Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder, Eye Ink and Eye Foil

Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder, Eye Ink and Eye Foil

Haai beautiful!

Today I will talk about the limited edition items from the Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder collection: Eye Ink in Black Myrrh and Eye Foil in Blonde Gold. As you know by now I have a huge weakness for products with a beautiful packaging. It doesn’t matter if they sell air, if it looks pretty I need it! Luckily Maison PR approached me and told me they had a few items left of this collection. I was super excited because I saw everyone having these items long time ago and I almost cried when I read their reviews. Now it is time that I’m finally writing my thoughts about this beautiful collection created by Victoria Beckham and Estée Lauder! Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Eye Ink in Black Myrrh

Create intense, sooty black eyes.This pressed gel-creme formula is an innovation in eyeshadow. The dense pigment delivers a deep, rich, almost-black shade with a touch of pearl, for a sexy-wet look and feel.

Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder is all about makeup that is “cool with a bit of rawness and edge” and that’s “meant to be worn smudgy with the confidence to be imperfect” – a look we love. Ideal for creating an intense, smoky eye, this pressed gel-creme shadow in ‘Black Myrrh’ is packed with dense pigment to deliver a deep, almost-black shade with a touch of pearl. The sleek mirrored compact is perfectly sized for travel and on-the-go touch-ups.

  • For a long-lasting finish, apply to a primed lid
  • Use a damp brush to intensify the color

Eye Foil in Blonde Gold

This breakthrough liquid eyeshadow delivers a high-shine, vinyl-like finish—even after it’s dried. Sparkling pearl pigments offer flecks of gold or charcoal foil for a liquid-metal effect.

Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder’s innovative liquid ‘Eye Foil’ shadow delivers a vinyl-like shine even once it’s dried, and is blended with shimmering pearl pigments that look like flecks of gold. Wear this ivory hue to illuminate a smoky eye.

  • Sweep over the entire eye up to the crease and fade the edges using your fingertips for a quick and effortless wash of color

Let’s start with the most important thing: the beautiful packaging. The whole line of Victoria Beckham and Estée Lauder is based on the slick black/gold packaging with fine lines. I can touch the items the whole day, it feels so satisfying!

The Eye Ink is packed in a square compact with black and gold frames. The black fine lines have a rubber soft feeling, I never had a beauty items looking or feeling like this. A whole new level of packaging is opening in front of me. The gold frames look very well made and my easily clicking the two gold bars up, you can see the gel creme in it. But we are not there yet! Let’s talk about the Eye Foil.

The Eye Foil is packed in a slick plastic tube with a brush tip, also here you can spot the fine lines on the cap of the tube. With gold letters your can find the brand name on the tube. Weird enough I can’t find the brand name or the shade name on the Eye Ink compact, not a problem for me but I guess that after a long time you mag want to look up how your items are named. To get back to the Eye Foil: it looks chic and simplistic!

The Eye Ink I received is in the shade Black Myrrh. It is such a mysterious dark shade because it can look very different depending on how you use it. When using it dry it looks very velvet and soft, a color that can be built up to a darker shade. First I thought it looked a bit odd when I swatched it very lightly on the back of my hand, as it was a cheap eyeshadow. But when I took a better swatch (like really dipping my fingers in the gel creme) I saw what a beautiful finish it has. Beautiful texture, I think they did an amazing thing to make this item with a gel-creme finish. It looks so powdery and soft with some subtile shimmers. Totally no tacky shimmers but really like stars in a dark sky-kinda shimmer, I love it!

The Eye Foil is a wonderful pearly liquid eyeshadow in the shade Blonde Gold. It is not silver but a gorgeous white/pearl/metallic color that will look great on the inner corners of your eyes or on top of an eyeshadow to make it more pop. When I just applied the eye foil it has a beautiful wet finish on the back of my hand. I did have a problem with applying the shimmers because I noticed that I couldn’t always apply two layers on the same spot because the product will move. I think you have to fully dry the first layer so you can apply the second one without problems. If I had a lazy day but I want to have a ‘special’ look, I would definitely grab the Eye Foil! It looks so mesmerizing.

So, when I first used it on me face it was a great experience. I’m usually not that easily entertained but now I was super excited about these two products. In my head I already had a eyelook: a dark intense smokey eye with just the Eye Ink and adding the Eye Foil on the inner corners and a bit on the lower lash line. Agree?

I started with just my finger, yes because the Eye Ink in a gel based creme so I prefer using my fingers instead of brushes. I have the feeling that with gel products the fingers are more effective because brushes hold more product in the bristles. Does it work better? I think it does because when doing it with a brush I don’t achieve the same intensity as with my finger. With my finger I apply the gel creme on my lids by just rubbing all over my lid. I get so happy when I see the big change by just using a small amount. Never forget that you can decide how the color turns out: the more product, the darker it gets (duhhh).

Okay, so my gel creme looks fabulous now and super light weighted! With some eye products I can feel them ‘sit’ on my eyelids. Now it is time to use the Eye Foil to make the eyelook more pop! Perfect for the inner corners or on the middle of your eyelids to create more dimension. I love them both ways or as an all over the eye lid shimmer. It is amazing how such a simple product can finish a whole eyelook!

( Sorry that I didn’t take a makeuplook. Me being a beautyblogger doesn’t mean that I’m a makeup artist. I’ve been insecure about my face for a long time and making a makeuplook can be a very big exposure to me, which I feel sometimes uncomfortable.)

Eye Foil in Blonde Gold and Eye Ink in Black Myrrh (1 layer dry – 1 layer wet, keep in mind that the intensity of this gelcreme is amazing when you really dip your fingers well into the product)

Do I have to say more? The packaging is totally Instagram worthy, they will look great on pictures and if you follow me close you may have seen the Eye Ink multiple times on my flatlays. The color of the Eye Foil has a mesmerizing pearly finish, like fairy dust! You can use this everywhere on the eyelids, because it will stick on its place so you won’t have to be afraid that it fades away. The Eye Ink is a masterpiece on itself. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, I wish all of my makeup items looked like this. The gel creme is amazing, also here you can use it in different ways so the finish and color will change. I prefer using my fingers and really dip into the gel creme for an intense color.

You may realized which product is my favorite: Eye Ink in Black Myrrh. The wonderful slick packaging with gold details, the beautiful black intense gel creme that can be used in many ways and the wonderful finish of this product. When using a light layer, this gel creme can be used for a pretty day look to the office (I would). When going out, just use your fingers for a more intense and dark look and do a little touch up! It is so easy to use and it works with everything! I heard that they will come with a second collaboration. I’m definitely a fan of their collection now, so I hope that I also receive a few items of their coming collab! I think it is clear that you have to get at least one product of their line, just start with the Eye Ink and you are SOLD.

This is a limited edition collection, you are very lucky that these two products are still available on the Estée Lauder Netherlands webshop and Net-A-Porter. You can get them for €44,- each on the Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder webshop!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks a lot for reading x

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  1. May 31, 2017 / 08:54

    Ik word ook altijd zo verliefd van mooie verpakkingen! Kan er niks aan doen xD dit is ook echt een mooie collectie!

  2. May 31, 2017 / 14:16

    Indeed! The packaging is stunning! Love these products! I reviewed the whole collection when it got released and I am so happy we will get more products of this wonderful collaboration soon!!

  3. May 31, 2017 / 17:30

    Love this collection An and can’t wait October in France to get the new products released in England this year !!! Have a great day 😉 Bisous

    Kédidja ~

  4. June 2, 2017 / 10:03

    Prachtig! Ik had niet verwacht dat de eye foil zo subtiel zou zijn, mooi. X

  5. June 12, 2017 / 23:40

    Girl I’m suuuuper jelllll that you got these! It was such a hassle for me to get the ones I have when it first came out haha. I actually prefer the other pressed pigment compact they have, it’s such a pretty bronze shade. I’m all for glitters and I still have my trusty MAC one from yeaaaaaars ago lol. I hope you will be more confident with your makeup abilities because you always look so beautiful and put together! <333


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