Makeup Revolution London, Vivid Baked Highlighter

Makeup Revolution London, Vivid Baked Highlighter

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It is time for another Makeup Revolution review. Today it is about the Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade Golden Lights. Like I told you before I’m #therevolutionairies of the Makeup Revolution here in The Netherlands, which means I receive a box every month with some of their famous items to review. This month I picked the highlighter because I owned a highlight palette of them before but I forgot actually how amazing they are, and you should know. Even Khloe Kardashian said that the Vivid Baked Highlighter was her favorite (“my cheekbones were so sharp they could cut a bitch“, her words!). You can easily get your Makeup Revolution items at the famous Dutch drugstore called Etos. Curious how well this highlighter works and if it beats my favorite Jeffree Star Skinfrosts? Let’s get started!

Makeup Revolution started in Londen. I can remember that my colleague brought me the famous highlighter palette for me all the way from her UK trip. I was super excited to try out the highlighter because she told me it was a dupe from another big high-end brand. Can’t remember which one anymore but I do know that I was happy with it and thankful to get such an exclusive items which was very hard to get that time.

Now Makeup Revolution is available in The Netherlands for almost the same price as in the UK. The drugstore called Etos has a whole range of their makeup goodies in their stores, so you definitely need to check it out!

The Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade Golden Lights looks very basic at first sight.  The packaging of their Baked Highlighter are packed in a round black pan with a see through lid. The lid is very easy to open and the size of the packaging is just perfect to store in every drawer. On the lid you will find the brand name and the product name in gold letters. The colors gold and black are the most used colors for their packaging, that is how you can recognize them.

The Vivid Baked Highlighters are available in 3 shades: Peach Lights, Pink Lights and Golden Lights. These 3 shades can be found separately in their own pan or as a palette. I owned the palette before but I totally forget that I still have it .. somewhere. The shade reminds me or the highlighter that was included in the Becca X Jaclyn Hill golden highlighter palette, do you remember? She had 3 shades with the Champagne Pop, a darker and a light shade. This one looks exactly like that, the same kind of pearly/gold shimmer white va va voom highlighter. If I’m right Becca made that white highlighter permanent in their collection because it was a limited edition because of the Jalcyn Hill collab.

See here the ingredients list: talc is the first thing I noticed. Is talc bad? Read this article( to know more about it but so far there is no hard evidence or study that says talc is dangerous in makeup. Brands like MAC use talc in almost all of their powder makeup, it is hard not to use talc in your product because then they become chalky. There are brand out there that produce without talk but that is another story.

Anyway, lately I try to focus on the ingredients list. My skin became so sensitive lately so I try to track down what my skin can handle or not. So for when using the Vivid Baked Highlighter my skin stays calm.

The texture of the powder feels super smooth! When I dipped my finger into the powder to make a swatch on the back of my hand I could almost feel nothing when my finger was covered with powder. It was super weird, like the first moment you are rubbing your finger into the pan and instantly it feels like the powder disappeared from your finger. That is how light weighted it is. When I made the swatch on he back of my hand, the powder felt a bit silky/buttery. It has a really nice feeling on the skin and it easy to blend! Which is important to me because I usually get over excited when I use a highlighter and then it is almost impossible to blend out the highlighter. With the Vivid Baked Highlighter you won’t have this problem.

I like to apply my highlighters with The Air Brush from Wayne Goss which is available on This brush is perfect for applying powder under the eyes, the cheekbones and contouring. I prefer using this brush only for highlighters.

I only need 1,5 swirl in the pan to pick up enough powder (the first time I tried it I used 2 swirls which was too overwhelming and my boyfriend told me there was ‘something on my cheek’), that is all you need to get that #glow! Like I told you before it is very easy to blend this powder but I made the mistake to do my makeup in a dark room at 05:30AM so I arrived at work not knowing what was on my face! So if you do pick up too much powder, just blend baby.

Personally I like to apply my highlighter on the high points of my cheeks, under de bow brow and sometimes on the upper lip.

My cheeks can be oily/patchy sometimes. I’m a big lover of using glycolic toners which causes the dry patches around my cheeks. Yes, I like to live the dangerous live. Surprisingly, even with my dry patches the powder still looks very smooth on my skin! I also have to mention that after a few yours the oil starts to show up, which blurred out the dry patches a bit. This creates a super healthy glow on my face (see video). With some powders I experience a chalky effect after wearing it for a whole day, but with the Vivid Baked Highlighter it still looks very smooth and even on my skin.

Me being a Revolutionairies for Makeup Revolution is such an honor! I can try out their goodies every month and out all of the items I pick just one to give you an in dept review. This month I’m so happy to rediscover the ViVid Baked Highlighter which I already owned but in a palette with wo others shades.

This budget friendly highlighter is something you need, it is no surprise that Kloe Kardashian loves this highlighter! Me being a Kardashian lover because I like drama, I also had to love this item. No joke, I love it because it works great and it is affordable! It reminds me of Becca highlighter that was a part of the Jaclyn Hill highlighter palette and it almost equal as my all time favorite Jeffree Star Skinfrosts. The Vivid Baked Highlighter is available in 3 shades (gold, pink and peach), the texture is silky/buttery, the application is easy and when you overuse you can blend it out without any problems, the powder looks smooth on my oily/combination skin and even after hours of hard work it still looks healthy on my skin!

You can easily miss a small amount of €6,49 to try it out! Go to your nearby Etos to get your now! 

Did you tried anything from Makeup Revolution before? What is your favorite item?

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  1. August 18, 2017 / 10:52

    Fijne budget highlighter! Ik vind het neutrals vs newtrals palette echt geweldig van dit merk 馃檪

    Ik dacht eigenlijk dat talc juist producten poederig maakt… maar ik weet er niet zo veel van 馃槀

  2. August 19, 2017 / 02:16

    I have this highlighter in my stash and I’ve been saving it! It looks so white that I was a bit scared that it wouldn’t look very natural on anyone who isn’t super pale, but it looks really good on you!

  3. nicolished
    August 20, 2017 / 23:13

    What a lovely highlighter. I believe I had this a while ago but somehow I don’t have it anymore. It does look stunning!

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