New hair don’t care! Blorange hair by The Color

New hair don’t care! Blorange hair by The Color

Hello beautiful!

Everyone wants to be unique or different (or at least I do). Some do it by the way they dress but personally I like to experiment with my long hair. Last week I visited The Color at the Van Woustraat 121 in Amsterdam. It was time to do something different with my hair. I have black hair of myself but I tried almost everything: brown, blonde, pink and purple. What to do now? The lovely Shadée who works at The Color helped me to find the perfect color in combination with my personality and face. I also told her that I will visit Japan very soon so everything was possible! Curious how it turned out?

This is how my hair looked like when I walked into the salon. I was really annoyed by the way my hair looked like. I even added some highlights myself at home when my little sister bleached her own hair. I couldn’t stand the yellow tones anymore.

Shadée and I were talking about the amazing things we wanted to try with my hair. At first I wanted to do something simple: making more highlights and put some toner with a purple or pink tone. We went a whole different way! We decided because of my Japan trip to go overboard and do a full bleach with a pink/purple tone (this was our first idea). Also because my hair was so dead and splitted, she would cut off some length.

I was open for literally everything! I needed some change in my life and the only thing that came through my mind was: you only life once. Yes, it may sounds cheesy and stupid but after the whole situation of my mom and personal stuff, I want to try everything in life! Crazy things that may be too much for others, but not me.

You may know that the creative part usually starts to run when you are busy or doing your thing. While Shadée did my hair she suddenly asked if it wouldn’t be great to use some orange/pink tones in my hair which is called Blorange. Everytime when you wash it, it will change into a soft washed out blush tone. Like I said, I was open for everything so we decided to go Blorange instead of pink/purple. Oh, and we added something else but you will see it soon!

Oh gosh, this part was really painful. When they added the bleach onto my scalp I could feel it burning. On the other side, I really digg this blonde look! Don’t I look like the Mother of Dragons now?

Tadaaaaa, B L O R A N G E

S U R P R I S E (peekaboo)

Orange, pink and blue! That is my surprise for you. I’m so happy with this color, I feel like a new person. I do have to admit that it takes some time to get use to this color because even for me it is a very crazy but unique color. I received so many compliments the last few days and it makes me feel so happy about this choice. The best thing is when I reveal my blue hair, to see those faces (whaaaaaat). Getting out of your comfort zone can create these kind of masterpieces!

Shadée and Floor who both work at the Van Woustraat store, gave me the advice to use once a week a hair mask to repair and restore the color. It is very important now to take good care of my hair because it had such a chemical treatment. Don’t forget that this color is only temporary and you have to take time to wash and threat your hair to keep the color vibrant. Always use a color shampoo! When I follow their advice this color have to stay at least until I leave for Japan on 2 October.

I want to thank Iris of The Color for accepting my request to collaborate. After I lost two of my best hair artist I had to find another salon who I can trust my hair. The Color was a salon I found on Instagram and their work looked amazing! That’s why I didn’t wait any longer and send them a mail. Big love to Shadée who did my hair and came with this amazing color! She is such a sweetheart and made the whole experience even better. We had the best conversations and it made me feel comfortable in the chair and that I could trust her. Even tho I sat there for 7 hours (YES, please take a whole day off when you want to have the exact same treatment as me because it can take a damn long time) she made it feel like 3 hours, time passed by like crazy. Last but not least, thanks to Floor who arranged my appointment and helped Shadée by giving her advice that day!

For achieving the most beautiful hair, visit The Color at the Van Woustraat 121 in Amsterdam



  1. September 25, 2017 / 07:38

    I looooove the hair! It’s such a unique colour and you rock it! I especially love the pop of blue!

    • September 25, 2017 / 09:13

      Awwh thank you so much! heheh, the blue is the most fun part <3

  2. September 25, 2017 / 15:16

    Well, I think your hair looks great on you 😻

  3. September 26, 2017 / 16:36

    Wow your hair looks gorgeous An!! I was totally caught off guard by the blue reveal and definitely went “whaaaat!!”, haha 😀 That’s so cool that the blorange shade washes into a soft blush color, it’s amazing what a good stylist/colorist can do for your hair!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

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