Ippo Cosmetics, Korean Beauty at it’s best

Ippo Cosmetics, Korean Beauty at it’s best

Haai beautiful!

I talked about Ippo Cosmetics and Hyesun before, she is an amazing person who has a real passion for Korean Beauty. Today I’m honored to talk about a few of her items again! While I had a meeting with her a while ago in Amsterdam she brought me some goodies yaaaaay. Two of the items I picked out myself and the sheetmasks were a surprise. So I got the Mire Bibi Nova BB Cushion in the shade 02 Beige, Dr.Phamor Syn-Ake Hydro-Gel Gold Eye Patch and 5 sheetmasks from the brands Mediheal, Benton and SNP. They are all unique, from the packaging and the performance. Pay good attention to the BB Cushion because it is the best foundation cushion I’ve ever tried! Maybe even better than my all time favorite from YSL the Fushion Ink Cushion. Let’s get started!

Dr.Phamor Syn-Ake Hydro-Gel Gold Eye Patch / €36,-

Everyone will agree that your eyes are the first thing that will show when you are tired or not feeling well. That’s why you have to take care of them with the best products. Since I came in my 20’s I used anti-aging products for my eyes because I can. For a more spa and relaxed feeling I like to use eye patched, the best product to give your eyes a hydration boost!

The Hydro-Gel Gold Eye Patches from the brand Dr.Phamor are next level! They contain little parts of gold flakes, how luxurious. The patches are made out of gel but it has a thicker texture than other eye patches I’ve used which is good. The gel feels moist and really wet, so you will know that your eyes receive the right amount of hydration. Alongside the jar with patches  you get a handy spoon to scoop the patches out of the jar, a hygienic way instead of using your (dirty) fingers.

On regular days I love using my eye patches when laying in bed before going to sleep or when I start with my morning routine. Because they are really moist they tend to slip a little bit when you wear them, so I recommend you using this while laying down or when you are relaxing instead of doing the household. When I want to achieve the best results I use a sheetmask on top of my eye patches for the full face treatment! After wearing them for 20-30 minutes I can really see and feel that my eyes are more awake, hydrated and less puffy. When you are struggling with puffy eyes in the morning THIS is your saviour!

Mire Bibi Nova BB Cushion in the shade 02 Beige / €49,-

I don’t like BB cream because they never give me the right amount of coverage and care and I can’t use a Korean Foundation Cushion because they are always too pale and don’t offer darker shades. BS, this Mire BB Nova BB Cushion is everything you need when you have the same issues as me! Never did I imagined that a BB Cushion from a Korean brand that offers my shade could be this great.

Mire offers 6 shades which vary from very pale to tanned. Trust me, there must be a shade for you in those 6 options (00 to 05). I have a 02 Beige which is my perfect summer tan. In the winter I’m a NC20 and now it can run up to a NC30. This BB cushion has the most amazing coverage I’ve ever seen .. I’ve ever experienced .. with a cushion or regular foundation! NO JOKE, my face looks flawless all freaking day when I use this cushion during the summer (and it offers a great sun protection!). People, I work out with makeup on and this cushion still looks even when I finished my 1,5 hour workout. Do you also have like 15 foundations in your drawer and they never get empty? I got my BB Cushion 3 months now and it got empty that I have to turn the cushion inside to get some product out of it. In my time of begin a young adult and being into makeup I’ve only finished a hand full of foundations.

Okay, so I will tell you again why you should try this out: it is a BB Cream in a cushion which means it will take care of your skin while being a foundation at the same time. It offers a great sun protection with SPF50 and PA+++, you don’t need to worry to ruin your flawless cushion application by applying sunscreen on top of it. Mire offers 5 shades that vary from very pale(Korean pale) to tanned skin. I was never able to use Korean Cushions because they never offered my shade. The most fascinated thing about this cushion is the amazing coverage. My face looks flawless after the application and will stay all day on my super oily skin. It even survives a 1,5 hour workout! Doesn’t this sound like a summer proof foundation to you?

Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack / €2,75

It is well-known that snail extract stimulates the skin renewing. The brand Benton is a big name in Korea thanks to their oh so famous Aloe Vera Toner which is a holy grail to many beauty lovers. I used it when I was younger and my skin loved it, especially during the time I had a lot of acne. This sheetmask contains snail and bee extract which should help your skin healing and bring it back to a healthy moist level. It’s should whitening, soothing and remove wrinkles.

The material of the mask is quite thick because it is made out of cotton. I think it is my least favorite of the sheetmasks I tried from Ippo Cosmetics at the moment. The essence has a natural fragrance which doesn’t disturb the whole experience while wearing it on the face. I do have to admit that even tho the material is very thick, that it feels really nice on the skin. Personally I prefer a thinner material but in this case it works just fine! After wearing the mask for 30 minutes I can feel that my skin is well-balanced. I don’t see any difference in the texture or color of the skin, the whitening and anti-wrinkle will be visible after multiple masks ofcourse. But for this one time my skin enjoyed the aftermath of wearing this mask! Also, this mask has the perfect fit for my chubby face. The wholes are just at the right spot and the angles on the side cover every spot of my forehead and jaw line. Great mask and so are the results: my skin looks super radiant after 20 minutes and like with every sheetmask my skin feels amazingly smooth!

Mediheal I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask / €3,50

If you are troubling with dull looking skin, freckles, dark spots and circles this IPI Lightmax Ampoule mask is made for you! Within no time you will get your healthy looking skin back by using one of Korea’s most famous sheetmask brand Mediheal. Not only will it brightening your face, your moisture level will be back to perfect!

This sheetmask is also made from 100% cotton like the Benton one, but it feels so much different on the skin. When wearing it on my face the cotton feels thinner and lighter on my face. Maybe it is because of the high amount of essence that is soaked up into the cotton because this mask is wet as hell! Like literally dripping from my face down to my neck while wearing this mask. Good thing because I used the excess essence for my neck and chest! Just like with the Benton mask these types of sheetmasks have to be used multiple times to really see a difference. I can’t tell you of it will work for fading out freckles and dark spots but I do can say that my skin look more even and brighter after just one use.

Mediheal Dress Code Black / €4,-

Want to look pretty while wearing a sheetmask? This Mediheal sheetmask is your solution! What you see is what you get people. This mask has exactly the same print as on the packaging + rhinestones on the brows! Yes, I was so surprised when I applied this mask because at first I didn’t notice the stones until I saw something shiny in the mirror. It is super cute, you may have seen my selfie on Instastory because this mask delivered me so much fun. Oh yea, but it is also a great sheetmask for the skin not to forget.

The material of the sheetmask is great, not too thick or too thin. It doesn’t create that claustrophobic effect when wearing it on your face. I experienced this with several sheetmasks and it is not the experience you expect from a relaxing mask. In fact, this cotton sheetmask is the best I’ve tried from all the sheetmasks I received this time from Ippo Cosmetics! I just love the sexy lace pattern on my mask with the jewelry on top of it. The cotton is really wet ut doesn’t drip all the way to my neck so I can still do my thing without having worry that I will leave a trace of waterdrops behind. My skin looks instantly brighter and more even. It is a whitening mask but luckily i didn’t end up like Snow White.

Mediheal P.D.F Double Zone Effect Mask / €5,-

Koreans always invent something that is next level! This time Mediheal came with a lifting mask that works for the upper and lower part of the face. It has a separate patch for the forehead/cheeks and the lowerpart is a sticky patch that will be attached behind the ears. I guess that this mask will only work when you will use on regularly but it is such a fun experience to try it out!

This is a really weird but unique mask. The upper part of this sheetmask just has the same feeling as your regular sheetmask: cotton, cold and wet. It starts from the forehead until your cheeks and nose. The second part of the mask is a dry/sticky mask that goes around your jawline and will be held on around your ears by two loops. This was the best pat because I could really feel ‘something’ when I applied the sticky part on my jawline. Ofcours I couldn’t see any results after one use bit the upper part of the mask did give my skin some glow and hydration. I wish I could use this mask everyday for my jawline haha!

SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask / €3,50

SNP is a new brand to me, I’ve never tried something from them so this was exciting for me! The Tiger Mask is an anti-wrinkle item which will prevent wrinkles and make the lines less visible. It will also give the skin some hydration and firmness while enjoying the crazy look when wearing the tiger pattern mask. To be honest, I didn’t look like a tiger hahaha! I could see something familiar that looked like a tiger but to me I could also be a Japanese Ghost mask.

Woaaa, this mask feels amazing on my skin! Thin cotton mask that is totally soaked into the essence. It does drip to my neck but you can use the excess essence for the neck and chest. The scent is also something I really adore about this mask. The tiger pattern could be a bit better, SNP does offer many other animal mask with different types like a panda! My skin looks and feels smooth and more even than before. I didn’t notice any difference in the texture of my skin and the lines but like with the other anti-aging/lifting mask is that you have to use it multiple times to see any results.

My favorite item is definitely the Mire BB Nova BB Cushion! While writing this review I contacted Ippo Cosmetics with the question when my shade 02 would be back on stock, that is how much I need it right now! My cushion is getting dirty and dry and there are no refills available and she offers the best price of this cushion. It makes my skin look healthy, even, beautiful, doesn’t melt when working out or during a hot summer day and it is just the best BB Cushion and foundation I’ve ever tried! I’m not getting any money for saying this, just my true and honest opinion.

From the sheetmasks I really adore the Dress Code Black Mediheal mask. Not only do I look cute and beautiful while wearing this mask, it makes my skin look even and smooth! It is a whitening mask but that doesn’t mean that it makes my skin like snow instantly. It creates an even looking skin that looks healthy and smooth while giving it a moisture boost.

All these items are provided by Ippo Cosmetics and are available on their online webshop.

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