How I take care of my (Asian) thick long hair

How I take care of my (Asian) thick long hair

Hello beautiful!

Today I will talk about how I take care of my hair! Usually I’m the most lazy person when it comes to taking care of my hair, but ever since I start dying my hair to a more cool toned shade I had to invest in some product to keep my hair healthy. Before that I just washed my hair, did my makeup and went with wet hair outside without product or styling tools. I always adored my long sleek hair so I never had to spend money on expensive products. But time has changed and so does my style. Lately my hair gets really dry and I can spot dead hair every other time. That’s why I took more care of it and especially after I went to the hairdresser to make my hair more cool/less yellow. Let’s take a look how this Asian girl takes care of her long thick hair!

The Wet Brush, Detangler Water Droplet Pink

I’ve used The Wet Brush for the last 4 years. Before this pink beauty I owned an orange one which really needed an upgrade. I was super happy when this baby came with the mail because the other one was almost impossible to clean (yes, I should take better care of my stuff). The bristles of this brush are the best thing my hair has ever experienced. When you have thick and long hair like me it can be one hell of a job to make my hair smooth again.

With the special SoftTips Polymeer and Intelliflex bristles the brush glides through my hair. No matter if my hair is wet, dry, just out of bed look or after a day in Disneyland and rollercoasters: this baby get’s my hair smooth within a few brushes! Beside the great performance the brush look also super cute. Pink is a color I use very often in my flatlays so you may have seen The Wet Brush before in one of my flatlays. The metallic finish and the water droplet effect this brush is one of a kind. I mean, who doesn’t want a great brush that also look amazing?

The Body Shop, Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask

Every other time my hair needs some TLC. Recently I was introduced to the new line of The Body Shop: Banana. Holy moly, I love banana fragrance and now they created a whole hair-line based on Community Trade ingredients with bananas from Ecuador! I received the shampoo and hair mask from the Banana line and a Ginger shampoo.

This hair mask just blew me away this the amazing banana scent that it became an instant favorite of mine! Beside the mask they also send me a Detangling Comb which glides through my hair when the mask is sitting in my hair and I want to separate the mask through my long locks. After 10 minutes my hair feels super smooth and it will look less dry. Don’t forget about the amazing banana fragrance! I caught myself a few times with smelling my own hair in public transportation haha.

Moroccanoil Treatment for every hair type

This is the oils of hair oils. It is something you need to try at least one time in your life! For a very long time I ignored the expensive Moroccanoil Treatment because I thought it was not worth the price. I used the L’Oreal hair oil for colored hair and it worked just fine, I could even buy it for 1+1 at some drugstores! So why pay almost €45,- fullsize for a hair oil if you can have 2 for more than half the price .. I tried the Moroccanoil Treatment at the duty free airport at Amsterdam Shiphol few years ago. When I travel my hair can be really dry of the air so I sneaked into a duty free shop and I used some of the oil into my hair.

Woaaa, the oil smells luxurious and amazing! It has that kind of smell that says “it works”. My hair became so silky after just a few drops on the palm of my hand. I was sold that moment, I knew I had to buy my own bottle one day. But months went by and my L’Oreal hair oil is still not empty hahah. Luckily had received this sample bottle in a goodiebag and I couldn’t wait to smell it after such a long period of time. I try to resist myself to use this little bottle because I want to use my L’Oreal bottle first. But ofcours I couldn’t hold myself and I’m half way through this little one! You only need a few drops and it will make you hair smell expensive, looks shiny without making it oily, detangles your hair and make it super soft. Believe me, your hair needs this!

Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry

I was invited to the event of Bumble and Bumble and I had the opportunity to style my hair by their team. This lovely girl did my hair and asked my which effect I wanted to achieve. I said that my hair always looks so flat and that I needed some texture or volume without making it oily. She had the solution! She grabbed this Surf Foam Spray, grabbed some hair stroked and sprayed this on my hair. While the spray was drying on my hair she grabbed a hot tool and quickly wrapped my hair around it. Just a few seconds is all it need! When she removed the hot tool I had a beautiful loose curl in my hair. She said that this is a foam in a spray form, so it will hold the curl but doesn’t make your hair feel hard. My hair still looked soft but the curls stayed for 5 days in my hair! The last two days my hair looked soooo voluminous that I felt like a model who just left her stylist chair. No joke, this Foam Spray changed my hair game.

I tried to create the same kind of look like they did that specific day but I’m not a hair stylist haha. You can use it in multiple ways but for me as a noobie I like to use it all over my hair, flip my head and brushing my hair with my fingers. Flip back and you can instantly see an va va voom effect on top of my head and me slick hair looks more textured. On the second day I tried the hot tool because I really wanted to created that loose curl that holds for days, and I succeed! It was not that amazing like during the event but my hair looked great for at least 4 days and it didn’t look greasy at all. Those 4 days were so relaxed, I just woke up without having to worry that my hair looked flat and shiny!

This is how my hair looks like when I used the Foam Spray and just my fingers to create waves and volume.

Beside all these items I just use silver/purple shampoo to prevent my hair from getting yellow. The Body Shop Banana Hair Mask is something I use once in a week because my hair usually gets very oily so I don’t a lot of moisture, but it is nice to have a banana fragrance in my hair for a few days that has been product with Community Trade ingredients. The Wet Brush has been a long time favorite of mine but this metallic pink baby is just an upgrade of my older orange brush. I can’t live without it because it saves time to comb my hair and my hair doesn’t break when using this brush. Win-win situation right? The Moroccanoil Treatment has been something I always wanted but I thought it was not worth my money. Now I have a sample bottle of 25ml and I can promise you that I will purchase the full size when I run out of my L’Oreal hair oil. Last but not least the amazing Foam Spray from Bumble and Bumble that holds my curl and created volume and texture without making my hair oily or crunchy. It is so easy to use to, just spray, style with your hands/hot tool or just share your head and you are finished!

As a Asian girl I always wanted to have wavy loose curls, but that is impossible when you have thick long hair like me. Every product will make my hair more heavy or oily than it already was and the curls didn’t stay for a very long time (they didn’t even survived my morning walk to the bus station when I go to work!). With all these items I can create the perfect volume coupe with the right treatment so my hair stays healthy and strong.

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  1. August 11, 2017 / 08:22

    I love the Wet brush too! It’s amazing for brushing through tangled hair!! I also have a few samples of the Moroccanoil and can’t wait to try it.

  2. August 11, 2017 / 15:50

    Ben wel benieuwd naar the Wet Brush, of hij nu echt veel beter is dan andere borstels 馃檪

  3. August 14, 2017 / 19:05

    Lovely hair An ! I’m a huge fan of Moroccanoil for my dry hair ! Kisses

    K茅didja |

  4. August 17, 2017 / 17:10

    I’ve heard great things about The Body Shop’s banana hair care range, and have always wanted to try it since I love the banana scent too 馃槢 The Moroccanoil Treatment is also a must have for my dry ends, it really makes such a difference!

    Will have to check out the Bumble & Bumble foam spray, it sounds like just what my flat hair needs! Thanks for sharing!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

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