is easy to apply and it succeed the test of 6 hours eating and drinking. The shade Litchi is my absolute favorite, it is a beautiful neutral mauve/pink shade that will suit every skintone! Guava is a little bit more dangerous depending on what your skintone is and hair color. I’m not a sheer lipstick lover but I do approve the Joli Rouge. Don’t forget about the delicious scent when wearing this lipstick, it will totally surprise you!

I can recommend the Joli Rouge lipsticks if you are looking for a lipsticks that doesn’t dry out your lips. Something that will hide your dry cracked lips during your work day and you don’t need to bother about reapplying the lipstick, Joli Rouge offers 14 different shades, so their will be at least one color that will look perfect on you!

Which color would you prefer?

You can get your own Clarins Joli Rouge lipstick at your local beauty store for $29,- ( for my Dutch followers the Joli Rouge is available at €25,95 ).

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  1. Yee-Chin
    November 13, 2017 / 15:38

    Hi An, I love this blogpost! The lipsticks look amazing! Love the colors! Keep doing the good work, see you soon!

  2. November 14, 2017 / 19:01

    Great shades! I don’t know which one I’d prefer, but I think these two colours suit you very well, and I don’t believe they clash with your hair colour. 馃檪

  3. November 15, 2017 / 02:47

    Can you believe I haven’t tried any lipsticks from Clarins?? Love the sound and look of these Joli Rouge lipsticks. The shades are beautiful and you are such a gorgeous girl, An. My favorite of the two is Litchi. Will keep my eyes out for it. Great review and stunning photos!

    ~ Cat L.

  4. November 19, 2017 / 18:14

    So pretty shots An ! Now I need to buy some Joli Rouge from Clarins ! They’re very lovely 馃槈 xx

    K茅didja |

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